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We Don't Belong

Chapter 1

"Please?" He begged me, I shook my head. "Andy theres no way I can come with you guys. It's your first real tour, I don't need to mess anything up" I said dropping his hand and shooting a sad smile to his pale face.

...Presant Time...

"You promised you would" Andy said again. This had to be the third time he told me this. I didn't drop his hand that was laced with mine as we walked, unlike last time. "I did" I said grinning. This was true, last year I said I wasn't going to go with my best friend on his first tour with his band Black Veil Brides and I had promised him I would the next time.

"Is that a yes? Please the guys really miss you..CC the most" Andy said I did not really have to think about this a lot, I was already planning on saying yes.

"Yes I will go" I groaned trying to sound like I didn't want to and was being forced into it. I was suddently wraped in long arms very tighly. "Andy"
"Can't breathe"
He muttered a small 'oops'.

"Let's go get the guys and tell them?" Andy asked me before getting an answer he pulled out his phone and sent a few texts and said they would meet us back at my house. I silently walked next to Andy thinking about how the next half a year would be. I wondered if people thought we where a couple when we held hands and walked, nope just some weirdo friends. I wanted to get ready for this tour, I knew it would be long and hard to keep up with everything or so say the guys. Their not a joy to be around right after they get back, kinda lazy just sitting there texting girlfriends, eating, tweeting or in Ashleys case I am sure he was looking at naked photos of women. Whatever works for him.

"I should start packing before they get here." I pointed out, I didn't need five guys or possible just one very pervy one looking at my underwear at I threw them into suit cases.
Andy started to laugh, I looked at him with a 'what?' face.
"You said that all out loud, don't worry I won't look at your underwear."
Oh crap. That tends to happen sometimes. The whole thinking and saying thing. Andy winked at me, "You have a girlfriend" I scofft and hit his shoulder with mine.

What a long tour this will be, I mean oh what fun it will be.


Thank you to anyone who reads this, I do most of my fan fictions on my Wattpad and I thought I might to one here on Tumblr. New things eh? Well thank you again, I would hope someone likes this story and reads it. But hey? Whatever makes you happy! :) ~Sarah



Bvb67! Bvb67!
Please update!
BVBgirl355 BVBgirl355
@bvbarmycadette_saviour I know! I am sorry if you have been waiting for one, I will have more time now that summers here and schools over. About to write a new chapter right now. :) I am happy you like it!
Sarah Biersack Sarah Biersack
this is really good! you should update!
this is really good! you should update!