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A Love Understood Only By Rebels.(Jake Pitts x Christian 'CC' Coma)

New discoveries, Accidents, and Panic

~Andy’s POV~ (whoa new pov XD )
“Damn it Jinxx. I am never snooping around with you ever again.”
“Andy, you’ve said that how many times, but yet, here we are.” He looked at me and smiled.
“Yeah, Yeah. Keep walking ya asshole.” I said as we creeped through some bushes so Ashley couldn’t see us following and snooping on him.
Just then I tripped over… god only knows what and landed on my face.
Jinxx turned around quickly “Andy shut it! I know you just fell on that pretty face but hush.”
“I know Jinxx.” I said as I got back up and we snuck behind a tree and some bushes where we had just been signing things with the rest of the band.
“Remind me again why we are doing this?”
Jinxx looked at me. “Cuz Ashley has his sights set on Ela’s best friend and ever since he got drunk and kissed her, she’s liked him a lot. I don’t want him to break her heart.”
I smiled. “You take care of those girls don’t you?”
He sighed. “Well yeah… Ela is the love of my life and Mack is like a sister to me.”
“Yeah Jinxx I know.”
“Oh Andy, by the way, Ela and Mackinzee are coming to the show tonight.” He said with a smile.
“Yey!” I said happily as we looked to where Jake, CC, and Ashley were standing.
Just then I heard them talking, and Ashley said something about people sucking face. I took a closer look and Jake had CC protectively in his arms. I was confused to say the least. Then Ash asked how Jinxx knew, and what I heard next about made me faint.
Jinxx turned and looked at me. “Whoa Andy, you look paler than usual. You okay?”
“Yeah Jinxx, I think I’m gonna head back though.”
“Okay, I’ll be there in a bit.” He said before I headed back.
Just as I started walking back I tripped over a rock or something and blacked out.

~Jinxx’s POV~
I heard a thud and turned around to find Andy on the ground.
‘Shit’ “Andy? You alright?”
Nothing, not even a groan.
‘Andy must have knocked himself out…’ I thought to myself as I heard Ashley, Jake, and CC walking toward me.
“Ashley, Jake, CC. Will you help me?”
Ashley looked at me. “Were you creepin’ on me again?” he asked.
“I… That’s not important. Andy knocked himself out. Help me carry him back into the venue?’
They nodded and we all picked Andy up and carried him into the building. We laid him down and started to try to wake him up. After a few minutes, Jake pulled me to the side.
“Jinxx were you snooping on Ashley?”
I sighed. “Yeah Jake we were…”
“JINXX! Why would you bring Andy?! What’s the matter with you?!”
He was obviously panicking, I could see it on his face.
“Jake it’s just what I’m used to doing. I’m sorry. You know Andy won’t care. I think it just caught him off guard. It’s okay.”
He sighed. “I trust you Jinxx, and I trust that you would know that Andy will be okay with it, I just wish he wouldn’t have found out like that. I mean I wish you would have found out differently too but, you didn’t knock yourself out after you found out. I just…” he sighed and I hugged him reassuringly.
He smiled and then went back to trying to wake Andy up before the show starts.
Just then I heard two very, very, familiar voices that happened to make me smile.
“There’s my favorite new couple, and my favorite boy.” One of the two voices said.
“There’s my new favorite ship.” The other said happily.
I turned around and smiled as I saw Ela and Mackinzee walking toward us.
“Ela!” I shouted as I ran up to her.
Her long black hair was straightened, her bright blue eyes lined in a dark grey liner and black mascara. Dark green lipstick that almost looked black and her nails were just as dark green. She had on a black corset, black skinny jeans, and knee high, high heeled, combat boots.
I picked her up and kissed her happily, then I heard Jake say something…
~Jake’s POV~
I smiled at Jinxx and Ela as they kissed. Just then I felt someone jump on my back. I screamed and stumbled backwards, causing Jinxx to look over at me. Just then I noticed natural red hair, so bright it almost looked unnatural, fall in front of my face.
“Mack!” I said happily and spun around hugging her tightly. She giggled and hugged me back.
“Jakey!” She said happily, a smile on her dark almost black red lips.
She looked really cute, her extremely long extremely red hair, tipped with black, left naturally wavy. Her hazel eyes lined in a dark purple with the usual black mascara, her lips, that dark almost black, red lipstick she loves so much. Her long nails were painted black and silver. She had on a dark red, dark purple, and black corset, black short shorts, and high top, platform Converse.
I hugged her again. “How have you been my dearest Mackinzee?” I asked happily.
“I’m good, Ela is too but… She’s busy.” She looked over to where Ela and Jinxx were making out and she laughed.
CC came over and hugged her, she hugged back then pushed him next to me.
“New favorite couple,” she smiled bigger, “Cake!”
“Cake?” CC asked obviously confused, as was I.
“Yeah. Cake. CC, Jake. Cake.” She smiled and hugged us both...


New chapter! :D I hope you guys like this one too! I will be doing a little deeper character introduction on Ela and Mackinzee so, be ready... Oh! I wanna know how you guys think Andy is gonna react to what he just found out. Leave a comment! Vote! You know how this goes already :)



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