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We'll Get Through This Together-Andy Biersack

Chapter 2- Hear Me Now

Chapter 2- Hear Me Now

I leave the house and lock the door behind me. I walk up to the neighbour’s house and knock on their door.

“It’s lovely to meet you, I’m Amy and this is Chris,” A woman smiles pointing to herself and her husband Chris.

“You too, my name’s Imogen,” I smile. She shakes my hand and then goes to hug me. Very, very happy people.

“I’ll just call Andrew down, he’s in his room. Andrew, she’s here.” Amy yells out to her son.

He walks down the stairs and the first thing I notice are his gorgeous blue eyes. I then see he moderately long black hair and he’s wearing a pair of black skinny jeans, a Misfits top and black leather boots.

“H-hi,” I stutter as he approaches me.

“Andrew, why don’t you take Imogen up stairs and I’ll bring you guys dinner soon. You can talk to her about school,” Amy says with a happy tone.

Andrew moves his head in a beckoning motion. I follow him up the stairs and walk into his room. The walls are black on one side and white on the other. His bed sat in the corner of him room, its black sheets messy. Which reminds me, I forgot to make my bed. He has a desk near his bed and a TV opposite his bed.

“Umm, my name’s Andrew, but you can call me Andy,” He says, my gosh his voice is deep.

“My name’s Imogen,” I reply.

We sit cross-legged facing each other in silence for a while.

“So what do your friends call you?” Andy asks.

Well what am I meant to say? I deicide to be completely honest because I’ve got nothing to lose, he seems like I can trust him. “I-I have no friends, so I’m not sure what’d they’d call me.”

“What do you mean a beautiful girl like you doesn’t have friends? I mean, it’s understandable that I don’t have friends. I mean look at the way I dress,” Andy says holding his arms out trying to make a statement.

I spot a few bruises along his arms. “Where’d you get those bruises from? I was honest with you. And I’m not beautiful, I’m ugly as fuck.”

“From school,” he sighs and then places his arms around himself trying to hide them from me.

“You don’t need to hide anything from me, I’m not going to hurt you,” I give a reassuring smile.

“So since we’re being honest here…” Before Andy gets to finish his mother knocks on the door and hands us our dinner. We thank her and she smiles before leaving.

“What do you want to watch?” Andy asks.

“Anything,” I reply. “Do you have Batman?”

“You like Batman?” He asks. I nod my head.

“Did we just become best friends?” He asks.

“I think we did,” I laugh.

“Step brothers is a great movie,” Andy giggles.

Andy walks up and puts Batman Begins into the DVD player. We sit back and face the TV.


Love the chapter, can't wait to read the sequel. :)
<3 love this. I plan on reading the sequel now
Yyaaaaayyy theres going to be a sequel :):)
xEmmaBVBx xEmmaBVBx
Second to last chapter!!! No!!!
skellhellateen skellhellateen
Aww. Love the prom stuff. Her dress is pretty. I live JACKASS that shit is awesome