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The Morticians Daughter


Andys POV;
"wakey wakey" i said as i gently shook a sleeping amber."fuck off" she grumbled into the pillow "wake up,the boys and their girls are downstairs,they want to meet you." "bitch please,they don't even know im here" sh huffed flipping onto her back and looking up at me with her beautiful blue eyes "yes they do,its like 1 in the afternoon.i got up at like 11 and jake said that he heard crying last night so i explained to him that your here.dont worry,nothing was said about,you know" i said,holding back the tears. amber nodded "be down in a minute" she smiled and got up from the bed. "where are my clothes?" she said looking at me. "well i put them in the closet,we are going shopping tomorrow.you didnt pack much did you?" "no,i wanted out of that hell hole as fast as i could.by the way don't you live in LA?" i nodded "we're going back in a few weeks and your coming with us!" i grinned. amber laughed "okay,oh and andy" "yeah" "thank you" amber smiled a small cute smile that made my heart melt. i hugged her "no problem,see you in a minute" i said and kissed her head lightly.i then walked down stairs. "hey,ambers gonna be down in a minute" i said sitting next to jinxx."why is she here,not to sound rude or anything i just want to know how you met her" ashley said "well i saw her in the park thats 15 minutes down the road,it was like midnight so i offered her to stay the night then i found out she has nowhere to go so i said she could stay with us" i said smiling"oh and she doesn't really speak either.unless she trusts you" i said,making sure everyone knows "so,does she trust you?" sally,ashleys girlfreind asked,she's also cc's little sister. "yeah,i guess.she just told me to fuck off because i woke her up." everyone laughed "dude,she's a keeper.just like you,doesnt want to be woken" cc said smiling "what do you mean 'keeper'" i said a bit confused. "come on dude,it obvious you like her like her."jake said "eah i agree,its nice to see your moving on from juliet" sammi smiled. "i dont know,i mean i have this strange feeling for her,when she smiles my heart flutters,when she say my name me legs go to jelly and her eyes,they just,i get lost in them so easily.this feeling its so much stronger than what i had for juliet,like,it makes my feeling for her look like pure hatred" i said "your in love andy,and you've got it bad.i'm happy you've finally moved on from juliet.she cheated on you,and broke you into a million peices,you had to get over her sometime,but i never thought you would speak like that about anyother girl"lauren said, i sighed and put my head in my hands. no andy,she doesn't feel like that.don't fall you'll get hurt,crushed,no,dont,stop,no,you fucking twat biersack.sorry,i fell.
Ambers POV;
i just finished getting ready-.http://www.polyvore.com/untitled_38/set?id=75886448-i just sat a thought for a moment...about andy. his eyes,his face,his scent;leather,makeup,cigerettes and whiskey,its so homley,heavenly;his kindness,his understanding,his worry,him. everything about him,i loved. no,stop amber you can't,stop,no.you'll get hurt,he doesn't fell that way,your a friend,stop,you'll get crushed,no stop,now stop ! you fucking retatrd rose.sorry,i fell.
i got up,and headed down stairs."hey,so your awake" jinxx smiled. i nodded and waved,he looked oddly famillier,in person.i shrugged it off and sat the other side of andy.andy looked at me and smiled,then looked at jinxx,then at me,then jinxx and this continued for 5 minutes "what! seriously dude,personal space!" jinxx said pushing andy back lightly. "sorry,its just that,you guys look so alike,its scary" andy said "yeah you so actually,same face shape,eyes,nose,ears...shortness" said jake. instinctivley me and jinxx threw pillows at him at the same times "same reflexes and timing" sammi shrugged. "hmm,stand up,side by side and smile" andy said. me and jinxx obeyed the order given. "thats creepy,your like the same person just diffrent gender" ashley said looking at us,infact everyone was looking at us. "i dont see it" jinxx said,i nodded my head in agreement. "well you wouldnt,but you do,its like super creepy" sally said "we know youve said it like 4 times" jinxx said. "well,i don't know" ella said.i looked at jinxx and he looked at me.we were staring eachother in the eyes.something felt,normal,famillier,i felt like a part of me was reunited.
jinxx's POV;
we looked into eachothers eyes.she was so famillier,reminded me of my sister so much.she had the same twinkle in her blue eyes as she did.was she..no it couldnt be...could it?


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Update this please
I fully understand, dear! Whenever's best c:
I fully understand, dear! Whenever's best c:
i'll try but i got alot of personal problems at the moment.i promise i will try my best :)
Update as soon as you're able to c: