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Falling for the Fallen Angel Ashley purdy

Pain always follows.

Anna's point of View

It had been two days since I had packed my stuff and began to tour with Black veil Brides. I sat in my wheelchair talking to Emma who was packing as it was going to be her last day with us before she went home to her parents. She was leaving this evening after the show. Emma's parents was always so kind, I imagined how happy my childhood would of been if my mum was kind and if my dad hadn't died. without realizing it tears began to streak down my pale cheeks.
"Hey Anna?.......ANNA?" Emma shouted. "hmmm? oh I'm fine I guess I'm just a tired, I haven't slept right with the pain and everything." I replied with a small smile. Emma continued to talk about everything that had happened on tour and how she was looking forward to moving to America. I wasn't really in the mood to talk though. I had that bad feeling I used to get before mother beat me up. Something's wrong.

Emma's phone began to ring and I snapped back to reality. She walked away from the bunk area into the kitchen and began to talk on the phone. I sighed as the bad feeling began to get worse. I wheeled myself out to the living room area of the bus.
"Ashley.... help me!" I cried out to Ashley as the fear began to hurt like it used to. Ashley came running in to see me crying. I quickly wiped the tears away. "Something bad is going to happen. Please don't leave me in the bus take me in to the venue where there is security!!!" I spoke so quickly, I couldn't stop shivering. "what do you mean?" Ashley said calmly hugging me. "something bad is going to happen I can feel it, the same feeling I could feel before mother used to beat me." I looked pleadingly in to Ashley's eyes. I gave in and assured me that he would keep me safe at the venue.
After a while I calmed down and had fallen asleep in Ashley's arms. when I awoke Ashley up me back in my wheelchair and went to prepare for the concert. It was funny watching him running up and down the bus trying to find his stuff.

I switched on the TV and wheeled myself in front of it. I spotted Emma walking out the kitchen with CC. "Hey Emma!!" she merely walked over to me crying saying how she had to go home early. "I'm so sorry Anna but I can't stay for tonight's show....I.....I....." she went quite and CC explained the rest as Emma cried in to his chest. "Emma has to go to the hospital back home. You see....her mother....she....had a ...heart attack. Doctors say she's in critical condition. Her nan has just pulled up to take her there." CC said as he looked down at Anna.

Anna walked out the door of the bus and climbed into the back of a black car. I had wheeled myself to the door and watched as her stuff was put in to the trunk. "Anna take care of yourself I will see you in America after every thing had calmed down." Emma called out to me. Emma's car pulled away and I waved until they were out of sight. I rolled myself back to the living room and sat next to Jake who was not surprisingly eating more pizza. He switched the channel over to the news hoping to catch the weather. "let it be hot!!!!" he grinned. " you do realize its almost winter its going to be bloody cold!!" I shouted. "awwwww...." moaned Jake. What actually appeared on the news was something so terrifying I could barely breathe.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I Froze In my place. "ANDY! JINXX! ASHLEY! CC! GET IN HERE NOW!!!!!" Jake screamed. The guys saw the news. Ashley ran in front of me and knelt down holding my cheek in one hand and my hands in the other. I couldn't look him In the eye. Hot tears streamed down my face. I couldn't help it I snapped. "NO!!!! DONT LET HER GET ME!!! PLEASE PLEASE ASH!!!" Ashley hugged me while reassuring me that she wouldn't come after me and that I'll be safe.

That night Andy rolled me in to the back stage of the venue. Security was placed outside the room they left me in. Everything was a blur after that.

I heard gunshots then saw my mother burst in to the room with some guy carrying the dead security members. "ASHLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed. I knew it would hurt but I stood up out of my wheel chair and ran out the room screaming in pain. Everything was in chaos. Fans fled the building and security protected the guys. Amongst the crowed I saw Andy and Ashley run towards me as fast as humanly possible.


My mother stabbed me with a needle and I became drowsy. The man picked me up and I heard a few more gunshots before I passed out.

When I awoke I was tied to a chair with my mum pointing a gun at my head. PLEASE DONT LET THIS BE THE END!!!!!!


OHHHHHHH CLIFFHANGER!!!!!! Did CC JINXX JAKE ANDY AND ASHLEY get shot? Is there any hope for Anna or is the end? Might throw Marilyn Manson in to the story but I'm not sure yet. Hope to update soon. Tell me what you think!!


This story is so good!

Yinbvbforever Yinbvbforever

i am updating now so hold on for some new content!!!!

@Shadow veil brides
Omg we were at the same concert!! I was in the mosh pit

And now this story is officially off hold. I am to continue soon.

@The Black Veil Bitch
Yes I did go to that concert. I was up on the balcony.