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BVB Oneshots

Yippie-Ki-Yay, Outlaw! - Jash

Jinxx’s POV

“How long are you going to be out for?” my Mom asked.

I sighed and looked at her.

“I don’t know Mom, I might stop off at a nearby ranch if someone let’s me stay” I replied.

“Alright, but be careful” she issued.

I nodded as I grabbed my gear and my black cowboy hat and walked out to the barn. I opened the doors and walked down to the end stable.

“Thunder, where are you boy” I called out quietly.

I heard a whinny and my chocolate brown horse appeared at the stable door. He nudged me playfully and I handed him an apple from my pocket. I grabbed his saddle and harness and put them on him while he ate the apple. Once he was fully saddled, I mounted Thunder and he walked out of the barn without needing a command.

“Good boy” I whispered.

I saw my Mom standing out on the porch of our little farmhouse and I waved at her as I rode Thunder out to the gate. I dismounted him and went to open the gate, taking Thunder’s lead along with me. He followed me and then I closed the gate and mounted him again. I took the reins in my hand and flicked them hard.

“Come on boy” I ordered.

Thunder broke out into a gallop as I rode down the dusty road. I never tell my Mom where I am actually going. I don’t know how she would react. But, basically, I’m seeing someone and it’s not a woman, it’s a man. His name is Ashley Purdy and he lives just outside the town where I live in. I see him maybe twice a week, or when I go away for the weekend. I try to spend as much time with him as possible. Even if we went out in public we would act like we are just friends. But secretly, he’s my lover. One day I’ll tell my Mom, but for now I don’t even have the guts to tell her. I sighed as I kept flicking Thunder’s reins to make him go faster. I wanted to get their by sunset, the roads here can get pretty dangerous at night.

“I just hope he’s glad to see me” I mused.

I made a stop in at a store and grabbed some flowers for Ashley, they were bright red roses, which he loved. I grabbed some other essentials and then mounted back onto to Thunder and didn’t stop, it was reaching sunset, I really had to hurry.

*Time lapse half an hour*

I had finally made it to Ashley’s ranch, it had just started to get dark as I approached the gate. I didn’t need to open the gate because Thunder walks right through that one and it opens, he’s a smart horse sometimes. There was a long road up to Ashley’s ranch so I had Thunder in a gallop again. It didn’t take that long and I dismounted Thunder, grabbing the roses from a bag clipped to Thunder’s saddle. I took Thunder’s lead and guided him into the stables with Ashley’s horse, Midnight. Her and Thunder always got along well and Thunder was excited to see her. I took his harness and saddle off then let him roam free. I grabbed my satchel bag and the roses and walked out to Ashley’s porch. I walked up to the door and rang the doorbell and waited.

“Just coming!” I heard a voice call.

Ashley’s voice made my heart melt so badly. I heard the click of cowboy boots on the wooden floors and then the door opened. I came face to face with my love, his bare chest showing with his OUTLAW tattoo on his stomach, his long black hair blowing in the wind, his chocolate eyes glistening with joy and a clean beard around his gorgeous smile.

“Jinxx!” he yelled.

“Hey you” I replied with a smile.

Ashley stepped out onto the porch and threw his arms around my neck, his lips crashing onto mine. I wrapped my arms round his waist and pulled him close. Ashley’s lips were soft against mine and I just wanted it to go on forever. I pulled away and looked at Ashley in the eyes and he smiled.

“I’ve missed you” he whispered.

“I’ve missed you too” I answered.

Ashley smiled as he grabbed my hand and we went inside. I looked around as I saw the fire going and candles sitting on the coffee table, rose petals surrounding some of them. I smiled as I looked at Ashley smiling back at me. I held out the roses for him and his eyes lit up and he kissed me softly, taking the roses into the kitchen and putting them in a vase.

“You look great tonight” Ashley teased.

I smirked and slapped him playfully on the arm.

“Enough of that” I chuckled.

I sat down on the couch and grabbed some champagne that was sitting on the table. Ashley joined me a couple of minutes later after putting some music on. He snuggled into my chest and I kissed his forehead softly.

“I love you Jinxx” he whispered.

