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Like Father, Like Daughter *Dirty Andy Biersack Imagine*

- The First Instance -

You are 15 years old and you have a crush on your father, Andy Biersack. That’s right, father. You are aware it is incest and immoral, but you can’t help the way you feel. However, this makes it very difficult for you to be around him.
Your mother had died shortly after giving birth to you; but you don’t tend to talk about it, and he has never stopped reminding you how much he loves you. You live alone, just the two of you with no siblings or other woman.
"Hey sweetheart" he coos as he walks into your bedroom, closing the door behind him.
You’re still pissy because he made you eat in attempt to abolish your eating disorder.
“Are you alright?” he asks, sitting on your bed and stroking your back gently.
“Get out”
He chuckles.
“Now don’t be like that baby” he says as he engulfs you in an unwelcome hug.
“I said get out” you say, elbowing him hard in the chest.
“Hey! Ow! Is this because I made you eat?”
“What do you think?! Leave!” You sniff, attempting to peel him off you. He notices you’re crying and wipes the tears from off your face.
“You’re my little girl, I love you and if I let you have an eating disorder then I’d be one terrible father, and you’re going to be eating regularly”
“No!” You say fighting back more tears
“(Name) it’s irrelevant because you do what I say”
“Stop it” he scolds, still clinging to you.
“(Name), do you want me to ground you?”
“I won’t eat again!”
“You damn well will”
“Or what? What else can you take from me? My bed? The toilet? You don’t get it! I don’t care anymore! I don’t care! I want to fucking die but you don’t get it”
“Don’t ever say you want to die and don’t you dare swear at me young lady”
“FUCK SHIT SLUT CUNT COCK DICK BITCH WHORE!!! I WILL CUT AND I WILL STARVE” you yell and run out, but he chases after you down the hallway.
“Get back here” he says through his teeth, and you know he’s serious. You’re kind of scared but you don’t show it.
“Or what?! Will you kill me? Kill me like you killed my mother?”
He didn’t speak. You know that this time you’d done it, you’d gone over the line. We never talked about mother. Ever. It wasn’t allowed. He just stood there in awe, unsure of what to say. He stood there with tear brimmed eyes. He turns around and walks downstairs. You’re a little scared of talking to him now. You know you’ve hurt him. You walk back into your room, constantly replying the scene in your head curled up in your bed. You hear a series of loud crashing and banging coming from downstairs. You don’t think much of it, but it continues for five minutes, so you creep down stairs to investigate.
Upon opening the kitchen door, you gasp at the sight; broken dishes, broken picture frames, chairs in pieces on the floor, and he’s just standing there, face splashed with blood, fists purple and bruised, coated in blood. He’s crying. Dad never cries. Ever. Ever. You didn’t think he even had tear glands.
You’re a little scared of him, but you know he could never hurt you. You run up to him and clutch his face.
“Oh my god…sit down…” You say, pulling him to the ground and kissing the bloodied wounds on his face, cradling his injured fists.
“Daddy you’re overreacting…” You say, drying the tears that were still falling.
“Oh my god, Daddy I’m so sorry, I had no idea…”
“We’ll you should have fucking thought about it you spoiled little shit!” He yelled. He’d never spoken to you that way before.
“Daddy please don’t say those things” you whisper, looking into those gorgeous blue eyes. You stroke along his jaw, collecting the blood, attempting to soothe him.
“You need to calm down, take a deep breath, okay? Dad? Come on Dad, with me, on the count of three, deep breath… One, two, three” and then you both take a deep breath. “yeah good, there we go, now calm down. I need you to calm down and talk to me, okay?”
You say, picking a piece of glass from his knuckles. “Where does it hurt?”
He doesn’t reply, just pants heavily, looking angry, staring you in the face.
“Don’t wanna talk?” You say stroking along his cheek. He still won’t speak.
“Daddy I’m so sorry” you say, and kiss his neck sweetly.
