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my life in a story a shitty story ( a Andy biersack lovestory)


Amie ( it means love in French pronounced Amy ) is a beautiful teen whom love her dad more the she should , She is in love with her 38 year old dad who is in a famous band called Black veil bride , Andy is a protective father and hate when Amie talks to boys , things start getting weird and Amie's life is turned upside down ,




he is gay , hes trustworthy and will always make Amie his best friend happy

Amie Biersack

Amie Biersack

a fun girl , has blue eyes , shes shy and she love music. has a negative attitude but can also be positive, she loves performing and entertaining people originally has blonde hair dyed black hair then changed

Andy biersack

Andy biersack

Andy is protective over his daughter , he is very talented and is a great father

Ashley Purdy

Ashley Purdy

like an uncle to Amie , great with the ladies , talented and loves hello kitty

Baby Vale Hope Nicole Alexandria Biersack

Baby Vale Hope Nicole Alexandria Biersack



an amazing personality , funny , like an uncle to Amie



the girly girl of the group , she has an amazing personality , shes close friends of Amie



hot , great cheerleader , great at football and soccer , great with girl he can be sweet but also a player



Soon becames one of amies best friends and joins the band she's got an amazing personality but is very shy



hot and funny , he is really talented in many ways

Jade Finn

Jade Finn

school bitch , hates Amie , she fancies andy bet only because hes famous she has never heard bvb , only acts nice to Amie when Andy's with her

Juliet Simms

Juliet Simms

loves her daughter but sometimes it doesn't show , she is now making it big but has to leave her daughter in LA



quite , shy until you get to know her , she wild child and shes talented



smart , beautiful , funny and talented



amies abusive girl friend, she may seem nice but behind close doors she hits Vale and Amie



amazing personality , he's not one who Will let someone push him about , hes talented and will punch you if you even dare annoy his friends

teenage Vale

teenage Vale

toddler Vale

toddler Vale


  1. chapter 1 - I am

  2. chapter 2 - welcome back to the shit hole

  3. chapter 3

  4. chapter 4 - the aftermath

  5. chapter 5 - am died meat part 1

  6. chapter 6 - im dead meat part two

  7. chapter 7 - the big escape

  8. chapter 8 - What the hell happened

  9. chapter 9 - Andy's Point of view part one

    my first POV tell me if it shit

  10. chapter 10- back to the day before

    this is Amies POV of the same night that , you read Andy's Pov

  11. chapter 10 - 18 years part 1

  12. chapter 12 - 18years part 2

  13. chapter 13 - nightmares

  14. chapter 14 - this is it

  15. Chapter 15- Fuck you

    a month later , bvb tour in 3 chapters to go

  16. The man who carries so much

  17. trust

  18. okay , ill help you but you owe me

  19. hey guys

  20. that was close

  21. scares at night

  22. excitement

  23. time flies

  24. home shit home

  25. mission failure

  26. i hate her

  27. trouble

  28. goodbye agony

    ( talks about self harm) please don't take offense

  29. goodbye agony

    Andy's point of view

  30. come home

  31. Am i really ready to come back

  32. awkward moment

  33. Andrew

  34. time to talk

  35. New story

  36. interview

  37. the day after the night before

  38. Daddy's little biersack

  39. your loves like an addiction

  40. knock out

  41. sorry but i cant

  42. will you ?

  43. My fallen Angel

  44. deaths walls are caving in

  45. pain

  46. everything as better part 1

  47. Authors note

  48. Happy birthday Andy

  49. Sorry

  50. everything is better part 2

  51. stubborn

  52. white rabbit and dragonfly pt1

  53. white rabbit and dragonfly pt 2

    un expected twist

  54. forever

  55. worries

  56. thats over

  57. baby

  58. forever

  59. uncle

  60. i don't want this

  61. author note

  62. thank you

  63. am a daddy

  64. blue eyed Angel

  65. Tour Baby

  66. tour baby 2

  67. true time

  68. twist

  69. Dreamer

  70. feelings

  71. the dress


  72. Party

  73. break down

  74. the dreams


  75. Sorry

  76. déjà vu

  77. care

  78. dont tell anyone!

    warning: smut and i might be crushing some of your heart maybe

  79. A/N

  80. A/N

  81. hey a/n

  82. welcome back mother


  83. the kiss

  84. dream

  85. DNA

  86. cheater and lovers


  87. results

  88. surprises


  89. A/N

  90. tears


  91. not talking

  92. its all out

  93. its all out

    sorry I've not updated lately

  94. thank god

  95. little person

  96. sore face

  97. my back against the wall

  98. my girl

  99. sorry

  100. letting go

  101. an

  102. say goodbye

  103. baby girl

  104. facing the crowd


  105. facing the crowd part 2

  106. bye

  107. mommy

  108. The phone call

    sorry guys

  109. hey

  110. crazy nightmare

    its back

  111. hide and seek

  112. way to close

  113. 80 times

  114. why

  115. walk away

  116. warped away

  117. psychotic

  118. my baby

  119. hello again

  120. bruised and broken part1

  121. bruised and broken part 2

  122. are you ready happy?

  123. cuddles followed by punches

  124. night

  125. Purdys girl

  126. Purdys girl2

  127. what happened

  128. ouch!

  129. thank you so much

  130. hurts like a bitch

  131. Biersack 1

  132. help

  133. HELP!!

  134. Biersack 2

  135. purdy

  136. tattoos and cuts

  137. am dying part one

  138. Am dying part 2

  139. Warped up

  140. Friends with benefits

  141. 15 minutes

  142. BUSTED

  143. hey

  144. will you ?

  145. Sarry

  146. Sorry

  147. ass

  148. get away from me

  149. reright

  150. your lips

  151. A/N

  152. my hand

  153. my story

  154. with knifes and no pens

  155. In the end

  156. Sequel...I wasn't going to leave it like that


oh okay then

perpetual_loser perpetual_loser

This was written over a year ago. For what I learned in school that's what I put. I'm not too bothered if I'm being accurate or not.

EmmaFayebvb EmmaFayebvb

I just wanted to say that Amie means "friend" in French, not love. Love in French is "Amore".

perpetual_loser perpetual_loser

Well I done French for 8 years and I was taught J'Amie was like/ love J'adore was love as well as amore there are different ways of saying it unless I was taught wrong tbh probs was

EmmaFayebvb EmmaFayebvb

I'm pretty sure amie means friend in French and Amore means love. Like when you hear people say Mon Amie it means my friend and when you hear people say Mi Amore it means my love. I'm going into my third year of French.

perpetual_loser perpetual_loser