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A Love Understood Only By Rebels.(Jake Pitts x Christian 'CC' Coma)

Solutions, Sass, and Surprise.

~CC’s POV~
Mackinzee hugged Jake and I and we hugged her back.
“Mack honey, you and Ela get paler and paler every time I see you girls.” I laughed.
She smiled, “Well CC, you see, Ela and I always say. Pale girls do it better.” She winked at me and laughed.
Just then I saw a somewhat tan, tattooed arm wrap around Mackinzee’s waist. She giggled knowing who it was instantly.
“Ashley..” She said as he hugged her and picked her up.
“We need to talk.” He said clearly the they started walking off.
I noticed Ela next to me when she shouted “Use protection and don’t break her Ashley!” She laughed then hugged me.
“Ela you’re fabulous!” I said as I laughed and hugged her back.
“I know I am CC,” she looked over at Andy. “What the fuck is his lazy ass doing sleeping ten minutes before the show?”
I sighed. “him and your boyfriend were snooping on Ashley and Andy heard about how Jinxx found out, went to walk back here, and fell… He knocked himself out.”
“Oh… I see.” She said quietly.
“Yeah… It would be fabulous if you could wake him up for us though Ela.” I smiled at her.
She thought for a moment, then shrugged. “I can try.”
We walked over to where Andy was laying. Ela spoke clearly:
“Andy wake up for me.”
Still nothing.
She sighed. “Andrew.”
Not even a groan came from him.
“Andy I will smack you and not feel bad, wake your ass up.”
Again, Nothing.
She sighed. “You asked for it.” She smacked his cheek. “Andrew.”
He must have been knocked out good because he still didn’t move.
She smacked him again. “Andrew!”
Just then his eyes shot open and he looked at Ela, “Damn girl, did you get stronger since the last time I saw you?”
She smiled. “Maybe. Now get the fuck up Andy. You’ve got less then five minutes.”
Andy jumped up and looked around. I assume he was mentally trying to count how many members of the band were standing around, when his eyes closed a little and he sighed. “CC, where’s Ashley?”
”With Mackinzee somewhere.” I responded.
Andy sighed again, louder this time. “CC, will you go get Ashley and Mackinzee for me?”
“Yeah Andy, I can.” I hugged Ela, then ran off to find Ashley.


Woo! This chapter is finally up! Sorry it took so long.. I got distracted and misplaced my notebook and just.. I'm so sorry! I hope you guys like it!



ur welcome doll

Madison Madison

I'll try and thanks :)

OutCastAndProud OutCastAndProud

Thank you! <3

OutCastAndProud OutCastAndProud

So cute <3

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I ship it lol love it so far update soon doll plzzz

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