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Give love a second chance


After being in a relationship with Danny wrosnop, Leslie Manson, decided not to do band members. She had worked with my chemical romance before they broke up. Now she will work with black veil brides. Andy starts falling for her, she decides to play hard to get. Andy won't give up. Will he win her heart??


Andy Biersack

Andy Biersack

you should know him

Ashley Purdy

Ashley Purdy



Jake Pitts

Jake Pitts

you should know him too



Leslie Manson

Leslie Manson


Richard (MGK)

Richard (MGK)


  1. New manager

    Black Veil Brides had a new manager

  2. Wasting time Mr.Biersack

    Leslie's POV

  3. Memories can hurt too

    Leslie remembers her past.

  4. If you love a person, you never take advantage of them.

    Andy's POV

  5. Bad idea moving in.

    Leslie's POV. You guys asked for it. Here it is. Is Ashley jealous??

  6. Why Ashley?!

    Leslie's POV. Read to find out.

  7. Prank?? More like trouble.

    Leslie's POV. Andy took the prank too seriously

  8. Danny at a party= trouble

    Leslie's POV.

  9. In love or not?

    Leslie's POV. Should she tell CC what she feels about Andy??

  10. That was weird

    This is a special chapter!! It's CC's POV!! He asks andy if he likes Leslie which it's pretty clear he does.

  11. drunken love

    not representing a song (if there's one called like that). Warning!!: Might be TOO graphic for you XD

  12. A blast from the past

    Andy's POV

  13. Lets get down to 'business'

    Leslie's POV

  14. Just me myself and I.

    Leslie's POV

  15. Warped tour

  16. Parents

  17. Jewels

  18. Shut up Ashley!

  19. Sometimes reality becomes a dream

  20. End of the good life

  21. Your fault

  22. 2 months later

  23. Drunk and Fucked

  24. Sorry doesnt even start it

  25. Back home

  26. Mall

  27. Black and White

  28. My drug

  29. Red Tears

  30. Happy?

  31. My Fault

  32. The big question

  33. Happy ever after

  34. A/N


update soon plzzzz

Sierra Griffin Sierra Griffin

Damnit leslie why do you do this he loves you. He fucking loves you. Ugggh.

Dammit Leslie! Why'd you have to do that? T^T I hope everything is going okay for you! If you need to talk to anyone you can feel free and message me! Great chapter!

eclaire eclaire

awesome cant wait and hell nah don't skip "the busisness" lolzzz XD

DarkAngel2013 DarkAngel2013

I knew it! And that was awesome how he defended Leslie!

eclaire eclaire