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Brotherly Adoration


“Andy don’t do that” you giggle as he tickles your tummy senseless as you fall back onto his large double bed.
“Don’t you like that, little sis?” He smiles down at you
“Stop!!! Please!!” You whine
“On one condition”
“ANYTHING” You scream while he continues to tickle your squirming body.
He pulls you up by your arms to his height so that your noses touch.
“You know what I want” he grins, snaking his arms around you and tracing circles in your back with his fingers.
“No Andy, I’ve already told you a hundred times!”
“C’mon, we both know you want to”
“I’m not into incest, Andy. You’re my big brother”
“I know you love me” he smirks
“And I do, but as a brother” you say, stroking his face
“Come on, while Mom and Dad are out, they’d never know”
“I said no Andy”
“Then I’ll have to keep tickling you”
“No” You shriek, and run to the bathroom to lock yourself in.
“You can’t stay in there forever!!”
“I’m taking a shower, so you might as well be off”
“Come on baby, come out and let me make you scream”
“Don’t call me baby!” You say, turning the dial in the shower to a warm number 6.
“I’ll be waiting out here” he replies, but you pretended not to hear him.

You strip your clothes off, and hop in the shower, letting the steamy water run all over your body. You run your hands all over your face to wash your make up off, brushed your teeth thoroughly, all while fantasising about Andy. You know he is your big brother, and you know it would be wrong, but you couldn’t hold back the thoughts of him running those beautiful pale hands all over you while you run your hands though that long, shaggy black hair, and feeling the coolness of his lip ring while he kisses you as a perfect contrast to the warmth of those perfectly plump lips.

You get out of the shower to see the shock of your life. You fail hopelessly to cover your bare body with your arms.
“You picked the lock, you little bugger!” You yell at Andy, but before you could protest any further, he grabbed you and spun you around so that you were in his arms.
He chuckles
“I have you now, sweetheart”
“Don’t call me that!”
“I’ll call you whatever I want, I’m your big brother”
“This isn’t funny, let me go!”
“It’s not supposed to be, darling” he says as he slides his fingers into you, forcing you to moan.
“Andy…..” You moan
“That’s it babe, moan my name”
“Stop this now” you whimper, his grip around you tightening.
“I can’t help that I have such a sexy younger sister”
He begins to fondle you breast with his other arm, and that was it, tears begin to stream down your face.
“Stop this now, or I’m telling Dad!” You sob
He releases you and turns you around.
“Hey, (name), are you crying?” He asks you sympathetically. “Oh no, no, no sweetie, I didn’t mean to make you cry” he says softly drying your tears. “Please don’t cry baby, I’m sorry!” He says, trying to hug you, while you blush furiously.
“Sorry isn’t good enough, and I’m telling Dad!” You cry, while grabbing a towel, wrapping it around yourself, and walking to your bedroom, but Andy followed you.
“Hey, (name), let me make it up to you, please sweetheart”
“Don’t call me those names! I’m not your pet!” You sob
“Wait!” He grabs your waist, but you slap him around the face, leaving a red hand mark on his face. He clutches his cheek and gasps. “I’m still telling Dad” you yell, shaking with anger and upset, slamming the door in his face.
You begin to cry on your bed while you change into a shirt and bed shorts. Andy has been listening the whole time, and he walks over to your bed.
“Get out!” You yell, before he perches on your bed, creating a dip.
“Listen. (Name), I’m so sorry, it was only supposed to be a joke! You know I would never ever hurt you, little sis! I love you, don’t take it so hard”
“You don’t care! You’re just saying that because you don’t want me to tell Dad!”
“No, no, no, (name)” he says grabbing your wrists gently. “That’s not why I came in here at all, it was only a joke, I swear!”
“We’ll it wasn’t funny” you yell, breaking down into tears again.
He takes you into his arms and cuddles you, stroking your back lovingly, while you cry into his shoulder.
“Shhh” he soothes. “It’s okay”
“No it’s not okay, Andy”
“Ssh. Hey, listen. Hear me out okay, (name)? I love you and you know I’d never hurt you! I’d do anything to protect you, you know that, please don’t cry, it hurts me so much to see you like this. I swear, I’ll make it up to you”
You sniff and whisper in his ear.
“It’s okay” you forgive him
“Great. It’s getting late. You wanna have a cuddle in my bed?”
“I’d love to….” You smile up at his angelic face while he dries your tears and carries you back to his bed, tucking you in, shutting the lights out and cuddling you tightly.
“I love you, (name)” he whispers
“I love you too, Andy” you whisper




omg !! i wrote this well ages ago haha maybe !! thanks!!
if ur wondering i have loooads of others on my account ^__^

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aw thanks :)

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@Trinity Biersack
yeah haha i think theres more i havent posted and thanks!!

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