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Jinxx's wild day out

Chapter !: Waking up

Jinxx wakes up from his half-hearted, drunken slumber, yawning and stretching and nearly barfing-up chunks, feeling the acid reflux thing nearly crossing up his throat....he quickly rips open a water bottle's cap, chugging down the water voraciously and belching loudly, getting up and surveying himself into the mirror,

"Fuck, I look like shit, as usual!!" he laughs out-loud, gunning down a bottle of Scope Mouthwash, spitting it into a trashcan as he dresses himself. putting on a shirt that says boldly 'I'm not a Rocktar, but a Dental Floss Salesman from Iowa', slipping on his blue jeans and putting on his sneakers, making his way to the kitchen, tousling his hair a bit to achieve his signature 'spikey-hair' look.....he opens the pantry, scratching the back of his head, wondering what he was going to consume for breakfast.....he pulls out a box of Cap'n Crunch, opening the lid and guzzling the contents into his mouth while he turns on his plasma flatscreen TV, watching the news, plopping himself to a couch...suddenly, he perked-up, seeing something of interest...a commercial!!

"Oh Happy-Happy, Joy-Joy!!! The Army Surplus Store has a sale, Holy Fuck!!!!!!" He quickly grabs his keys, storming out to his classic muscle car, a Firebird Trans Am, jumping in and starting it up, revving the engine repeatedly like a deranged maniac as he puts the car into first, roaring down the street as the tires peel-out, leaving a trail of smoke behind....in no time at all, he pulls into the parking lot of the store, shutting off the engine and running out in glee, entering the store and grabbing a shopping cart as his eyes lights-up, adding to the crazed look written all over his face

"As if I died and went to Heaven, wooohoooooo!!!!" he roars down each aisle, grabbing a flame-thrower, some grenades, a bazooka, jackhammer, sticks of dynamite, a detonator, and a vat of nitroglycerine, rolling the cart over to the check-out stand as he whips out his American Express Card

"I'll take all of this, please!!!" he laughs maniacally as the stunned cashier rings him up, swiping his card and handing it back to him...he snags the receipt and runs out to his car with his purchases, opening the trunk and dumping everything inside, slamming down the lid promptly

"VEGAS, here I come, muhahahahahahahahaha!!!" he roars the car to life, peeling out of the parking lot and heads up the I-10, going eastward, singing to a BVB tune 'Fallen Angels' loudly, flipping off stunned drivers, weaving in-and-out of traffic like the Energizer Bunny on crack and meth, grinning manically



That's just the tip of the iceberg, LOL!!! Jinxx has several other ideas in his head, soon to be featured in a future story


SchecterUser SchecterUser

This is like the best idea ever, we must destroy the sphinx haahhaah XD

ChelBvBarmy ChelBvBarmy

um... wow...

ZalheraSakurayu ZalheraSakurayu


the best is yet to come, LOL!


SchecterUser SchecterUser


ZalheraSakurayu ZalheraSakurayu