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The Morticians Daughter


Ambers POV;
i looked up to see andy biersack.i wiped a few tears from my face and nodded. "are you sure,whats wrong with your arm?"andy said worry laceing his perfect voice.i got out a pen and notepad.
''im fine,sorry i dont speak '
andy nodded "your mute?"
i shook my head 'kind of,i will speak when im alone or if i can trust you.which is quite hard for me to do'
oh okay,why have you got you bag?and why are you in you pajamas?" andy asked
'is this 21 questions or smoething? and well,im going to a family members house for a few days' i couldnt write the truth. andy raised his eyebrow "at like midnight,in you pajamas?" i nodded,cautiously "your a runaway,aren't you?" i was still for a few moments when sighed and nodded 'please dont take me back! or to the police,please.i'm begging you' "okay,right your coming with me.whats your name?" 'amber' andy nodded and grabbed my bag."come on,amber" he smiled. i stood up and me and andy walked back to his house.

once we had arrived and opened the door for me and led me into the huge house."um your going to have to stay in my room with me.if thats okay?"
i got my notepad again and wrote 'i can sleep on the sofa,its really no trouble' "you are my guest,you cant sleep on the sofa.plus theres 4 fully grown dudes passed out on it" andy said pointing towards the sofa,where ashley,jake,cc and jinxx were all asleep. cc had his head on jakes stomache and his foot up ashleys nose,who was sleeping hugging jinxx's feet. i nodded and andy walked me up to the room.
we sat down on the kingsize bed and sat there for a few minutes.
"so amber,how old are you?" andy asked,breaking the silence.im going to do something so unlike me now. "18"i said quietly "cool,wait,did you just speak? you trust me?" andy said,quite shocked i laughed lightly and nodded"why shouldnt i,your not a rapist are you?" and chuckled,blush hinting at his cheeks "no,its just that,you only met me a matter of minutes ago" i sighed and nodded "i know but,it those minutes,i feel closer to you than anyone ive ver met from the age of 7 upwards" "why 7?" i told andy my life story,missing out the depression,bullying ect...
"oh,do you know where he is?" andy asked i shook my head "no,but everyday i wonder where is he? whats he doing?does he remember me? i really hope to see him again" "you know jinxx knows how you feel,he has a sister,around your age.he misses her dearly,he loves her so much.he cries hiself to sleep some nights.he has a bracelet he never takes off because she made it for him." andy said hugging me tightly. "really?" i said a few tears falling down my pale cheeks,andy nodded "now tell me,what happed to your arm?" i froze "n-no-nothing" i stutterd "amber"andy said sturnly but caring. "nothing" i said getting up off of his lap."amber is it..do you self harm?"andy said.....


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Update this please
I fully understand, dear! Whenever's best c:
I fully understand, dear! Whenever's best c:
i'll try but i got alot of personal problems at the moment.i promise i will try my best :)
Update as soon as you're able to c: