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Pluviophile (Andy Biersack)



a lover of rain; someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days.


Scarlett Walker is a Pluviophile. She loves the rain, and whenever it is even cloudy or rainy she takes any chance she can get, to be in the rain. It soothes her soul, and basically can make her worries flood away. Her life isn't like the rain. It isn't soothing and calm. It's hard and rough. She lives a lonely life in her apartment and barely has enough money to pay the bills. People judge her everyday because she is diffrent. She isn't like them, she isn't normal. Since she is known as not normal, society has blocked her out of the world and she can't seem to get back up and pick up the pieces of reality. When she comes to the point of questioning her sanity, something happens. A saviour appears, and soon she slowly finds that he is helping her pick up the pieces of her life. Will her life get better with the help of her saviour? Or will she get destroyed again and not be able to put herself back together?


A/N: This story contains feelings of depression, anxiety, loneliness, and suicidal thoughts. Do not read if you can't handle those things.


Andy Biersack

Andy Biersack

He is Scarlett's saviour. He helps her through her rough times, and he saves her life. He loves her, and he also loves the rain.

Scarlett Walker

Scarlett Walker

~Main Character~ Loves the rain, is questioning her sanity, has a hard life, starts to have hope once her saviour comes into her life.



@CapnDesDes is awesome
right? :'D i'm such a pluviophile, but i live in california D:

Natalie Wolff Natalie Wolff

When you move it to Wattpad, can you give me the link? Im in love with this story. Oh and you just taught me that im a pluviophile. I love rain but didnt know there was a word for it.....