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Unsung Heroes


When Indigo needs help, no one seems to notice, or care. In a coffee shop in LA, when she needs help most, even without her knowing it, someone sees her. And it's just her luck that it's Ashley Purdy

Ashley Purdy X OC


Andy Biersack

Andy Biersack

If you don't know who this is, why are you here?

Angel Dorn

Angel Dorn

Indigo's most loyal friend. Also a scene girl, but she's a lot shyer than Indigo. She is more the placater than the fighter, but will hold her ground if her friends are being threatened. Very much a no nonsense person and doesn't have much of a filter.

Ashley Purdy

Ashley Purdy

Ashley Purdy (obvious) bass player for BVB. Meets her at random, and even though she isn't quite the type he normally goes for, he can't help but be fascinated by the strange girl with purple hair. He's basically how he is in real life, if not a little bit toned down

Christian "CC" Coma

Christian "CC" Coma

If you don't know who this is, why are you here?

Indigo Graham

Indigo Graham

So I found an image with a look that actually looks like her! :) She's my OC, and she's a biker/punk/scene/goth girl who is bad in social situations and has just found out she's been cheated on by her boyfriend of five years. She's shy, but not afraid of fighting. She can hold her ground easily and has a fierce temper. She has anxiety that she refuses to take pills for. She's originally born in America, but Portuguese is her first language, and she lived in Rio for ten years, so she has an accent and will switch over to Portuguese if she's mad enough.

Inna Logvin

Inna Logvin

Jake's new girlfriend he started dating after he and Ella split up. Lover of photography and originally from the Ukraine

Jake Pitts

Jake Pitts

If you don't know who he is, why are you here?

Jinxx Ferguson

Jinxx Ferguson

If you don't know who he is, why are you even here?

Juliet Simms

Juliet Simms

Andy's wife and singer/guitarist. Becomes close with Indy and is there for her when she needs her

Maya Winters

Maya Winters

Indy's best friend-turned-ex-best friend-turned best friend-turned Jinxx's new girlfriend. She's in a rocky state of mind due to getting out of an awful relationship with Mitch, Indy's ex that cheated on her, and she's very fragile. In school she was known for being... promiscuous, so to speak, but since Mitch, she's changed a lot. She went from being the life of the party and the go-to person for help to a scared and timid girl who doesn't know if she can trust anyone yet.


  1. Ch. 1: Why me?

    Indigo just found out her boyfriend since high school has been cheating on her with one of her best friends. She wonders what it is that drove him to make such a decision

  2. Ch. 2: Why Should You Care?

    Indigo needs her coffee fix before she has a breakdown. Who better than Ashley Purdy to see that she gets it?

  3. Ch. 3 Is it too soon?

    How far should Indy go? She is only newly single, after all...

  4. Ch. 4 Jobless

    What would you do if you saw the tramp who slept with your longterm boyfriend?

  5. Ch. 5 Whiskey and Churches

    Is Indy ready for such a big step in her life? This is a smutty chapter, so if you don't like, don't read!

  6. Ch. 6 Confessions and Hangovers

    Indy feels like she is justing making one mistake after another...

  7. Ch. 7 Decisions, Decisions

    Indy seems to need a bit of the kick in the pants to make a decision.

  8. Ch, 8 Opening Up

    Indy has found a new sense of confidence

  9. Ch. 9 Sober Sex vs. Drunken Sex

    If you thought the other one was smutty... ;)

  10. Ch. 10 Welcome to the Family! Check Your Sanity at the Door

    Indy finally hangs out with the band and their girls. What could POSSIBLY happen?

  11. Ch. 11 Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder... and Chocolate

    Indy needs comfort... and chocolate... and soda... and a good cuddle

  12. Not an uodate


  13. Ch. 12 Warped Tour

    Indy and Ash figure out Warped Tour. Smuttyness ahead!

  14. Ch. 13 On the Road Again

    Indy and Ash have to say good bye... SHOPPIN SPREE!

  15. Not an Update

  16. Ch. 14 Return of the Migraines

    As soon as Ashley leaves, the whole world goes to shit, bascially

  17. Ch. 15 Phone Sex and Ex Boyfriends

    The tension is killing Indy. And it's certainly not doing Ashley any favors. More smut :)

  18. Ch. 16 SURPRISE BITCH!

    Indy and Maya surprise the band in the best way they know how

  19. Not an update


  20. Ch. 17 Code Red!

    Indy experiences her first panic attack and finally indulges in some personal secrets and learns how to deal with haters. Warning: if you have triggers with panic attacks, then don't read this! Indy experiences a panic attack in this one and i don't want to accidentally trigger anybody since her att

  21. Happy Birthday Ashley Purdy!

    Not an update, just happy birthday to Ash!

  22. Ch. 18 Warped Tour!

    Indy and Maya hang out with the guys and attend a show and shout at assholes

  23. Ch. 19 Samba Do Brasil!

    Indy faecs her fears and dances in front of a crowd for the first time since she's moved to America


    My experience with BVB

  25. Ch. 20 Bedhead

    Ash and Indy make use of the incredibly small shower on the bus. More smuttiness, so if you don't like, don't read!

  26. Ch. 21 Say What Now?

    The randomness that is Warped Tour with Black Veil Brides

  27. Not An Update

    What do y'all think??

  28. Ch. 22 Mamaẽ e Papai

    Indy contemplates the idea of having children

  29. Ch. 23 Warning Signs

    Indy finds out something... big

  30. Ch. 24 Surprise, Daddy!

    Indy breaks the news to Ashley

  31. Ch. 25 The Start of Everything

    Looking for an apartment has a lot of... distractions

  32. Ch. 26 She Called the Cops

    Indy and Maya finally have a sit down conversation about Mitch.

  33. Ch. 27 My Senses Are Tingling

    Things start to get weird

  34. Ch. 28 Oi... Vovό

    Indigo speaks with her grandmother for the first time in almost 8 years

  35. Ch. 29 Uncles

    Time to make the announcement!

  36. Ch. 30 Christening the New House

    Indy and Ash discover the perks of pregnancy *smut*

  37. Not a Chapter I WENT TO ANOTHER BVB SHOW (Re-upload) + public service announcement

    I went to the Santa Ana show!

  38. Ch. 31 Welcome to Brazil, aka HELL!

    Indy reunites with her... less than charming relatives

  39. Ch. 32 The Inheritance

    Indy discovers something... interesting... and then explores Rio with Ash

  40. Ch. 33 The Girl From Ipanema

    Indy fights back against her Grandmother

  41. Ch. 34 Meet the In-Laws!

    Ash and Indy finally make it to Missouri, and Indy's entire perception of family takes a 180

  42. Ch. 35 Family History

    Indy gets to know Ashley and his family a bit better

  43. It's A...!

    Ash and Indy have a gender reveal party! *contains smut*

  44. PSA About Andy and Juliet plane fight

    Not an update, but I need to say this to help people understand

  45. Ch. 37 Mitch is back

    Mitch comes back into the picture while Indigo and Ash prep for the arrival of their baby *smut*

  46. Indy's new hair

    Link to image of Indy's new hair

  47. Uh Oh

    Something big happens

  48. Ch. 39 Baby

    Indy goes into labor

  49. Ch. 40 New Momma

    Indy and Ash are new parents

  50. Ch. 41 Order in the Court!

    Mitch's trial commences

  51. Ch. 42 Part 1

    Indy is forced to face her insecurities as she embarks on her new journey of Motherhood *smut*

  52. Ch. 42 Part 2 Overcoming Insecurities

    Ash shows Indy how wrong she is about her body *smut*

  53. Ch. 43 Trouble on the Beach

    Indy takes her bridesmaids to a bachelorette weekend in Hawaii when things go... south


@Red Phoenix77
I write it out on Microsoft word and then copy and paste. Usually if I type it out directly it lags and refuses to let me edit it. When I write it out and copy and past, it shows paragraph breaks. Maybe it reads differently on other computers or something, but I have always been able to distinguish the paragraphs with my computer.

BlackIris BlackIris

I don't know how it would work on a phone, but I figured out on my computer that I have to click the Enter key twice at the end of a paragraph to get it to space, because just indenting doesn't work on here.

Red Phoenix77 Red Phoenix77

Im reading on my phone and there are no spaces between each of the paragraphs. It might justf be my phone

Thanks. I don't know what medium you're using to read my story, but on my computer it shows separate paragraphs. I don't indent as it takes forever to do and doesn't always read. This site doesn't always like to allow me to edit and upload the way I would in any other scenario.

BlackIris BlackIris

This is a good story but you need to put spaces between the paragraphs otherwise its really hard to read as its just a giant block of text other then that I love the story. Its certainly and interesting read.