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World Known Rockstar & Busy Gamer


We all know Black Veil Brides right? I know you do, well here's a Story About Andy Biersack and a 23 year old girl meeting each other by surprise, at a friends party. But that is not all of the story, the friend actually made these two people text. But Melanie Doesn't Know she is texturing her favorite Idol almost everyday, And he doesn't know that she is a close friend of their common friend, but why would the Friend Marc, do such a thing?? And how will this turn out? Don't ask me, you better read and find out ^^,


Andrew Biersack

Andrew Biersack

We all know him. Lead singer of Black Veil Brides, also friends with Marc, Looking for true love ^^,

Ashley Purdy

Ashley Purdy

The Sexy Purdy, we all know him! ^^, Bassist in Black veil brides & In love with Melanie's best friend

Christian ' CC ' Coma

Christian ' CC ' Coma

Best Drummer ever born! Plays them with Black veil brides, also seems like a child from time to time ^^,

Jake Pitts

Jake Pitts

Lead Guitar in Black veil brides! Really Nice dude, There's gonna be allot of eating competition now ^^,

Jeremy ' Jinxx ' Ferguson

Jeremy ' Jinxx ' Ferguson

What can i say Rhythm Guitar in Black veil brides! Becomes Melanie's " long lost big brother " ^^,

Marcus " Marc " Keen

Marcus " Marc " Keen

The common friend of Melanie & Andy, sadistic but also kindhearted friend ^^, also he's heir to allot of his dads company's, one of them are the one Melanie works in ^^,

Melanie Stirling

Melanie Stirling

Main Character ^^, Works as Scouting potential new stars, Also have a band she plays in, big fan of Black veil brides, lives with her Rich Friend Marc & is a Gamer nerd



Only known as Sky, never really had a familiy, was taken in by Melanie ^^, if you don't watch out she might kill you, if you ever try to lay a hand on Mel & She likes to do cosplay


  1. Welcome to the world of a gamer

    This is the start of everything..

  2. A Flashback maybe?

    The reason true love doesn't exist!

  3. Beginning of a Love story - Part 1

    What did the text say?

  4. Beginning of a Love story - Part 2

    Why i love Sky so much

  5. Mr. Dennis

    This is the day they will meet

  6. Crazy Crazy Party

    Mel holds a party, for no reason at all

  7. Can i kiss you?

    did they kiss or??

  8. Feelings or?

    No hangovers??

  9. Holiday has arrived

    No more work

  10. Sexy Dinner

    They are gonna be all alone.. Can she handle it?

  11. The next day


  12. Shopping date & Love

    Sky is waiting.. And who is this mysterious caller?

  13. Who will it be?

    Didn't see that coming. Melanie gets a surprise.

  14. Days without you

    Almost 2 days has past, the boys will finally be back.


Thanks :D

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I seriously love this <3

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.........this chapter was.....AMAZING! :D

YAY!!! great, this is good news!! :)