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The Wretched And Divine


Alexandra Dawson lives in a world run by vampires. Being in a school overun by Fertiles and Doms, Alex doesn't have many friends. The humans in her school fear the vampires, but not Alex. Actually, she resents them. But one day, Alex meets a highly feared Dom. Will her hatred for vampires change, or grow?

*WARNING* This story contains: violence, rape, sexual encounters, eating disorders, and underage drinking. don't like, don't read


In order from left to right: Jeremy Ferguson (Jinxx), Ashley Purdy, Andy Biersack, Christian Mora (CC), Jake Pitts.
Alexandra Dawson
Max Green
Craig Mabbitt


  1. Here Lies Hysteria, A Land Where Chaos Reigns

  2. We Are The Wild Ones

  3. A Passion Crime To Take What's Mine

  4. Hearts Will Sacrifice, It's Do Or Die

  5. Perfect Weapon

  6. Reverse This Curse

  7. The Legacy

  8. It's All Done For You

  9. Let It Go

  10. Dead And Broken, My Back's Against The Wall

  11. Your Burdens Lifted

  12. A Love Sick Melody

  13. You're Insane

  14. All Your Hate

  15. All Your Hate

    Part 2

  16. You Stay Away From Her, It's Not Her Time

  17. One Final Fight For This Tonight

  18. A Warrior of Youth

  19. Just Like An Enemy, That Wants To See Me Bleed

  20. Hello My Hate

  21. Hello My Hate

    Part 2

  22. Rebel Yell

  23. This Love Will Set You Free From Thoughts of Yesterday

  24. Regret's No Longer In My Head

  25. You Acted First You Could Have Walked Away

  26. Take You're Hand In Mine, It's Ours Tonight

  27. I Sit Here and Smile Dear

  28. I Sit Here and Smile Dear

    Part 2

  29. Hearts Race The Moment Gone

  30. I Am Your Hate, You Are My Love

  31. The Worst Is Yet To Come

    warning: contatins kidnapping

  32. My Tears Run Down Like Razorblades

    warning: contains rape

  33. Then I Lost It All

    Part 2 warning: contains rape

  34. I Will Always Be There

  35. We'll Brave This Storm

  36. I Will Take This Burden On

  37. Pain of Circumstance

  38. Remnants Left of a Time Once Knew

  39. Ignored The Problem

  40. You Still Have All of Me

  41. When You Can't Take Anymore

  42. Bad Blood

  43. Who Can Save Me Now?

  44. It's What We Hide With Every Lie

  45. No Turning Back Now

  46. A Feeling That's Worth Fighting For

  47. A Feeling That's Worth Fighting For

    Part 2

  48. So I'm Not Givin' Up

  49. I'd Give You Almost Anything

  50. How The Hell Did We End Up Like This?

  51. Their Misery and Demons Burn

  52. This Love Will Never End

  53. You Always Want The One You Can't Have

  54. Rising Again From The Fire

  55. We Will Be Unbroken

  56. We Stitch These Wounds

  57. The Desperate Control

  58. The Best Things In Life

  59. I'll Be Your Everything

  60. A Love I Can't Erase

  61. But When I'm Tired And Lonely She Gives Me Head

  62. It's Times Like These You Learn To Live Again

  63. The Star That Burned So Bright

  64. Please Don't Leave Here

  65. A Love I Can't Erase

  66. Baptized In Smoke And Misery

  67. God Bless You

  68. She Want More

  69. My Anchors Dropped

  70. Your Time Has Arrived

  71. Days Are Numbered

  72. Faith Will Find A Way

  73. A World Of Hate Awaits

    Part 1

  74. Die For You

    Part 2

  75. Welcome To Your Life

  76. In The End


@Red Phoenix77 i wrote this back when i was about 13 (im 18 now) but i assume that my thought process was that vampires weren't undead, they were very much alive. also, i was very inexperienced when writing this story so i didn't put too much thought into things. maybe i'll re-write it one day! :)

leeexiij leeexiij

Not entirely sure why vampires would need to worry about protection . Since they're already undead , they wouldn't have to worry about diseases , and I seriously doubt that she's gonna get pregnant .

Red Phoenix77 Red Phoenix77

@Katerina Michaelis of course! :)

leeexiij leeexiij

@leeexiij Thank you very much! I already wrote that you are the author of this fanfic. :)

@Katerina Michaelis sorry for the late reply but of course! please credit me, though. :)

leeexiij leeexiij