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Hurry Up *Dirty Andy Biersack Imagine*


“Fetch me some ice cubes, it’s boiling and I’m in that mood again” you tell Andy, stroking his face with your palms. He nods at you, and gets up to leave the room. Two minutes pass and you’re getting bored.
“HURRY THE HELL UP!” You yell.
“I-I’m s-sorry, I’m coming, (name)” he’s super adorable when he’s scared and stuttering.
“You’d better be, now get your skinny ass in here quick!”
He walks in with a bowl of ice and places it gently on your bedside table.
“Hurry up, sweetheart, turn the lights out” you whisper to him seductively, and he obeys you instantly, switching off the lights and drawing the curtains, and you can’t help but admire that fine ass while he does so.

Andy is obsessed with you and will do anything you say. You’re currently friends with benefits and he’s so infatuated, he’ll do literally anything you ask of him, and secretly enjoys it. He thinks you’re the reason he is in this world. It’s kind of cute. Shows where good looks can get you in life.

You lay down without giving him further instruction, because he knows the drill. He pulls your underwear off of your skinny legs and throws them in the dirty laundry basket. He shifts up s that he’s hovering over you, taking an ice cube in his fingers. He rubs it around your inner thighs, and you feel a cold burning sensation, causing you to moan.
“Mmmmm” you groan, as he moves it further up your, getting closer and closer to your entrance. You sit up and tuck his hair behind his ear and whisper in his ear,
“Keep going, baby” knowing full well your effect on him.
He obediently keeps rubbing the ice around you, taking a fresh one and sliding it gradually into you while you pant heavily and moan slightly, your legs spreading apart more.
He holds the ice in place with one finger, and uses the other ones to thumb your clit in circles.
You move your lips to him and reward him by pecking him on the lips gently.
“Good boy” you whisper.
He knew just what came after, and moved his mouth to align your hips, and gently starts exploring you with his tongue, licking all your fluids out. You begin to moan his name.
“Oh…Andy….oh…right there”
He keeps licking away, stabbing you with his tongue, making you grab him by the hair gently.
“Andy…” you moan as a wave of pleasure comes over, making you shiver.
You felt his breath from his nose tickle you, as he opened his mouth a little wider as he cleaned you.
“Don’t stop…” You moan. “oh…Andy….oh yeah….” You moan a little louder
He grabs your hips gently and you grind your hips accordingly.
“Oh….oh Andy…I-I’m g-gonna cum” you gasp.
And then the orgasm comes over you as you begin to moan.

When it’s over, he licks you clean and flops down next to you, while you both snuggle under the covers, and you lovingly cuddle him appreciatively.
“Hey, (Name)”
“Yeah?” You reply, slightly out of breath, stroking his chin.
“When do I get to….you know…”
“Maybe to tomorrow baby” you reply, kissing his nose. “Goodnight, sweetheart” you add.
“Goodnight, (name)”

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