“Let’s go take a shower. Come on, up we get. I’ll clean this up later” you say, pulling him to his feet. He follows you silently up the stairs and you take him to the bathroom and remove his shirt, examining his bare torso for any damage, running your fingers down his slender body, trying not to lick your lips. You turn the shower on until its just the right temperature. You unbuckle his belt and remove it.
“Come on, take these off” you tug at his tight jeans and he starts to remove them. You start to take off your own clothes. It wasn’t unusual for you and your Dad to shower together. It’s hard for others to understand how close you two are. Once you’re both fully stripped, you smile and take his hand, leading you both into the steamy glass cubicle. You gesture for him to sit down with you as the hot water came shooting down on the both of you. You sit behind him and wrap your legs around his waist and cuddle him, face against his smooth back, eyes closed, one arm wrapped tightly around his neck, as the other you allowed the other to gently flop in front of his so that it rested on his thigh. You started gently tracing around his hand with your fingers.
You pick up some soap from the side and gently wash his back with your hands and let the water wash it away.
You decide it’s time to get out and turn the shower off and take Dad with you, wrapping a towel around his waist and then one around yourself and take him by the hand to his bedroom where you fetch him some boxers and a t shirt, and for yourself, the same. You lay the clothes out on his bed and use his towel to dry him up.
“Put these on” you say handing him the clothes and you sort yourself out.
You tuck him into bed and crawl in with him.
“Talk to me” you whisper into his ear, your arms wrapped tightly around his waist. But he shakes his head and you can tell that the tears are coming back.
“Ssshhhhh hey, hey, hey no tears” you say softly, wiping them from under his eyes. “Shhhhh” you soothe, stroking his arm. “I said no tears”
He grabs your face in his hand.
“You look so much like your mother it hurts” he says finally. “But you don’t have her eyes”
“That’s because I have your eyes. Which is good because your eyes are pretty, Pops”
You would sleep in Daddy’s bed at least once a week or he threw a fit. You were never allowed to attend sleepovers or school trips. You two were so very close. You could say he was ‘clingy’ but he really just wants the best for you. You’re very understanding and supportive of your Dad. You know he’s faced a rough time.
“I’m so sorry about my behaviour, Daddy. Is there anything I can do to make you happy?”
“Stop cutting. Eat. Smile. Will you do that for me, (Name)?”
You nod. “Yeah. I’d do anything for you, Daddy” you say nuzzling into his neck.
“You know, your mother and I were your age when you were born. You look so much like her, it hurts. You’re so beautiful. Even more beautiful than she was. Sometimes I scare myself with the thought that you’re not really you, you’re her, just wearing contacts”
“Really” you nod as you stroke his cheek.
“Mhm. You know, I’m terrified that when you move out that I don’t know what I’ll do”
“I-I don’t want to move out….ever…”
“You don’t?”
“I need you. Not because you feed me, or pay for my things, buy me clothes, I need you as a person, Daddy. I’d miss you too much. My heart would break. I’m too close to you”
He grabs your hand and squeezes it lovingly.
“Good” he whispers.
“I think I’m gonna sleep in your bed for a bit, Daddy”
You nod.
“Remind me the reasons why you love me”
“Where do I even start? Well..” You begin, stroking his chin and staring deep into his eyes.
“You’re lovely. You’re always there for me. I know you go out of your way to help me, make sure I’m alright, make sure I feel loved, and I don’t know how you expect me to repay you for that, I don’t think I can. You always buy me the nicest food, you always give me the best birthdays. You’ve never disappointed me without fixing it instantly afterwards. You’re so gentle and kind and caring. You’re always nice to others. You’re very funny. You’re so intelligent and I’m in love with your music. I admire that you’ve never taken another lover. I always try to be like you, I just want to be you. You’re just so amazing. You’re the best father in the while world, I couldn’t ask for more. I love with you with all my heart and would do anything for y-“
And then you were cut off by his lips being smashed to yours. But it wasn’t a regular kiss. It was a proper kiss. Like one a lover might give. It was romantic. He slid his tongue into your mouth and you kissed back, cradling his face. He felt the same way.
