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Brotherly Adoration


You dry your damp eyes and knock on your big brother, Andy’s door gently.
“Come in” he sighs loudly.
“Aw, hey munchkin” he winks at you flirtatiously.
I just stood there and began to cry again.
“Awh (name), did Mom and Dad yell at you again?” He says, getting up from his bed and walking towards you to dry your eyes. You nod, crying even more. He softly grips your wrists.
“It’s gonna be okay” he soothes, taking you into his arms, squeezing your petite body tightly, patting your back.
“Cuddle…?” He asks, his happy baby blue eyes boring into yours.
You nod sadly, and with that, he escorts you onto his bed, moving his laptop to the side.
“Was it about that boy?” He asks curiously in a quieter voice. You nod in response, your head hanging low as he spread a blanket over you both, clutching your side.
“It’s gonna be okay. It’ll all blow over”
You nuzzle into his chest, moving yourself into his lap.
He plants kisses along your neck, driving you crazy. You’re very attracted to him, despite him being your older brother.
“Want me to sing you a song?”
You nod your head gently and tighten your grip around his neck, rubbing your head against his chest ever so slightly.
He took a deep breath and began to sing so very amazingly.
" I never meant to be the one who kept you from the dark
But now I know my wounds are sown because of who you are
I will take this burden on and become the holy one
But remember I am human and I’m bound to sing this song
So hear my voice, Remind you not to bleed, I am here
Saviour! Will be there,When you are feeling alone, ohhh
A saviour, for all that you do, So you may live freely without their harm
So here I write my lullaby, to all the lonely ones
Remember as you learn to try to be the one you love
So I can take this pen and teach you how to live
But what is left unsaid, the greatest gift I give.
So hear my voice, Remind you not to bleed, I am here
Saviour! Will be there,When you are feeling alone, ohhh
A saviour for all that you do, So you live freely without their harm
Saviour! Will be there,When you are feeling alone, ohhh
A saviour for all that you do, So you may live freely without their harm
When I hear your cries: Praying for light, I will be there.
When I hear your cries: Praying for life I will be there!!!
I will be there! I will always be there! I will be there!”
His voice was so sweet, and he sang it so beautifully, you began to cry. He planted a gentle kiss on the top of your head.
“Did you write that yourself?” You sniff.
“Who for?”
Then he goes silent. You look up at him. You know that he heard you, but he hadn’t replied yet.
“Someone I love very much” he relied, his voice cracking.
You try to change the subject.
“So do you have any chocolate left over from Easter?”
“Do you want some?”
“Heheh, yes”
“Sure. I’ll get some” he grabbed a foiled packet of chocolate and handed it to me.
“Thanks Andy”
“Anytime, little sis. You know you can always come in for a cuddle”
You pout at his cuteness. “Okay” you giggle.
“Where’s your bin?”
“You ate it all already?”
“Under the bed”
You bend down, leaning half off of the bed, in search of his bin, but it was nowhere to be found.
“It’s not down- OW!!!” You yell as you feel him playfully slap your ass, and before you fall off the bed, he catches you by your waist and pulls you back up.
“Oi! You cheeky boy!”
“I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself” he whispers in your ear, his breath tickling you. “You have such a perfect ass” you shivered.
“Stop that!” But before you tell him off further, his hands travel to your breasts and he very gently grasps them, and you accidentally let a moan slip, you slap your hand to your mouth, knowing you shouldn’t have moaned.
“Andy….please…..stop doing this to me”
“I know you like it…”
“No Andy. I love you as a brother and nothing else”
“I don’t believe that”
“Because you like it when I flirt with you”
“Andy-” he silences me by placing his finger n my lips.
“Sshh babygirl”
You hush and let him explore your body with his hands. You finally just go give in. He feels all around your tummy and breasts, rubbing your thighs up and down, and you let another moan escape your lips. But you freak out when he puts his hand in your underwear.
“Andy- no. That’s too far”
“But I was having so much fun” he giggled. He push him away and he finally stops.
“So what was the name of that song?”
“I called it ‘Saviour’”
“Uh huh”
He moves up closer to you, and outs his arm around you.
“Did you like it”
“It’s my favourite song in the whole wild world” you say truthfully
You nod. “Tell me who you wrote it for”
He looks around nervously, and then looks back at you. And then jerks his head slowly towards you. And then you get it. You notice him swallowing a lump, and you feel tears rushing to your eyes. And then he says it.
“I wrote it for you, (name)”
The tears come pouring. Flowing down your face. You can’t help yourself. You grab him by the collar and smash your lips onto his, and you begin to explore each others’ mouths. You both part away.
You snivel, but more tears came streaming your face.
“I love you so much” you whisper into his ear.
He just sat there, speechless. You get up and leave. Still crying because you know that the one human being that you love and adore more than anyone else, you can never be with.




omg !! i wrote this well ages ago haha maybe !! thanks!!
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