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Love And Other Drugs

Forget and Relive

"You look really amazing tonight Luce..." Andy said lowly as the two of them stood outside of the limo they had just arrived in.

"Thanks-Alex had the glam squad over at my place right around 6 this morning." Luxe said, rolling her eyes sarcastically and Andy only chuckled.

"Well it paid off." He remarked, placing a hand against her back gently and Luxe felt the shivers run down her spine and back upwards.

Andy looked at the girl beside him as they waited to enter the red carpet and he couldn't help but feel breathless. Luxe was dressed in a tight black dress that was almost see through on the top and leather on the bottom-she looked like a sexy biker chick who could kick his ass at any moment. Her short pale legs ended in a pair of red pumps, making her almost as tall as him. Her grey eyes were outlined heavily in black and red, her platinum blonde hair with the new black lowlights was straight, her long bangs hanging over one eye. Her lips, pursed in to that Luxe pout, were deep cherry red and Andy desperately wanted to kiss her.

But he couldn't. They had broken up and while he still held a lot of feelings for Luxe, right now they needed to work on themselves. Andy knew he and Luxe would always be friends-they had been through so much together and he was really proud of her. Luxe had done a complete 180 and was the cute and sassy girl he remembered from those early days on tour together.

All of the Dolls had gone through this change and as Andy looked over his shoulder and saw both the Dolls and his own bandmates following behind, he couldn't help but smirk. They were a very large and very dysfunctional family, but he wouldn't have it any other way.

Luxe took the time as they were waiting to take Andy in and she couldn't help but swoon a little bit. He had his growing hair, which was shaved on both sides, greased back and she had full view of his magnetic blue eyes. He was wearing a black button up shirt, with a new leather jacket pulled around his shoulders-he looked like every girl's dream.

But Luxe could feel the tension in the air as they walked on to the red carpet and all eyes went to them. It was for a few reasons-it was her first time out in public since her over dose and it was also because Andy and the guys were not well liked in this group of rockers.

As they walked along, the only thing Luxe could keep thinking in her head was the track listing for their coming EP. It was all finished and they had shot the cover art for it yesterday. She went over the names in her head like a mantra, slowly going over them to try and stay calm.

I Miss The Misery
Mz. Hyde
Love Is A Battlefield(cover)

"I know the record label wanted us to do some interviews-we don't have to do them together, but I'll stand with you..." Andy said suddenly and Luxe looked around, her song track daze lifted. There were tons of the magazine and radio interviewers standing around and Luxe inhaled deeply.

"That would be really nice." She stated as they walked towards the first interviewer. The women standing before them was dressed in jeans and a KISS t-shirt. Her blonde hair was windswept from being outside all day, but she looked friendly.

"Luxe! Care to stop for a few questions?" The woman asked, holding a mic out to her. There was a small man with a tiny camera pointed at them and Luxe smiled as she walked in to the shot and stood a few feet from her interviewer.

This couldn't be too bad...

"Sure!" Luxe said happily. It was mostly genuine, but on the inside she was screaming. She hadn't done an interview in months and the last time she had spoken to Rolling Stone, which is where this woman was from, it had completely blown up in their faces.

"So! Word on the street is that you and your band-The Hollywood Dolls-are recording an EP. Care to tell us about it?" The women asked, pointing the mic towards her face and Luxe couldn't help but look relieved. This was starting off easy...nothing too personal.

"We are! It's great because it's such a small little record that we really got to play around, do some covers of other great songs and just kind of try to reconnect as a band." Luxe said and felt Andy grip on to her tightly. He was being protective and his stoic face towards the interviewer said it all-no funny business.

"That sounds like a lot of fun. When is it going to be out?" Luxe thought for a moment.

"We're hoping for an early June release. Since we're touring this summer we wanted to be able to work some of those songs in to our set list." Luxe said and then gulped. The thought of getting back on the road was worrisome-old habits die hard after all.

"That's right-you and the Dolls are touring on Vans Warped Tour this summer. You ready for the chaos?" Luxe laughed and even Andy chuckled. They weren't ready in the slightest, but Alex was being insistent.

"I think we can handle it. I've got some really great friends going on the tour with us this year-veterans who have seen and done it all." Luxe said as she placed a hand on Andy's chest and smirked up at him. She was calling him old, which was funny since he was only a few months older than she was.

"Of course you're referring to your friend and one time beau, Andy Biersack of Black Veil Brides." The interviewer said and Luxe laughed as Andy bent forward and put his face right in the camera.

"How's it going out there youtube world?" He asked as he pulled away and wrapped an arm around her shoulders. It was nice standing here with Andy...but it was also kind of strange.

Andy's request that they come to this as one another's dates had come out of nowhere and honestly Luxe had thought about saying no. She was in a really good place-yet she still missed him every day-and she didn't want to tempt something deep within her. Luxe had of course said yes, she had never been able to deny Andy for long and they had both spent the rest of that day goofing off as he hung around the studio. It was like old times, except there was no making out in dark corners and they didn't go home together. All in all they had become friends again and Luxe was thankful for that-Andy kept her sane.

"So both of you are nominated for Best Vocalist. How does it feel to pitted against one another?" Luxe only laughed-if only people really knew how much she and Andy had always been pitted against each other.

"I think it really comes down to having a respect for the other person. Luxe knows that I love her and I think she's very talented, so if she wins I would be nothing but proud." Andy said as he pressed his lips against her head. Luxe tried to keep her shocked look to herself, but it was hard. There had been a time when Andy would of ripped her a new one and now he was singing her praises.

"I completely agree. Our voices are obviously different, which I think is cool. If Andy wins tonight then I know it's because he was meant to. We're both very supportive of one another." Luxe said and then smiled. She could feel, deep down, that her old feelings of love and adoration for Andy were beginning to swell to the surface.

"Alright, now I gotta ask-are you two back together?" Both singers stood there, trying to keep their faces emotionless, but it was difficult. Were they back together? Andy wanted to be-he had missed Luxe like crazy-but he knew that it could possibly go down in flames once again.

"Right now Luxe and I are taking a break. It's more so that we can both focus on what we need in our lives and careers. But! We are best friends and always there for one another." Andy answered for them and Luxe only nodded. It sounded good to her, but she could see a gleam in the interviewer's eye now.

"Of course you're referring to Luxe's sobriety." She inferred and Luxe's heart stopped. She thought they had kept it quiet enough, kept things hidden well enough, that this wouldn't be discussed.

"I-I was actually talking about our respective records and EPs. The track listing on the Dolls new EP is amazing..." Andy said, nervously trying to back track. He gave Luxe an 'I am so beyond sorry' look and she only smiled at him.

"No, no it's okay Andy. Yes, I and the other girls in THD are working on staying sober. We've been working with famed sobriety specialist Bob Timmins to try and get to a better place in our lives." Luxe answered and Andy was shocked. Luxe was a very private person and their lack of privacy had been one of the many things that had made her turn to hard drugs.

"I think that's very admirable of you. Did the drugs have an effect on your relationship?" Andy glared at the interviewer. He should of known this was where she was taking this-she just needed a topic to bounce off of and he had given her one. Dammit.

"I think a lot of things, mostly separation, had an effect on mine and Andy's relationship." Luxe answered and Andy could hear in her voice that she was getting annoyed.

This interview had turned in to a disaster.

"But isn't is fair to say that being with a drug addict puts a lot of stress on someone?" Andy clenched his fists and pulled Luxe as close to him as he could. This was turning too personal and it needed to stop.

"Sure, but also interviewers who are insistent and cruel can cause a healing addict to relapse. Come on Luce..." Andy growled as he pulled her away. Luxe was thankful for this as she didn't know what to say or what to do.

"Good luck Luxe! I hope you don't have any relapses this summer!" The interviewer, obviously pissed that they had ended the interview, shouted after them and Luxe felt like she was going to fall to her knees right in the middle of the red carpet.

People were starring at them now and Andy knew he needed to get Luxe to a safe place so that she could calm down-so that he could calm down. That stupid women was a viper and Andy had a real desire to turn around and tell her off. Luxe was clinging to him and Andy knew she was fighting tears-afraid to cry because it would show weakness and Luxe had already been weak for too long.

"Luce...Luce are you okay?" Andy finally asked as they disappeared behind a skrim and he held her close. Her cheek was against his chest and she was fighting away her tears...no, no she wasn't okay.

"Is that all I'm going to be known for Andy? A drug addict who ruined her entire life? Have I ruined everything?" She said, her words muffled as she was pressing her nose to his chest and Andy remained silent. He held her tightly, his hands on the back of her head as they stood there and let the world pass them by.

He didn't know what to say.

In a way Luxe had ruined a lot with her addictions, but she wasn't the only member in that band to lose control. All of the girls had lost control and there was no denying that some of them were probably going to lose the control they had regained and it was most likely going to happen over the summer.

Andy would just make damn sure it wasn't Luxe.


Looks like these two just can't get enough of one another. Not together...yet.

Review to find out which one of the girls loses her grip on reality first<3

Also...I updated early because I was fearful for my life...you readers are getting really passionate about these two.



I'm so glad you found this little gem. Sadly this was my last full story, but I do have a few other serial stories on this site which are different from this one, but just as well written. You can find all of them in my profile<3

Broken Wing Broken Wing

So I can honestly say I didn't discover this story until recently. When I first started reading it I knew it would be one of my favorites from this site. I saw the sad ending coming but dear god I was still not prepared in any way. You wrote everything so genuinely and in a way that showed an amazing range of real and raw emotions. I may or may not have been crying profusely through the last chapters. This was a beautiful, bittersweet, and amazing story and I look forward to anything else you may ever decide to write. Thank you

Giacobra Giacobra

I've been reading this story for so long and now it has come to an end. It ended so beautifully. Thank you for the hard work you put into this. This was a great story <3

This was probably the first stories I read here. Every chapter was amazing, and you just as an amazing writer. Thank you for making such an amazing story. It felt so real to be part of the life of Luxe and the Dolls!!

RisenDemon RisenDemon

I'm pretty sure I've done nothing but cry while reading these last few chapters. You do a wonderful job getting the reader emotionally involved in this story, and I'm really glad that I was able to read this wonderfully written piece. Thank you for all of the time and hard work that went into this story. It is definitely one of the best that I have read in a really long time.

LostInTheMusic LostInTheMusic