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You're My Saviour *Andy Biersack Love Story*

Phantom of the Concert

"You boys are on in less than an hour, you should start getting ready," John (their tour manager) advised as he stepped onto the bus where the guys and I were sitting and chatting. Andy sighed and stood up, reaching a hand out to help me up. I took it immediately.
"Want to help with the warpaint?" he asked with a hopeful tone. Was Ashley right about him liking me? He seems hopeful… No.
"Yeah, sure," I said after my mental rant.
"Great!" he smiled, pulling me towards the door. We walked hand in hand to the side entrance of the place they were performing at and a really built body guard directed us to the dressing rooms the guys would be using for tonight's show.
"Alright, so I'm going to get changed and do my face makeup, then we can do the body paint," Andy explained, I nodded and was about to say something when CC called me.
"Hey, Alex! Come help me with my paint?" he asked, smiling. I shot a glance at Andy, who looked a little - angry? - at CC, but quickly covered it up when he noticed me watching him. He shrugged and gave me a slight shove in the direction CC was. I sat down in front of him, looking at him expectantly.
"Alright, take this -" he handed me a container of black body paint, "and start doing marks like this everywhere," he demonstrated.
"Sounds easy, sure." I smiled slightly and began to rub the paint onto his toned arms. When I was finished, Andy cleared his throat and motioned me over. I waved at CC and got up to join Andy.
"Alright, my turn," he smiled. "You know how mine usually looks, just copy that," I dragged my fingers down his arms and chest and coated him with a nice layer of paint.
"There," I finished, wiping my fingers on the pants I was wearing for the show.

(By the way, this is what she's wearing for the concert - www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=79557188 )

He smiled and nodded a thank you, about to pull me into a hug but stopping after realizing he'd get paint all over me.
"6 minutes!" John called as he passed the open door to the dressing room where the guys and I sat, waiting. Andy, Ashley, CC, Jake, Jinxx and I talked about nothing in particular until John gave us the 45 second mark. The guys stood up, said things like see you later and walked to the side stage, waiting for their cue. Andy smiled one last time at me before running out and warming the crowd up as I watched from side stage. About 3/4 of the time into the show, Andy stopped and sauntered to the centre of the stage, nodding at the guys to wait.
"Alright guys! Hope you're enjoying the fucking show so far!" He paused while the crowd shrieked and cheered. He laughed and continued again, "Back in Long Beach, California we met someone at our concert," he said, flicking his glance to me. A blush blossomed on my cheeks and I looked down. What if he calls me out? I hate being in front of people! I started silently stressing as I watched him. "Her name is Alexandria, and she's a beautiful girl who has recently joined us on the tour. I want to call her up on the stage real quick, let's give her a warm welcome mother fuckers!" He cried into the microphone, motioning for me to come forward. My eyes widened and I frantically shook my head back and forth. He sighed and strolled over to me, gently grabbing my arm. "Come on," he whispered in my ear, and tugged on my arm. I sighed, giving in and followed him to centre stage, the lights blurring my vision and I started to feel really hot. "This is Alex!" he shouted, and everyone screamed, and I received a few dirty looks from jealous fans. I heard shouting behind me and glanced over my shoulder to see the guys all cheering for me as well with warm smiles that I returned with my own shy smile. "I want to dedicate a song to her, it's one a lot of you've probably heard before. It's called Saviour!" he announced and Jake and Jinxx began the intro, followed shortly after with CC and Ashley. Andy looked into my eyes and, like the very first night I saw him in person, it was only us in the room.
"I never meant to be the one who kept you from the dark," he began, his voice pitched perfectly. He sang to me, not even looking at the crowd, just watching my eyes with his beautiful ones. When he reached the line "So hear my voice, remind you not to bleed, I am here," he reached out and brushed my scarred wrists, causing a fluttery feeling in my stomach. I blushed and looked down at our connecting hands. He finished the song and smiled down at me, leaning in to give me a quick hug.
"I hope you liked it," he whispered for my ears alone. I nodded, tears threatening to leak over as he escorted me back to the side stage. "I need to talk to you after," he said quickly and ran back out to finish the show.
I smiled to myself and leaned against the wall, trying to cool the heat that had overwhelmed my body. I closed my eyes and leaned back against the wall, resting. It was almost perfect.
I heard his beautiful voice singing, and then suddenly a loud bang and flicker of the lights caused me to shoot my eyes open and look around. The power had gone out and everyone was shrieking madly. A bodyguard brushed past me to get the guys off stage and I had just turned to get out of the way when I felt a cloth pressed over my nose and mouth. I shrieked and tried to kick my attacker, but my limbs grew incredibly heavy and I sunk into the abyss.

A/N Alright. So here's another chapter. I will try to update more, but I'm babysitting in a few hours so I'll have to take a break before I continue. Hope you enjoyed it so far, comment and heart ♥ Thanks for reading c:


Don't want this to be stolen, so Copyright 2013©

Thanks for reading!
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what happened it was soo good

taterbaby taterbaby
Are you okay? Is everything okay? I'm worried about you since you haven't uploaded anything on quotev since the 12th of may and I just wanted to make sure you're okay because I feel like something's not right. I'm here if you wanna talk to me :3 please don't end your life.
Cyborgpenguin Cyborgpenguin
Thank you so much!! <3 If you want to read more, go to the link on Quotev : http://www.quotev.com/story/3054580/Youre-My-Saviour/1/
I have more chapters on there, this site just pisses me off and wrecks the chapters when I update it on here. Thanks for reading! <3
xxAshley6xx xxAshley6xx
awesome thankyou and you know update please and thankyou. <3
Mak-a-doodle Mak-a-doodle
I'm glad you feel that way! Thanks again :)
xxAshley6xx xxAshley6xx