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Turn Out The Lights


A witch, a vampire and a ghost living under one roof. Best friends for all eternity. Throw a rock band into their web of mischief and this makes an adventure full of 'double-double toil and trouble!'


Abigail Williams IV

Abigail Williams IV

The Witch; Abigail is cunning and crafty with her magic but chooses the tedious life of a human than rather use her magic to fix her problems. She is the great-great-great granddaughter of Abigail Williams who was accused of being a witch in the late 1700's and burned at the stake for her crimes of which she was falsely accused of. Her great-great-great grandmother had a daughter in secret who escaped and started her own life and followed through with her magic behind closed doors. Blending in is easier for her than most witches.Her and her mother and grandmother are presumed to be the last of their kind.

Avira Stone

Avira Stone

The Ghost; Avira is a frail spirit; calm and collected likes to linger around the house and think to herself. She searches for companionship with a living being but finds it hard because nobody can see her. She's a troubled entity; a heroin addict by the age of 22 and murder victim following the months after in 1979. Trying to seek a way to cross over and find revenge on the people who ended her life.

Lisbeth Helsing

Lisbeth Helsing

The Vampire; rebellious and always looking for trouble, Lisbeth tries to stray away from her grandfather's path of destruction by feasting on blood of animals or just the blood of criminals or "lost-souls" as she calls them. Her mother was the daughter of Dracula who secretly eloped with Abraham van Helsing, the infamous vampire hunter. She later dropped the 'van' in her name in fear that people would grow suspicious. Her grandfather, Dracula and grandmother, Ilona are still alive (and visits often) but her parents have long since perished some two hundred years ago.



This is really good :) And its really cool that you used Amy Lee for the picture of Avira because I love Evanescence
wearetherebels wearetherebels
Update soon. What's up with the teeth!?
love it.:)
I can't wait for the new chapter! I'm so anxious to see what happens.