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The Outlaw's Opposite~~Ashley Purdy

Chapter Thirteen--Nice To Meet You

I wake up to see a face covered in pale foundation, eyes ringed with makeup, staring right at me. I scream, rolling away so fast I topple off my bed and onto the floor with a thud. “Oh, shit! Sorry, ‘Tash!” The familiar voice belonging to Ashley says. I ignore the use of a nickname
and grab his extended hand. He tugs me off the floor before I notice his cheeks turn pink.

“You’re…um…naked.” He states slowly, looking over my body. I gasp and wrap a blanket around me quickly. I always sleep in a bra, underwear and nothing else. “That’s because some creep found a way into my locked house and woke me up, you prick!” I shout playfully.

Ashley and I declared our friendship last week and so far, it’s been fun. He’s hilarious, caring and apologizes about telling me to stay away almost every day. I apologize too; it was all my fault that this happened… and now I’ve lost him.

Every day I’ve spent next to him (which has been a lot, since Kaid has been working and studying apparently) hurts. It burns to not be his girlfriend, to not get to hug him, kiss him, cuddle him. It’s even worse when he raves about Kaid. He doesn’t know how badly it stings to hear him compliment someone else, how much my insides curl when he stares off into the distance, obviously dreaming of Kaid.

“Just, get out and let me change,” I demand flatly, snapping from my thoughts. He cocks his head, surprised by my sudden change in mood. “I didn’t say I minded,” he jokes with a perverted smirk. But since he’s in a committed relationship, he willingly walks out although I know he cast one more look over at my chest, his eyes lingering.

I sigh, running my hands down my face and pick out an outfit; light blue skinny jeans, a black tank top, a fitted white crewneck with a daisy in the middle and I even apply makeup. Nothing extravagant, just a subtle amount of foundation, pink eye shadow and mascara with pink lip gloss.

I’d never admit it but I dressed to (hopefully) impress Ash.

I stride out of my room, tossing my hair as I strut towards the living room where Ashley sits, messing with his phone. “So, why are you here?” I ask, stretching my lips in a smile and moving a half a foot closer to Ashley. He’s oblivious to my actions. “Um, what?” He questions, looking from his screen. I peer at it and see the name KAID above a row of messages.

I can’t help but frown. Quickly regaining my composure, I purse my lips and repeat, “Why are you here?” He smiles. “Just wanted to know if you’d like to hang out? My house?” He offers. I feel the fountain of happiness bubbling inside of me, my sadness quickly fading. “Sure!” I respond a bit too enthusiastically, all but jumping up to find an attractive pair of shoes.

“Wait,” I stop mid-search, my hands freezing and dropping the pair of four-inch heels, “Will Kaid be there?” I ask, barely managing to keep the ice from my tone. “Uh, probably not. She has an exam.” He answers, somewhat confused.

I nod, turning back to the closet to hide the smile creeping onto my face. Don’t get me wrong; I want to be with Ashley and I wish that Kaid had never found her way into his life, but I don’t think I’d ever intentionally break a couple up. I know what it’s like to be alone, with no one there to love you.

I decide on a pair of tan, sleek and shiny pumps and show them to Ash. “Good?” I inquire, dangling the shoes in front of him. “Very nice,” he says. We go to his car—me basically gliding across the pavement in my shoes, desperate for even an ounce of attention from Ash. No luck.

He checks for a new text one more time before sliding into his car and starts it, turning off towards his house. “So,” I murmur, “what do you want to do?”

Ashley glances over, his signature lopsided grin on his face. “I don’t know, really. The guys will probably wanna watch a movie or some shit.” He replies, looking back to the road and pulling into his driveway. I set my jaw, my forehead creasing. As soon as we make our way into the house, I stop in my tracks.

The guys are silent—for the first time in ever, nervously staring between me, Ash and…Kaid. I gulp, slipping off my brown leather jacket. I keep my heels on, plastering a wide smile to my face. “Kaid!” Ash exclaims, wrapping his arms around her skinny waist.

She makes an effort to shoot a cold glare to me before standing to Ashley’s height and planting her plump lips on his. He kisses back. My stomach flops, tears prick my eyes and my heart grows heavy in my chest. The guys notice and shift awkwardly.

The pain of Ash constantly babbling about the younger, red-haired beauty isn’t even a fraction of the horrid feeling I have seeing them proclaim their love for each other. Right in front of me.

They break away, another dangerous look sent to me by Kaid, and take a spot (closely) together on the couch. “Hi, Kaid! Nice to meet you! Ash talk about you all the time!” I trill. My smile’s too wide, my voice is too loud and high-pitched, my steps are too quick as I walk over and shake her hand.

She raises an eyebrow. “Ash? I didn’t know you were so close,” she clenches her jaw and looks to Ashley. “Yes, we’re good friends!” I chirp, my cheeks tense with the stiff smile I force onto my face. Tears threaten to spill from the rims of my eyes. “If you’ll excuse me.” I choke out.

I dash to the bathroom and lock the door, sitting on the closed toilet seat. I begin to sob. When did everything go so wrong? Why did I have to be such a fucked up, selfish bitch? How could I not see how perfect Ash is?

How did I not know that I loved him?

“Natasha?” A low voice asks in a hushed tone. “Go away,” I snap, not bothering to see who it is. “Unlock the door, please,” they say quietly. I hear the knob shake, a grunt as they try to shove open the door and then a loud sigh.

I reluctantly get up and open the door, to find Andy standing on the door. He looks sympathetic as he shuffles in and closes the door, locking it once again. “What?” I question, placing my hands on my hips as I lean against the wall. I could really go for some wine right now…

No. I have to stay away from all alcohol.

Instead of wishing to be intoxicated, I focus on Andy. “I know you still like Ashley.” He states. His voice is soft, not wanting anyone to hear. I glare at him, “that’s none of your business.” I purse my lips, clamping my eyes shut.

“I know that he likes you too. If only you heard the way he talked about you while you were in the hospital,” Andy murmurs, reaching for my hand. I let him take it and end up finding the way he gently rubs my palm quite soothing. “And I know he doesn’t feel the same about Kaid.” My eyes pop open, a light smile tugging on my lips.

“Really?” I ask. He nods. “Ash is my best friend and Kaid is not the right person for him. You are, I can tell,” he releases a frustrated sigh. “Kaid isn’t…good. She doesn’t care about Ash at all.” He adds.
I eagerly nod, asking him to continue, at what he says next:
“I want you to help me break them up.”


Hi, guys. I hope you enjoy this (late) update :) Please, please do not comment about any mistakes, errors and whatnot; i'm feeling sick and depressed and I have no energy to double-check this... D: sorry if it's crappy, once again, i'm in a bit of a mood :/


@Havic Fortuna

Aww, thank you so much!

BeccaSixx BeccaSixx

I really like this. The story is very addicting, and the writing is simply amazing. Looking forward to the next update.

Havic Fortuna Havic Fortuna

@Purdy 4ever
XD yup!!

BeccaSixx BeccaSixx


All three XD

CountryEmoGirl CountryEmoGirl

@Purdy 4ever

Haha! I think I would've kicked him in the crotch and then drive his car into the lake c;

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