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Falling for the Fallen Angel Ashley purdy

Band Chaos.

Ashley's POV.
Where is she? How could I lose her? When the gunshots went off I saw her out of her wheelchair screaming my name and screaming in pain. I remember running towards her with Andy but she disappeared in to the crowd. I lost her. I let her down. This is all my fault. The venue is empty now and police and staff cant find her....but they found two dead bodies and Anna's wheelchair. My head hurts. Anna please come back to me! I'm not leaving the UK without you!

I sit in the hospital with Andy, Jinxx and CC. I couldn't stop panicking. It's now the morning and I have had no sleep. Jake was rushed in to the hospital after the chaos of last night. He was shot in the shoulder. he never saw who the shooter was. I've lost Anna, please don't make me lose Jake too. I feel tears began to run down my face as CC hugs me. "Don't worry Ashley. We will find Anna and Jake will be ok. Police already know who took them.....it was....Anna's mother and that.....criminal Kadaj. They just have to find them." CC said. " That doesn't help CC! what if she's dead already?" I screamed. Andy looked at me. "Ashley I understand how you feel.....do you.....do you have feelings for her?" Andy said quietly. "Of course! I LOVE HER! I don't want to lose her!" I said with tears threatening to fall even more. We all went quiet. The door to the surgery opened and Jake was wheeled out on a hospital bed, then into the ward. The doctor walked calmly over to us with a serious look. " IS HE OK?? please tell me he's going to be ok!" Jinxx yelled. "He's going to be fine. The bullet was removed. He will have to stay in hospital for a while. He lost quite a lot of blood and we want to make sure he recovers properly." the doctor said with a smile. We all sighed in relief. Jakes going to be fine.....just please, please let Anna come back to me!

Anna's POV.
The cold gun was pressed against my head and my mothers eyes were cold and distant. The man stood in front of me. Wait.....THIS... THIS MAN.... HES THE ONE WHO KNOCKED ME OUT. It cant be! no please, don't let it be him!!! ITS THE MASS MURDERER KADAJ!!!!!!
"time to say GOODNIGHT!" Kadaj screamed.


HAHA yet another cliffhanger! will Anna live??? Will Ashley and Anna ever see each other again? will jake ever be able to perform again???


This story is so good!

Yinbvbforever Yinbvbforever

i am updating now so hold on for some new content!!!!

@Shadow veil brides
Omg we were at the same concert!! I was in the mosh pit

And now this story is officially off hold. I am to continue soon.

@The Black Veil Bitch
Yes I did go to that concert. I was up on the balcony.