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A Love Understood Only By Rebels.(Jake Pitts x Christian 'CC' Coma)

Confusion, an Explanation, and More Cuddles

~Jake’s POV~
“Oh fuck.” I muttered to myself as I wrapped myself in a towel and stepped out to stand in front of Jinxx.
“Jinxx, hey man. You alright?”
“Jinxx what all did you hear?”
“Enough…” he said quietly.
“Jinxx snap out of it bro.” I said shaking him a little.
“Jake, what the FUCK was that?!”
“Jinxx you can’t tell anyone but, CC and I are dating now…”
“Jinxx… CC and I, Jake Pitts, are now dating.”
“Oh… Okay.” He said calmed down a little.
“I trust you. Soo, don’t tell anyone Jinxx.”
He smiled, “I won’t Jake.”
“Good.” I responded with a smile.
“Not even the band?” He asked heading out the door.
“No Jinxx not even them, not yet anyways.” I responded seriously.
Jinxx turned around and stuck his head in the door.
“Can I tell Ela?” He asked.
“Sure man I trust her.” I responded as he actually left.
CC looked at me worriedly.
“W… What if the rest of the band heard us?” he asked quietly.
I hugged him, “Shh baby. None of the other guys are even here right now. It’s okay.” I reassured him, kissing him after I was done.
“Okay.” He smiled and snuggled into my chest sighing happily.
“You smell good Jake.” He giggled. I kissed the top of his head, wet hair getting stuck to my lips I pulled away.
“You do too CC.” I smiled as he blushed.
We finished drying off and getting dressed when my phone rang. It was Andy.
“Hey man, don’t forget about the signing b4 the show tonight.”
I texted back a quick okay, then I climbed into my bunk. Soon after CC appeared in my view.
“Jakey…” he said innocently, and to be honest it sent a chill down my spine, making me bite the inside of my lip.
“Yea CC?” I asked. But instead of getting an answer he just looked at me and pouted. I knew what he wanted, so I moved over and patted the bed next to me.
“Get in here cutie.” I said smiling as he crawled under my black and grey blanket and snuggled next to me.
“CC, when do you plan on telling the guys?” I asked.
“When I feel the time is right.” He said yawning.
~CC’s POV~
I yawned as I snuggled closer to Jake, we had about three hours until the show, figured I could take a nap… Until I heard Jake’s voice.
“CC no. We have a signing.” He said.
‘Ugh signings mean I can’t kiss him, cuddle him, or love him even a little physically until after the show.’ I thought to myself and groaned loudly.
“I know baby, but it’ll be okay and I promise I will make up a reasonable excuse for us to cuddle after the show. Okay?” he said somehow knowing what I was thinking.
“Okay Jakey~” I said blushing as I placed a few sweet little kisses on his neck.
We cuddled for a few hours, not saying a word, just lovely cuddling. Then Jake spoke.
“CC we need to head to the signing.”
I sighed, “Okay..” I said as we stood.
I Kissed him once more before we walked off the bus and to the signing.


Ela isn't Jakes Current girlfriend in reality. Ela is my best friend. I am sorry for taking so long... I had massive writers block. I 'll try not to let that happen again. You already know I don't own BVB or anything... I hope you all like it.
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