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Just The Boy Next Door


DJ Martenson is not your average university student; she is, in fact, a local celebrity. Going by DJ Dollie on her Monday Morning radio show, she and her friend Naomi are flying high above the clouds.
When she bumps into young Andrew Biersack, a transfer from UCLA, she had no idea where it would lead. A life of love, romance, and rock and roll is in her distant future...

The question is: How does she get there?


Andrew "Andy" Biersack

Andrew "Andy" Biersack

21/22 - President of the BVB Fraternity. Falls for DJ almost immediately.

Ashley Purdy

Ashley Purdy

25 - Andy's best friend; develops feeling for DJ; is quite the lady's man.

CC/ Christian Coma

CC/ Christian Coma

23 - Andy's wild child friend and becomes a close friend of DJ's; eventually starts dating Selena.

DJ Martenson

DJ Martenson

Main protagonist/ Andy and Ashley's love interest/ DJ Dollie radio show host

Jake Pitts

Jake Pitts

Part of the group, as well. Naomi's love interest



The "mom" of the group, and the vice president of the group

Naomi Sparks

Naomi Sparks

DJ's Best friend since child hood/ becomes Jake's girlfriend

Selena Anne James

Selena Anne James

22 - DJ's cousin; begins seeing CC a few weeks after she moves in with her cousin.


  1. Perfect Weapon

    ~A week before the first semester of her junior year, DJ runs into a man who finally brings her out of her shell~

  2. Pardon Me, Boy

    ~A chance meeting with Andy brings DJ little closer to having a normal life; phone call made to Andy~

  3. Two Become One or Something

    ~Thing heat up between both Naomi and Jake, along with DJ and Andy; however, will a surprise visit from ghosts of the past make things come to halt?~

  4. Last Friday Night

    ~DJ starts drinking and find company in one, Ashley Purdy~

  5. Is This Love We're Feeling?

    ~Andy takes DJ out on a date/outing; night after the party~

  6. This is Halloween

    ~Classes start again and before the gang knows it, it is Halloween; and, a Halloween Party~

  7. Every Rose Has Its Thorns

    ~Scout's mom calls Andy the day before fall break with terrifying news of Scout. Andy, being caring, goes to her rescue. With doubts in her head, DJ now finds comfort in the arms of Ash, yet again~

  8. Happy Turkey Day

    ~After a night of passion, the awkward friends attend DJ's family's Thanksgiving dinner; She only discovers just how much she really cares for Andy~

  9. We Stitch These Wounds

    ~A collaboration of the points of view of Andy and Ashley~ Andy returns home.

  10. Getting Back to Good

    ~Andy and DJ almost end as soon as they began; Andy makes up for his behavior~

  11. Rebel Love Song

    ~Christmas plans made, DJ, Andy and the gang get ready for their holiday by presenting a fun project in Music Theory~

  12. Here Come... The Martensons?

    ~Andy get the pleasure of meeting and spending Christmas with DJ's family... and the displeasure of dealing with her aunt, Maggie.~

  13. Coming Home Again

    ~After Andy calms down, the three twenty somethings come back to the house to interesting news; Christmas Eve

  14. Can She Be Mine?

    ~Andy, stir crazy in church, goes to throw water on his face; the thought of his ultimate present to DJ pops into his mind.~

  15. All I Want For Christmas Is You

    ~Both From Andy and DJ~

  16. We Wish You A Merry Christmas

    ~Christmas with DJ's family and a huge surprise when she and Andy return home~

  17. Rebel, Rebel

    ~Selena James tells what is on her mind~

  18. Happy Birthday, Biersack

    ~DJ's plans are set in motion as the couple begin their celebration of Andy's 22nd birthday~

  19. New Year's Day

    ~DJ finds something out that could rock the soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Biersack's worlds~

  20. She Has His Heart

    ~A CC tender moment~

  21. Party Time and Baby Talks

    ~DJ holds out until after the New Years party to drop the bomb...~

  22. Here Comes the Rain Again

    *LONG chapter* The arrival of Chris and Amy comes, and so does the unveiling of the new family member...

  23. Almost Sunny Skies

    ~DJ and CC share their thoughts on Maggie's sudden visit~

  24. Nutty As A Fruitcake

    ~Naomi lends helping hand....~

  25. Mochaless Mondays

    ~Naomi's point of view as she deals with Mags from a different angle~ DJ~

  26. If You Believe in Angels

    ~Short Chapter: DJ's doctor's visit~ ~Andy/DJ~

  27. Nursery Sets and Late Night Chats

    ~DJ and Naomi bond over the new addition to be~

  28. Beautiful Remains

    ~Jake goes shopping with Jinxx after a night of restless sleep...~

  29. Pain of Life

    ~Naomi is shot, and all prepare to say goodbye to the friend they loved so dearly~

  30. City of Angels

    ~The final goodbye~

  31. In Death, As In Life

    ~Celebrating the life of Naomi~

  32. The Manhunt Begins

  33. Long time, no write

    *Author update*


I'm happy to see you back! I can't wait to read more.

IzzieDeadnow IzzieDeadnow


IzzieDeadnow IzzieDeadnow


Thank you. Naomi was actually him through and through. Some of her sayings and everything, minus the black/asian race. He was obsessed with a Jpop singer that was black and asian though, which why I chose that. I miss him, but he will always be with me.

I love the story so much, and I'm sorry for your loss @HisPorcelainDoll.

IzzieDeadnow IzzieDeadnow


darksoul darksoul