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We Don't Belong

Chapter 2

Oliver finished his short speech and slowly walked back to his place in the crowd of friends and family. He sat down next to Sarah, she was a sister to him. Sarah slowly walked up infront of everyone, with a few things to say. She spoke softly and quitly just like the women who laid in the casket did.The clouds looked like they would break at any moment, they where already very dark. This made everything had a scary, creeping green light over everything.
Everyone was slient as the wooden casket was lowered into the ground. Two large men started to throw the dirt over it, filling up the rectangle shaped hole in the Earth. It started to pour down rain, the men threw more dirt over it moving fast. Rain slowly turned the once dry dirt into mud. "Oliver! It's pouring! Let's go!" Sarah said pulling his arm and everyone else bolted for their cars. No matter how hard he tried he would never belive Eliza just left him. Left Sarah, friends and famly. But most importantly she left her daughters Mia and Kelly. "Oli! Please!" This time Sarah didn't wait for him to answer or walk after her, she quickly grasped his hand and pulled him.

"Oh shit! Andy I need to stop by Oliver's before we leave!" I shouted down stairs to him. I quickly finished packing and zipped up my bags. Heading down stairs, I dragged the bags with me. "You guys are doing to meet us at the bus right?" Andy said to the guys who where already to go. "Yeah" Ashley muttered

"Good! Because I have to stop by a friends first and Andrew needs to come with me so we will see you there." I said walking to the door. Everyone followed and got into their cars, Andy and I both got into mine.

"I can't rise them by my self!" Oliver cried into Sarah's neck. She wrapped her arms around him and told him everything would be okay. "I just don't understand why she left us. Why didn't she stay home?" He sobbed. "It isn't your fault Oli" Sarah whispered
"I should have been in that car..." He trailed off. Sarah pushed him off of her and grabbed his shoulders, slightly shaking them. "Listen to me" She said. Oliver just looked at the ground, tears slattering on the floor. "Oliver, you can't give up because she's gone. These girls need you" Oliver stared into her eyes, and nodded.

Andy stood behind me as I knocked on the white, shiny door. It opened and I came face to face with Oliver and a little girl stood at his feet. She had light dirty blond hair, that fell just above her shoulders. Her blue/green eyes where shining bright. Oliver held another girl. She looked shy and quite. No dirty blond hair or blue/green eyes. She had darker brown hair, that was straight and long. Unlike her sisters wavy and short blond hair. Her eyes where a deep green, her pale skin made her lip look pinker and thinner. Both of them where so adorble.

"Sarah?" Oliver said moving forwards for a hug. The tiny girl in his arms started to scream and cry. "Uh..Just come inside for now" He said walking into the house once more. Andy pushed me forwards a bit before grabbing me hand and leading in me side.

"I am so sorry about Mia, she is a bit shy" A women said. I knew she wasn't the girls mother, but I smiled and said it was no problem.

"Here Dawn, take them in the other room please" Oliver told the women. She nodded and picked up both of their tiny bodies and walked into the other room.

"It has been so long. How are you?" Oliver asked running over to finally hug me. "I am good, how are you? Are the girls okay?"I said pulling out of the hug. "Oh yes!" He smiled.

His eyes wondered over to Andy, he smild and turned to me and said "Got yourself a boyfriend now?"

"No. We are just best friends. My names Andy by the way" Andy said and held out his hand, Oliver shook it and told him it was nice to meet him.

"Sarah, I am sorry but are these your..children?" Andy asked clearly confused. Pain flashed through Olivers eyes. I quickly told Andy I would tell him later.

It had been a good year since I last saw Mia and Kelly. I learned they where both three years old now and talked. Mia was just as I though she would be, smaller than her sister. Shy and quite. Kelly would be loud, bigger and did more things by her self.

"Oliver, can Kelly come see who's here. She want's to meet them" Dawn called to Oliver after we had been talking for a good ten minutes. He looked at Andy and myself, He still had no idea what was going on. I nodded and Oliver yelled for Kelly and Mia. Kelly ran in and said "Hi! I am Kelly! Who are you?"

"Hello Kelly, I am Sarah" I smiled at her and Andy said his name and a small hello. "I like your hair!" She almost shouted pointing at Andy's hair. ((THIS WAS BACK IN EARLY 2012)) "I like your's better!" He laughed with his deep voice.

Footsteps where heard and everyone was quite. Tini tiny Mia slowly walked over to her father. "Are you going to say hello?" Oliver asked her, she held up her hand "Hello" She said softly.

It was just about our time to leave and Mia warmed up to Andy very quickly. She was amazed by everything about him, I found this really cute. We said our goodbyes and we finally left after Mia cried because Andy was leaving but he hugged her and promised he would see her again.

We made our way to meet the guys, making small talk in the car. I couldn't help but think about everything that has happened so far. I also had to think about how I could tell Andy everything without breaking down into tears.

Well..fuck this is going to be hard....

Hi! Sorry for the long wait. Been busy and I would write a chapter than my computer would shut off before I could publish it. Bye now! Tell me if you liked it in the comments and there should be a photo of Andy somewhere on the side I think :)


Andy's hair at the time and what he looked like with the warpaint and all :)



Bvb67! Bvb67!
Please update!
BVBgirl355 BVBgirl355
@bvbarmycadette_saviour I know! I am sorry if you have been waiting for one, I will have more time now that summers here and schools over. About to write a new chapter right now. :) I am happy you like it!
Sarah Biersack Sarah Biersack
this is really good! you should update!
this is really good! you should update!