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The Morticians Daughter

New School

Ambers POV;
"with knives and pens we made our plight..." i rolled over and switched off my alarm,causing the angels voice to stop. i sighed.first day at a new school, yay!
i got up and got dressed-http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=76974420.
i went downstairs and said bye to my dad."liam,give your sister a lift to school" my dad said "WHAT?!?! NO WAY!" liam pratically screamed. "yes" my dad said sturnly "no" "yes" "no". they argued. i just walked out.i'd been to cincinnati before,a couple of times as my grandparents lived here. i knew my way around. i stuck my earphone into me ear and made my way to school.

i arrived and i was already getting looks thrown at me and laughs and names. "oi bitch,you biersacks girl...coz you defanitley look like it. both freaks!" one guy yelled.i forgot The andrew biersack went to this school,he only left like 2 years ago. i sighed and made my way to the school office.
"hello dear,are you amberlee riley rose?" the lady at the desk asked.i nodded and handed her a not explaining my issue with speech. she nodded and handed me my timetable. i smiled and headed to my form room. i sat down at the back desk and started drawing.after like 10 minutes i felt a tap on my shoulder. i looked up to see a teacher standing infront of me. "your amberlee,yes?" i nodded "ok,i just needed to sigh you in.i understand your speaking issue" the male smiled at me. i nodded.he turned around and left.
the bell rung and students started to enter form.once everyone sat down the teacher took the role and left everyone to do what they wanted while he set up for the lesson he is holding next.i continued to draw,getting paper balls,pens,erasers and insults thrown at me.great.


i know its short and not very good but plz comment:)x


Update this please
I fully understand, dear! Whenever's best c:
I fully understand, dear! Whenever's best c:
i'll try but i got alot of personal problems at the moment.i promise i will try my best :)
Update as soon as you're able to c: