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Running Away With Black Veil Brides

Indigo, Please Wake Up!

Fionna's POV

I saw the paramedics carry Indigo onto the truck, then I saw the cops dragging my dad to their car. I couldn't take it! I ran to him and I just wanted to kill him to make sure he never came back for us. I ran to him, then I kicked him in the crouch and grabbed the knife that was on the floor and tried to stab him but the cops had grabbed my hand and help me back. Then Ashley saw me freaking out, so he came over to me and held me tight.

I was on my knees, on the floor crying and yelling at my dad. "You f**king bastard! I hope you die!" I yelled at him. I went into the paramedics truck to stay with Indigo. I held her hand until we got to the hospital. We had to be seperated because she needed surgery because a piece of the knife had been ripped off and was stuck in her stomach.The rest of the band had came in and saw me in the waiting room just crying. I ran over to Ashley and gave him a hug, he held me tight and just kept on telling me to calm down and he knows that Indigo is a strong girl and will make it.

Andy's POV

I saw Fionna just crying there and it must've was just heart breaking to know that her own sister is in the hospital because of her dad. Then tears came to my eyes and I still just couldn't get the images of Indigo bleeding in my arms and then just black out. Then the nurse came out asking for Fionna. Fionna walked up and then they started talking about Indigo I couldn't hear anything but I saw Fionna smile so I guess it was good news. Fionna had finally came back and then she said that we could see Indigo now! my eyes went wide then with my gazzel legs, I ran to the flower shop across the street and picked up some roses.

Ashley's POV

I looked at Fionna as she had a smile on her face, I grabbed her hand then dragged her off to Indigo's room. "To Indigo's Room!" "Um Ash, do you even know where it is?" I stopped and ran back "To ask the nurse wheres Indigo's room!" I walked up to the nurse, who saw everything, And asked her where indigo was, she raised her hand, pointing her finger up, and said "To room 304!" She said while she winking at me. Fionna ran into the room and rolled around on the floor.

Andy had came into the room with roses and saw Fionna all of a sudden start singing "They see me rollin'! They hatin'!" While she was on the floor. Indigo started laughing and said "Haha! Brings back memories from that one time at school in 6th grade,"
Fionna smiled and gave her a hug being careful not to hit her bandages.

Back to Andy's POV

After I got her some roses and got to the room she was in, I walked in and found Fionna rolling on the floor singing. I just stood there laughing to myself. Then Ash just gave Fionna a hug out of nowhere, that's when CC comes in and starts talking.

"Soo Ash, Looks like you found your Purd-"

"CC!!!!!!!!!" Ashley yelled as he jumped on CC covering his mouth.

Fionna looked at them then looked at me and said "Well what are you doing just standing there? C'mon and give the girl who's in a hospital bed a hug!" I came up to Indigo and gave her a hug while Ash and CC were still wresting on the floor. They hit my leg causing me to fall on them and they finally stopped. But then Ash took CC out of the room to talk to him. I decided to be snoopy and listen to the conversation. (;

Ash: Dude shut up I don't want her to know I like her!

CC: Whatever nothing can stop the CC-nator!

I Finally came out from behind the door and yelled out "I knew it! I knew you liked her!"
Ashley just looked at me with a I-will-kill-you face then walked back into the room.


So I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter which kinda took me FOREVER to write so yea... HOPE YOU ENJOYED! ^0^


I am crying!!!! one of the best fanfics ever

Brookie Burn Brookie Burn

such an amazing story

That was amazing!! I loved it so much!
txke-me-dxncing txke-me-dxncing
Oh My God! Perfect end to an amazing story, I loved it so much!
Bree Barham Bree Barham
Thank you! Lots!
alexpettus101 alexpettus101