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The Morticians Daughter

New House

We pulled up outside a huge house,it was the only house along this road for about 15 minutes,drive.the morgue was across the road and the graveyard was behind the house.behind ther grave yard was just forest.i loved it.the house was gothic and just perfect but liam hated it,how could i tell? he pulled a disgusted face instantly. "dad,really.this place is awful and freaky and just mutant...hey amber you'll fit in perfect" he laughed. im the 'mutant'' because i dont speak,at all.only if im alone,i will speak and sing.the reason for this is that as a childwhen i spoke,no one listened,no one would care,so i just learnt not to speak at all."amber your room is on the top floor,you also have the basement and the attic" my dad smiled. i nodded and headed in to the house.

My room was decorated perfectley.2 black walls,2 purple walls. on one of the purple walls i had a black tree with no leaves painted on,i had my king size bed up against one of the black walls.i had 1 black and 1 purple wall covered on posters.i had a walk in closet,with all my clothes and shoes in there.it even had a dresser and misrror in there so all my make up and jewlery was in there.i had my own bathroom. i had my CD'S on a shelf above my bed,i had all my books on a shelf along the wall wich had my giant gothic window,with a window seat. it was perfect. i went to the attic and it was decorated,also,perfectley. it had mirrors along 3 of the walls,ballet bars along them aswell.it was amazinf,it had the perfect wood floor for dancing aswell. i smiled and headed down to the basement. this was just....absoloutley brilliant.it was huge and slpit into 2 rooms. in one rooms had black and red walls with more of my band posters covering 1 wall and it also had a little recording booth in the corner with all the pro equipment and had every instrument you clould imagin in the corner. it had a sofa and a few chairs aswell.the 2nd room had black and white walls and had all my art work hug on the walls randomly.it had my stereo on one wall and all my art supplies dotted around on tables,ther was my canvases and easels around the room aswell. i love this. i ran back up to my room and got changed-http://www.polyvore.com/untitled_45/set?id=76192859-because,well i just wanted too. after that i headed out to the graveyard.
i sat down and smiled.i love being around the dead.i know it sounds weird but its so quiet and peacefull. you can talk to the dead and they dont laugh at you,judge you. they listen. i feel more of a connection with the dead than with the living.im more scared of the people who are alive than those who are dead. mostly beacause the living are so much more dangerous. you could be physically or mentally hurt.your hated for being diffrent where as the dead dont care. "why cant people understand me,why cant they understand why i want to be diffrent......the living are the reason i want to be dead,the reason why i have sacr up my left arm,the reason why i have scars on my chest.they are the reason i cant trust,cant get close,cant speak" my quiet british voice gliding through my ears.i sighed. will it be diffrent here? no chance....


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Update this please
I fully understand, dear! Whenever's best c:
I fully understand, dear! Whenever's best c:
i'll try but i got alot of personal problems at the moment.i promise i will try my best :)
Update as soon as you're able to c: