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Love And Other Drugs

Death Of The Party

The ceiling was masked in low hanging spider webs, the lights low and in the shade of a deep purple. Luxe was sitting at a small table, her black cat suit tight in all the right places and even tighter in some of the more uncomfortable ones. It was Halloween night and she, Andy and the two bands had decided to venture out for the night so they had made it to Crow and were having a really fun time.

Andy and Luxe had gone as Batman and Catwoman, while Char and Ashley were dressed up in their cowboy and girl finery. Pixie and Lulu had dressed as fairies, no shock there, while CC was dressed as Tommy Lee, which was also expected. Mads had all black on, her now completely black hair down in braids-Wednesday Addams. Jake and Jinxx had both donned top hats, but that was it.

Andy had gone to get them drinks and Luxe looked around, smiling as she finally spotted him. He was standing at the bar, her pink girly drink in one hand, while his beer was in the other. Luxe was seated by herself at the table, until finally Andy seemed to come out of nowhere and joined her. The two of them shared in a smile, his long black hair glinting under the lights of the club, while her now all blonde hair reflected the purple shades.

The couple had been in a blissful state the past few weeks-Luxe had barely touched her stash and Andy had been there for her every moment that he could. The two of them were still incredibly busy with their coming albums, but they made time for one another and some times those little moments together made the entire thing worth it.

Luxe was usually woken up by their two small kittens-Crow and Feather-as they crawled all over the bed, looking for their mommy. Andy was always up before her and would bring her coffee and her meds while she still lounged in bed. Then they would either slowly get up, enjoying one another in the early morning hours, or they would get up and make breakfast.

Then it was either to the studio or to an interview, but the two of them would come together at the end of the day, make dinner and crack open a bottle of wine. Luxe would usually pass out on the couch, her legs tucked beneath her and Andy would then carry her off to bed.

It was a perfect existence and it was their's, but they both knew it was coming to an end.

"Why do you look so sad over there?" Andy asked all of a sudden and Luxe jumped. She hadn't even realized that she had been frowning or looking sad, but she had been thinking about their coming separation.

"Just thinking..." Was all she had to say and Andy was by her side. He would do anything to make this moment better-he hated to see Luxe sad.

"Don't. No sadness tonight baby doll." Andy said, his arm snaking around her shoulders. Luxe only smiled as she rested her pale blonde head against his shoulder and looked around.

Everyone was having such a good time-Char and Ashley were dancing, Pixie and Lulu were giggling with CC about something and Mads, Jinxx and Jake were all over by the bar, chatting up the manager Drake. All of these people had come in to her life when Luxe felt completely alone, and yet some of them had been a more positive force than others. Pixie, Lulu and CC were all very bright people-they made her laugh and made her smile.

Char and Ash also made her happy, but in a different way-they gave her advice and kicked her in the ass when she needed it. Jake and Jinxx were both great listeners and then there was Mads.

The drummer had been really mean to Luxe at first, but then she seemed to soften. Now, however, Luxe had gotten in to some really heavy shit and it was mostly because of Mads. The Heroin had come from the drummer and the constant pressure began to follow. Luxe wanted so desperately for this girl to like her that she would do anything...even if it meant ruining her life.

Now she shook if she didn't have a bump or two and other drugs had followed. Luxe knew if Andy wasn't here tonight she would probably of taken Molly with Pixie and Lulu, or would of done that line in the bathroom with Mads. But looking at him now...seeing Andy sitting beside her, Luxe was happy that she was sober.

Andy was everything to her and Luxe found that rather shocking, even now. At first they had hated one another, with a passion, but somehow that hate filled passion turned in to something else. It had happened almost instantly-one moment she couldn't stand him and then the next she couldn't stand to be away from him. His love for her and his urge to take care of her made Luxe feel special-like she mattered. When Andy was around Luxe felt like the only girl in the room and that feeling was better than any drug out there.

"I-I can't help it..." She said, but then stopped as Andy had placed a finger against her red painted lips. He was smiling and soon enough his finger was replaced with his own lips and that made Luxe smile.

"Stop. We still have a few months and things will calm down by the Holidays." Andy said as he pulled away, his lips leaving hers and Luxe felt sad. She loved when he kissed her, she loved everything about him.

"K..." She said, putting a smile on her face and then giggling as someone crashed in to her, almost knocking her to the floor. It was Char and the lovable purple haired guitarist was now currently squeezing her way on to the couch beside Luxe.

"Why so serious over here?" Ash asked and both Luxe and Andy groaned. They had been getting Batman jokes all night, but that didn't make them love their costumes any less.

"Nothing..." Luxe said, but Andy only smirked. The female singer hated looking weak, but sometimes it was okay to be honest about how you felt...you're less likely to explode.

"Luxe is getting sad and depressed over our not touring together." Andy said and Luxe hissed at him. She shoved his shoulder and he glared at her-why did she have to be so pushy all the time?

"Really? Aww Luxe it'll be okay...us girls will just stick together." Char said as she hugged the singer and Luxe felt a tiny bit better. Char had been distant and Luxe knew it was because the guitarist feared her drug use.

"Yeah, plus we'll have some time off between our UK and US Tour, so maybe Andy can come visit?" Ashley suggested and Luxe could only nod her head. It terrified her to think that she and Andy would be apart for months at a time.

"We'll make it work Luce...I promise you." He said, kissing the tip of her nose and then he looked deep in to her eyes.

Andy could see just how scared Luxe was and he could feel her pain. He was worried as well-he saw what being away from one another during the girls recording in Seattle had done and he knew that there was a chance it could happen again. She had been a mess and while Andy had seen it, he couldn't admit it...not to himself and especially not publicly.

Rumors had been running rampant about the Dolls and their partying and it was beginning to affect their fanbase. Word was that critics who had heard rough tracks off the girls new album weren't impressed-calling it soft and a half assed effort. Andy knew the girls had had a hard time with this album-Alex had made sure of it.

The manager had all but set them up for failure and Andy knew he was looking for a way to drop the girls. He couldn't break their contracts without a reason and now that he realized that Luxe wasn't his little puppet, Alex McFadden was trying to get rid of her. Andy had been worried about the girls, especially on this coming tour, but they had all assured him that they could handle Alex and his stupid ideas.

Now it seemed like the topic had changed to something brighter and Andy was grateful to Char for instituting the new subject. It sounded like she was trying to get Luxe up on stage to perform a new song and the singer was resisting.

"Come on babe...it'll be fun. Plus Alex isn't here to control every aspect of it." Andy said, whispering in her ear and Luxe only smiled. He was right of course-Alex wasn't here to control everything about this performance.

The music producer had the girls in early practices for the road, their costumes were being made at this very moment and they needed to learn how to play in them properly. Luxe would be coming on the stage from the ceiling and was due to start her aerial training in a week.

Everything was so dramatic-the entire room in whichever venue they were in would be made to look like a circus tent, with men in clown makeup walking around, women on stilts and he had even talked about having an actual freakshow set up in the corner. It was going to be an actual circus and Luxe seemed to be stuck in the middle of it all.

"Let's do it..." Luxe said with a smirk and Char howled into the club, making heads turn towards them and the two girls just giggled as they clasped one another's hand and moved to get up.

"This should be interesting." Ashley said as he and Andy both rose and followed behind the girls. There was a small stage set up in the corner for local bands and it was always set up with a drum kit and some guitars.

"Why do you say that?" Andy asked and Ash just looked at him and smirked. The girls were all rallying on the side of the stage, probably discussing which song they wanted to play.

"They've all been drinking, some have been doing other things. It'll be fun watching them try and play." Ashley said and Andy only nodded. Luxe actually hadn't been drinking all that much, so he wasn't too worried. Finally the girls got on to the stage and seeing his girl up there under the house lights, it was the first time Andy had seen Luxe for what she really was.

A great performer.

"Listen up guys! We are The Hollywood Dolls and we are here to party with you! Who wants to hear a brand new song off of our upcoming record?!" Luxe was now speaking in to the mic and the crowd of dressed partiers cheered and yelled in response.

"This is Death Of The Party and I want to hear you scream!" She called out to them and everyone did so.

Andy screamed the loudest.

I see your soul decaying
Your light is slowly fading out
Your eyes are filled with fire
Your nails show dirt from digging down

There's nothing left in you
I know, I know it feels like dying
Like you're fighting just to breathe

We are the death of the party
We're here to save you
Blow out the candles
Come with the vandels
Baby, make 'em scream

Luxe was amazing on that stage, the fire and anger in her eyes shining through as she sang, her hands held up in front of her like claws and Andy knew that their time a part was going to be really interesting.

...and heartbreaking


Looks like the little couple is happier than ever...I wonder how I can fuck it all up...




I'm so glad you found this little gem. Sadly this was my last full story, but I do have a few other serial stories on this site which are different from this one, but just as well written. You can find all of them in my profile<3

Broken Wing Broken Wing

So I can honestly say I didn't discover this story until recently. When I first started reading it I knew it would be one of my favorites from this site. I saw the sad ending coming but dear god I was still not prepared in any way. You wrote everything so genuinely and in a way that showed an amazing range of real and raw emotions. I may or may not have been crying profusely through the last chapters. This was a beautiful, bittersweet, and amazing story and I look forward to anything else you may ever decide to write. Thank you

Giacobra Giacobra

I've been reading this story for so long and now it has come to an end. It ended so beautifully. Thank you for the hard work you put into this. This was a great story <3

This was probably the first stories I read here. Every chapter was amazing, and you just as an amazing writer. Thank you for making such an amazing story. It felt so real to be part of the life of Luxe and the Dolls!!

RisenDemon RisenDemon

I'm pretty sure I've done nothing but cry while reading these last few chapters. You do a wonderful job getting the reader emotionally involved in this story, and I'm really glad that I was able to read this wonderfully written piece. Thank you for all of the time and hard work that went into this story. It is definitely one of the best that I have read in a really long time.

LostInTheMusic LostInTheMusic