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A Warrior Of Youth


Lissa is pretty and popular, but her twin brother Benji wasn't. Other than looking alike, they had nothing in common. Benji struggled in ways Lissa didn't know about and caused a tragedy in their family forcing Lissa and her parents to uproot their life in Philadelphia and move to Cincinnati. Lissa resents her twin for doing this to her, but wishes she had seen the signs.
Maybe things will improve when she meets the hotties that are in her class.

This story is about the members of Black Veil Brides. It is based when they are all 17 and are in junior year of high school in Cincinnati.



Hello everyone!
Not sure if you will read this, but here goes.
My account fucked up so I started on a new one. My stories will remain here, but Before The Angels Fell will continue on my other account 'tinamoli'
I'm so sorry about this. It is a massive in convience to us all.

tinamoli tinamoli

this was akwardly very expected that she would die in a car accident. the last chapter made me feel like that was gonna happen. sad tho..

WolfieSkyes WolfieSkyes

@Ravens tail 7
I hate endings too, but all stories must end somewhere. I know it was sad and all that shiz :P but I just thought not all stories have a happy ending. And thank you so much! I'm glad you still like it and dont hate me for killing Lissa. That was hard. I had originally thought for her to commit suicide, but then thought, what if she gets what she wants and goes home, but something as simple and common as a car crash seemed to kind of fit better with the whole being insignificant issue.

I know guys. You probably hate for doing that, but yeah.. if you read above in the other reply I explain my reasons. It just fit. I really wanted to kind of show that the Gandhi quote may be true in a way, but everything you do creates a ripple effect.

@TheOutlawAndAndy!! @bvbchika
Awwwww thank you! I was getting really sad when I wrote the part where Jake finds out.. They had just declared their love for each other again and the most horrific accident happens. I'm glad you like my last bit. I wanted to contradict the Gandhi quote cause not everything is insignificant.

It's weird when all you guys say I'm a good writer. I just get ideas. I don't know how or why, I just do. This is just a creative outlet for me that I love to do.
You guys can read my other stories if you haven't already.. My next story will be a spin off about CC and Kimber.... Already have ideas for them hahah
Thank you so much for commenting guys! I was freaking out when I saw 7 new comments and reading them makes me so happy! So literally, thank you so fucking much! I love you guys :) <3

tina tina

Crying because this ending is so good!!!!! holy crap you are an amazing writer

bvbchika bvbchika

Brought tears to my eyes.. The last sentence.. That was beautiful..