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When Broken is Easily Fixed


Alex is a self destructive girl who is forced to go on tour with her best friend Kyle Pavone so that he can 'keep an eye on her' while her parents are away. But while on the tour she meets Andy. Kyle doesn't want her to be any where near Andy but will Alex listen?

Don't know what else to write so you're just gonna have to read to find out more ^_^


Alex Hawthorne

Alex Hawthorne

Andy Biersack

Andy Biersack

Kyle Pavone

Kyle Pavone

Alex's best friend, clean vocals for We Came as Romans



Can you please update. This story seems interesting


then I will definitely keep her in it :) I wasn't sure how people would like it but I'm very excited that you liked it ^_^
NikiFM NikiFM
The Kat point of view was really cool. It gives the whole story an objective perspective. I'd love to see more of it! :)
Wish I lived in the us :( everyone talks about warped haha it makes me jealous hahaha.. And wow thats cool they still did so well. I have abit of a soft spot of andy g tho haha.. I've always wanted to see that with Kyle
Giarne Giarne

I LOVE THEM TOO! I went to warped tour and their performance was tied for first for best performance on my list! Them and BVB were awesome. I have to give some strong points to WCAR because their in ears and mics weren't working properly but they still were awesome ^_^ And I'm excited because I got to see the thing when Kyle stands on the crowd ^_^ So that made me happy
NikiFM NikiFM