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Band Imagine one-shots

Overprotective Brother Meets New Boyfriend

The request was realistic with Andy and Ashley. Where it says (B/N), insert a book name. Where it says (S/W), insert a swear word.

As a child, I was the last to learn how to ride a bike. The last to go over to someone else's house for a sleepover. Growing older, the last to have a social networking page. Now, I was the last person who didn't have a date to the spring dance. I'm always the last with things like this. Why? My older brother, Andy. Don't get me wrong, I love him and all, it's just that he can be a bit overprotective. Okay, really overprotective, and it started to bother me three y ears ago. Nowadays, it drove me insane. So here I was, standing outside of the kitchen where he was making dinner. Our parents were divorced, and dad didn't arrive home until late at night, so Andy was left to do things like this because he refused to let me help him.
"Hey, Andy, can I ask you something?" I asked him as I strolled into the kitchen casually, heart pounding away in my chest.
"Ask away," he replied, not looking up from whatever he was cooking. Here it goes, I thought, taking an internal deep breath.
"Why can't I have a boyfriend?"
"You're too young."
"I'm almost 17, Andy."
"Like I said, too young." Anger began to replace my previous nervousness, but I suppressed it and remained calm.
"Everyone else is allowed to date. Besides, the school spring dance is coming up and I'm the only person who doesn't have someone to go with."
"I'm sure that's not true, you can't be the only one, but why not go with a group of friends?"
"They're all taking their significant other. And yes, practically the entire grade has someone. I know for sure I'm the only one who's never had a first kiss."
"Good. Let's keep it that way."
“When will I be allowed to date?”
“When you move out. Please don’t ask me about this again.” I nodded silently with tears in my eyes. It was the most unfair thing he had ever said to me, but losing this war was still my last intention. I had never disobeyed any of his rules, but I was fed up this time and wanted to show him that he couldn’t control me my whole life.

“I’m going to the beach!” I called to him the next day as I was leaving the house. I wasn’t asking permission, I was telling him I was going.
“What time will you be back?” Hmm. I paused. This was unexpected. Still, I better not push it, I decided, and responded with a time before shutting the door. I thought about it as I walked there. The beach was close enough to home for him to feel able to monitor me, so maybe that was why he just let me go. Or perhaps he was feeling guilty about last night and was giving me more freedom. I hoped that was it. When I reached the beach, I set up a towel and chair in the shade so I could read. Yet despite the perfect weather and gorgeous day, I found myself too distracted to read. Seagulls darted through the air, salty wind tousled my hair, kids shouted as they played, waves crashed on shore, and a cute lifeguard snuck a few glances at me. I blushed when our eyes met and looked down immediately, focusing on my book until a voice disturbed my peace.
“What are you reading?” I glanced up to see the lifeguard standing in front of me.
“Aren’t you supposed to be keeping watch?” I asked in return.
“Nope. My shift’s over,” he responded, sitting down next to me. “My name’s Ashley. What’s yours?”
“(Y/N),” I replied, slightly uncomfortable that a random boy I didn’t know was talking to me.
“That’s a nice name. So what’s a pretty girl like you doing over here in the shade reading? Don’t your friends want you to go and swim with them?” Awkward.
“Uhh, thanks, and I, umm, I came alone,” I stuttered. Huh, weird. I didn’t usually talk like that.
“Oh. So what book is that?” He asked, obviously trying to keep up the conversation, though I don’t know why he would bother. I was just an average girl, nothing special. I held it up for him to see. “(B/N). Haven’t read it before. Is it any good?” I nodded really fast.
“Oh my god, yes, it is the best book ever written!” I exclaimed, and he laughed, triggering me to blush instantly. “You can borrow it from me, if you want,” I added without meaning to.
“Sure,” he said, figuring out how long it would take him. “Today’s Saturday, I have tomorrow off, but if you come back Monday afternoon I should have finished it and I can give it back to you then.”
“Ok, sounds great,” I replied as I handed it to him and stood up, checking the time on my phone quickly. Time to go. “I have to go now, but I’ll see you on Monday. Bye!” I said to him before dashing off. I found myself impatient waiting for Monday afternoon.

Monday afternoon wasn’t the last time I saw Ashley. In fact, heading to the beach right after school let out was becoming a routine. A routine that Andy, strangely, did not question. He simply let me go, and I was grateful for the extra space and freedom, though it may have seemed like hardly a sliver to people who were allowed to go there alone at age 14.
“(Y/N),” Ashley said to me one day. “Can I ask you a question?”
“You just did, but yes, you can ask another,” I told him.
“Well,” he looked a little fidgety. “What would you say if I said I liked you?”
“I would say ‘that’s convenient, because I like you, too’,” I responded honestly. It was true, I had been liking Ashley for a while now, but I was just too nervous and afraid to admit it to myself. He perked up immediately.
“Wait, are you serious?” I nodded.
“Course I am.” He grinned.
“Well, ok, here comes awkward part number two: will you go out with me?
“Yes.” No hesitation or consideration necessary. I would worry about Andy later, I was growing up and this was my life, and he needed to accept that. Second thought, better warn Ashley. “But just so you know,” I added. “It will be my first date, because I have a really overprotective older brother.”
“For real? You’re sixteen, almost seventeen, and you’ve never been out with anyone because he never let you?”
“Nope. Sad but true,” I replied.
“Oh wow. I guess I’ll really have to make this worthwhile, then. Is he going to get mad at you or something?”
“Actually, I don’t know. He’ll be really ticked at you, though, if he finds out. We can go see a movie or something on the night of the spring dance at my school, I’ll tell him that a couple of my friend’s dates bailed and we’re all going as a group. I can meet you at the theater.”
“Sounds great.”

“That. Was. Amazing!” I exclaimed as Ashley was driving me back home. The date was wonderful, the movie was interesting, and everything felt perfect. He was grinning.
“I’m glad you had fun.”
“Fun? That was like the best night of my life!” He laughed.
“Oh wow, I actually feel really bad for you if that’s true. What did you say your brother’s name was again?”
“Andy. Just park behind this bush near our house, I’ll deal with him inside. I’m going to try to convince him that you’re not bad or dangerous or anything. Do you mind waiting in the car in case he wants to meet you?”
“Thank you so much for everything, Ashley,” I said, and I kissed him before climbing out of the car. Though tonight may not have seemed like much to most people, I felt so confident and free as I approached the house.
“Hey, Andy, I have to tell you something,” I said, walking into the living room where he was reading a magazine.
“By any chance is it that you weren’t really at the spring dance tonight?” (S/W). How did he know?!
“How did you know?”
“Because,” he said, standing up. “I called a few of your friends. They told me you weren’t there. Care to tell me why you lied to me and where you really were? You worried me half to death, (Y/N).” Guilt settled in my heart.
“I’m sorry. I was out on a date with a guy named Ashley. You don’t know him, but he’s really nice,” I apologized. Really nice? That was all I could come up with to defend poor Ashley, who was waiting in the car and about to face Andy’s wrath? Andy sighed.
“I guess I couldn’t keep you a child forever. You were bound to get a boyfriend sometime. I’m sorry I’ve been so overprotective. Is it too much to ask if I can at least meet the guy?” I grinned and hugged him.
“No.” Like I thought earlier, tonight really was perfect.



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