“I’m so sorry…..you’re just so much like your mother and it’s so unbearable to resist-“
“It’s okay, I understand…I know, I know”
“No…what I did was inappropriate, I’m sorry”
“I understand…” You assure him.
“Yes, darling?”
“C-can we do it again..? You know, just to get it out of our systems..?” You whisper. He nods agreeing and leans in. You look at him for a second and place your hand on his shoulder and press your lips onto his, craving the high that you got from the cold lip ring against the warm skin of his lip. But this carries on for longer than you expected. You don’t know what got into you. You kept kissing him harshly, caressing every part of his body that you could. You’d been wanting this for so long. He weaves a hand through your hair and moves the other to your breast, clutching it hard. He slid his fingers up your shirt, caressing your belly and stroking along your nipple, causing you to moan. You rolled on top of him and took control. You kissed down his neck and started sucking and eventually biting as he stroked through your hair, as he let out delicious boy groans. When you’d finished, you began to tear each others’ clothes off and soon you were both naked. His finger dives into you as he kisses you a little gentler. He added another finger and began pumping them furiously in and out of you causing you to moan and whimper. He takes them out and licks his fingers in front of you. He takes his mouth the the matter and begins lapping away at your folds. You weave a hand through his hair and moan quietly as his tongue dots your clit in little circles, occasionally dipping in while his hand grasps your breast. After cleaning you thoroughly, he kisses up your belly to your breast and starts sucking.
“Oh, Daddy…” You moan, he responds by nibbling gently, causing you to squirt. You slowly move to his manhood, and start pumping him violently, while he strokes your back. You kiss his nipple and bite it gently, but eventually move your mouth to between his keg and take him all in one go, licking at his slit occasionally. But it’s not over yet. He places himself at the tip of your entrance while he nibbles your neck.
“Are you sure?” He asks, holding your tiny body.
“I’m sure” you whisper. And with one thrust he fills you up, causing a pinching sensation in your stomach and a loud moan of pain to escape your lips.
“Oh…Daddy! Oh god…” You moan as he thrusts violently into you, causing your hips to meet and he grinds causing a ripple of pleasure to wash over you. He pounds away as he massages your clit with his thumb, causing you to go wild and moan. You feel yourself convulse. Oh god, it’s coming.
“I’m g-gonna c-cum” you pant.
He stares you in the eye. “Not yet…”
“Not yet” he says sternly, you try to control it, but it’s coming to fast and you begin to moan as you feel the sensation waiting to take over you and as it does, you scream.
“OH GOD YES…OH DADDY…OH….OH..OHHH!” You yelp as your walls tighten and you convulse, hips bashing into his uncontrollably, as his warm, manly fluids fill you.
He pulls out of you and you breathlessly flop onto his side, gasping for breath, clinging onto him, your eyes shut.
“Open your eyes” he commands. But you can’t. You’re too tired.
“Just like your mother, always tired. But just like me, you’re so sensitive quick to cum” he whispers, brushing over your face.
When you get your energy back, you speak.
“I thought now would be a good time to admit my feelings for you”
“Mhm” he nods, stroking your face
“I-I-I-um I- uh…l like…liked you for a long time. Since I was about five, I developed a major crush on you…I always had these really dirty thoughts and I’m glad to finally relive them. Daddy, I think I’m in love with you.
“Guess how I feel…?”
“H-how?” You froze
“Exactly them same way. I’ve wanted my way with you since you were merely thirteen years old. And I too, am deeply in love with you, my dear. Now sleep sweetly and well clean these bloodied sheets tomorrow”
You smile, kiss his chest and sleep.
“Goodnight, Daddy”
“Goodnight, beautiful”



thank you x

bvbporn bvbporn

this is the first story i read of you! You are awesome!

ArtizaPander ArtizaPander

Your fanfics are AWESOME!!!!!!
I love them so so much.Thanks for for writing these amazing stories! :)

BlacKiM BlacKiM

I love your fanfics there soooo good

aw thanks xx

bvbporn bvbporn