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so what


zach is gay yup gay, not bi nothing he is gay and bullied for it. his parents love him, well part of him all they really loved was the fact they had a son, they hated his style and his choice in music.
a well known band called black veil brides, what happens when unfortunate evens allow them to meet?


zach- as i said before gaaaaaay. okay now really zach is 17 his birthday is july 28th and i don't feel like math so you don't get to know the year he was born. zach used to be able to say he has never self harmed, but that was back in eighth grade. he is VERY self conscious, even if he has friends who tell him he should be otherwise. he is bullied verbally and physically by others and most teachers hate him and his friends known to the school and by them them selves as but not limited to: losers, nobodies, the forgotten, loners, ,invisibles, the outcasts.

Black veil brides- most of us know exactly who they are but if you are a newer fan and don't know to much about them or even if you know them but want to learn more, try this link ^-^
bvb bio and stuff

rest of zach's family- zach has a younger sister named zoe whom he loves with all his heart sure she can be annoying but he's always there for her to make her feel safe whenever their parents fight.a few times their dad has come home drunk and has verbally abused them but never physically. no one in his family knows that zach is gay zoe suspects it and teases him (not trying to hurt his feelings) zoe is 12 and actuly likes her brothers music (bvb, falling in reverse, of mice and men, escape the fate, ect.)

reagan- zach's bestest friend ever, bi. birthday july 24th 4 days older than zach. loves bvb falling in reverse and all that. has a younger brother and sister, that are one year younger than her and are 16 both of them are popular and even though they love reagan they bully her, in fact it was reagan's idea, you see loren reagan's brother likes blood on the dance floor and SOME of the music she likes and loves her, and some people bullied him but nothing big just a few remarks here and there, but reagan was afraid it would get worse as they got older as it did for her, so she told them to get their group of friends to bully her, and she would not fight back, and if she did it would never be big enough to hurt them.loves pigtails and her fav. colors are black and purple. and thats about it for her, the rest you will learn later on in the story i am planing a surprise ^-^

Katie- katie is the same age as reagan and zach. she is often mistaken for a guy. katie used to self harm but has been clean for 4 years now. is known to the outcasts as reagan's wife, even though she is straight. not to much about her she is a rebel, she lives with her mom and her dog jesse, other than that you'll have to find out on your own.

serria- serria is 18 and bi and has a boy friend of five years named gradey, she loves him and very rarely self harms she's been clean for 3 moths her and her sister akeara live with their dad and his girl friend, i don't feel like taking to long of a tim on this and that is all i could come up with so….

akeara- akeara is serria's sister and can be quit the nerd but so can the others ^-^

Abe: one of the main bullies, abuses reagan, zach, katie and all of their friends verbally, phyiscly and all the other ways you could possibly abuse someone. 18 plays football you know all that just wait to find out more about abe.

so that is all i have to offer for now, there are others but oh whale i hope you enjoy ^-^


  1. prologue

    its a fluffing prologue

  2. chapter1

  3. chapter2

  4. chapter3

  5. chapter4

  6. not a chapter!

  7. yet agin not a chapter

    so sorry

  8. chapter5


  9. note

  10. why

  11. the gasp in a silent room

    so I'm now naming chapters ^-^



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thanks ^-^


Love it XD

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i have practicly remembered that whole thing so that i can laugh when I'm sad ^-^


Haha yesh :) that had me laughing XD

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