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Falling for the Fallen Angel Ashley purdy

Anna's dream, lost

I couldn't wake up, no matter how much I tried I just couldn't. I knew I was dreaming. I knew I had been knocked out.

Thoughts kept swirling my mind as I frantically try to find away out of this nightmare. My head was still sore. This dream, I'm lost inside it, its pitch black and I don't know which way is which. I'm running but I don't seem to be getting anywhere.
"Where am I?? is anybody there??? please HELP ME!!!" I got no reply. I was scared. I had no idea if I would ever wake up again. I knew that there was people who said that they wake from dreams by walking through doors but I couldn't find anything. "HELP PLEASE HELP ME!!!" Once again I received no reply.

Suddenly I could hear footsteps growing louder as they seemed to be getting nearer. I didn't know who it was but the first person I thought it would be was......mum. With this thought I tried to run but my legs seemed to have grown heavy and I fall to the floor. I couldn't move. I covered my eyes with my cold pale shaking hands expecting to be hit by my mother.... but nobody hit me. Cautiously I looked up to see ASHLEY PURDY!!!!!
I knew this was a dream so it wasn't the real him but I still looked at his good looking features. He knelt down beside me and looked right through me as if I wasn't there.
I could hear him saying "I found her laying at the side of the building do you think she will be ok?"
Nobody replied and he couldn't hear my pleas to help me.
He just sighed "I wish you would wake up. Please your friend is petrified. Andy how is that Emma girl doing?"
After that he walked off and all I could here is pleas for me to wake up. Am I somehow still connected to reality?

All of a sudden a bright light shocked me.

I woke up on a sofa with a jacket around me. I began to cry the pain in my head was unbearable. Just as my vision cleared I saw CC next to me. I just looked at him in surprise.
"Oh no! I'm going to miss the concert!!!" I screamed. I tried to get up but I was in too much pain.
"Don't get up!!! You'll hurt your self!!" CC stopped me by gently hugging me to reassure me.
Emma came running up to me crying. "OH ANNA!!! i was so scared! i felt faint as i saw Ashley carrying you in to the venue!!" i stood there shocked.

THE Ashley Purdy picked me up???


Ok so I said you would see some more characters. Subscribe and I'll update soon
What will happen when she finally sees Ashley?
What will happen when she tries to go home?
Find out soon!
Hahaha bet this chapter wasn't predicted!!!!


This story is so good!

Yinbvbforever Yinbvbforever

i am updating now so hold on for some new content!!!!

@Shadow veil brides
Omg we were at the same concert!! I was in the mosh pit

And now this story is officially off hold. I am to continue soon.

@The Black Veil Bitch
Yes I did go to that concert. I was up on the balcony.