“I love you too Ashley” I whispered back.

Ashley’s POV

Tonight, my lover Jinxx was coming for his visit. I knew he would lie to his mother again, just to come see me. But tonight I was going to tell him that I’ll come with him to speak with his mother. I had everything set up in my house. Candles, champange, music and petals, what more could anyone want? I was expecting Jinxx to be here just before it got dark. I didn’t want any wild hoons getting him while he traveled here. I also had two other surprises for Jinxx, one was that I was moving closer to town, and the other, well...I can’t say.

*Time lapse half an hour*

It had just grown dark and I was hoping to hell that Jinxx was close to my ranch. I went into my bedroom and fixed my hair a little bit and shrugged on a black vest jacket. I heard the doorbell ring and I walked out to the hallway and to the door.

“Just coming!” I called.

My boots clicked on the wooden floors and then I door opened. I came face to face with Jinxx and a smile crept across my face.

“Jinxx!” I yelled.

“Hey you” Jinxx replied with a smile.

I stepped out onto the porch and threw my arms around Jinxx’s neck, my lips crashing onto his. Jinxx wrapped his arms round my waist and pulled me close. Jinxx’s lips were soft against mine and I had missed the feeling so much. Jinxx pulled away and looked at me in the eyes and I smiled.

“I’ve missed you” I whispered.

“I’ve missed you too” he answered.

I smiled as I grabbed Jinxx’s hand and we went inside. Jinxx looked around and saw the fire going and candles sitting on the coffee table, rose petals surrounding some of them. Jinxx smiled as he looked at me smiling back at him. Jinxx held out roses to me and my eyes lit up and I kissed him softly, taking the roses into the kitchen and putting them in a vase.

“You look great tonight” I teased.

Jinxx smirked and slapped me playfully on the arm.

“Enough of that” he chuckled.

Jinxx sat down on the couch and grabbed some champagne that was sitting on the table. I joined him a couple of minutes later after putting some music on. I snuggled into his chest and he kissed my forehead softly.

“I love you Jinxx” I whispered.

“I love you too Ashley” he whispered back.

I let out a little sigh as Jinxx rubbed my back. It was so good to have him here, like usual he made all the loneliness go away. I sat up and sat my champagne down on the table and Jinxx looked at me.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

I took his hands in mine and looked at him, biting my lip.

“I want you to marry me Jinxx, I’m not asking you to, I’m telling you to. My life is meaningless without you in it. Please tell me you will say yes Jinxx, please” I begged.

Jinxx looked at me in shock for a while but then he smiled widely.

“Of course I will Ashley, I want nothing more than to spend the rest of my life with you” he answered.

Tears started forming in my eyes as I lent forward and kissed Jinxx passionately.

“I also want you to take me to your mother tomorrow so we can talk, and, I’m also moving closer into town” I explained.

Jinxx started to sob and he hugged me tightly.

“Oh Ashley, tonight is perfect, of course I’ll take you to my mother tomorrow, and...move in with me?” Jinxx questioned.

I smiled and nodded in response and Jinxx kissed me again. He set his champagne to the side as he fell back on the couch and I was straddled on top of him. I ran my tongue across his bottom lip, begging for entry and Jinxx opened his mouth slowly. Or tongues entwined and Jinxx moaned into the kiss. He ran his hands under my vest caressed my back gently which made me let out a moan. I grabbed his hand and we walked into my bedroom and Jinxx pinned me down on the bed. He bit down on my neck and I moaned again. He didn’t waste anytime and he had my clothes on the floor in thirty seconds. Jinxx smirked as he lent over me and then kissed me passionately.

“Just fuck me already” I whispered.

Jinxx chuckled and started to slowly slide into me.

“More” I begged.

Jinxx went a little more and I moaned as he slid in easy for the rest of the way. He straddled me on his lap and started to thrust inside me as I arched my back and he nipped at my chest and nipples.

“Oh god I love you Jinxx” I groaned.

“I love you too” he moaned.

After that night I was taken to Jinxx’s house and his mother was thrilled with the news. We’ve now been married for two years and adopted a beautiful daughter named Abigail.





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