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A Love Understood Only By Rebels.(Jake Pitts x Christian 'CC' Coma)

Signing, Asking, and Awkward Moments

~CC’s POV~
The signing hadn’t started but there was a line of fans so long, I couldn’t see the end. I sat down next to Andy, Jake was on the other end, seated next to Jinxx.
The signing started, we talked to the fans and all, and then it was over. It was a normal signing, girls freaking out over Jinxx, Ashley, Andy or… Hell, even me from time to time. But at least they freaked out. They hardly ever freak out over Jake. So as the rest of the band collected their things, I thought up a plan.
Andy, Ashley and Jinxx got up to go get set up for the show, as soon as they were out of sight I got up, walked over to Jake and put my hands on the table in front of him.
“Hey sexy.” I said in a girly voice.
Jake didn’t look up. “Uhm… Hi?”
“You taken?”
“Well… No but I believe you’re too,” he looked up at me and smiled. “Actually, I am taken, sorry.”
“Oh… that’s too bad then.”
“Why is that sweetie?”
“I was going to ask you if you wanted to go out on a date.”
~Jake’s POV~
‘Is CC seriously asking to take me out on a date?!’
I stopped playing along and looked him in the eyes.
He laughed. “Yeah, will you Jake Pitts go on a date with me…?”
“Ye… Yes CC I will!”
“YEY!” he basically screamed and I pulled him into a deep kiss to quiet him.
“Hush babe, don’t want the guys hearin’ ya.” I said softly as CC nodded.
Just then we heard someone clapping slowly.
“Wow guys, I come back to get my bag, because a certain Jacob Mark Pitts wouldn’t answer his phone and I see you two sucking face.” Ashley said smoothly, with a smirk on his face.
“Ashley! I can explain!” I yelled, pulling CC into my arms.
“No need, you obviously talked your feelings out, and you both like each other. Now you’re dating.”
“I couldn’t have said it better myself.” CC said smiling.
Just then Ashley hugged us and asked us if anyone else knew yet.
I sighed. “Jinxx does, but not Andy.”
“How’d Jinxx find out about it?”
“Well… You see… Funny story…” I trailed off and CC finished what I was going to say for me.
“Jake and I were fucking in the shower and Jinxx walked into the bathroom… So…” he smiled. “That’s how Jinxx found out Ash.”
Ashley stared at us for a few seconds before finally speaking. “Who was top?”
“Ashley!” I smacked him playfully.
He laughed. “What this is valuable information, who topped, who was bottom, how was it? All valued info, now tell.” He said seriously, but with a smirk.
Just then CC spoke up. “I was bottom, and it was amazing as fuck.”
Ashley smirked right at me. “So Jacob, how was being top for once?” he laughed.
I smacked him again and he just laughed some more.
“Ashley, if you really must know, it was great. Now we should get going before Andy and Jinxx get suspicious.”
The three of us then linked arms and started walking.


(A/N) I'm soo sorry it took me so long guys! I lost my notebook and got like EXTREME writer's block. Don't worry though, the next chapter is already in the works and I'll have that up asap. :) <3



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