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Unbelievable Secrets


Andy, Jake, Jinxx and CC were hyped for Tour, the only person missing was Ashley, they had tried to call him but he never responded. Jinxx was starting to worry, they all were. Ashley was usually the first to know when they would be going on tour and the first on the bus.

Where was Ashley? Was he okay and what secrets will Andy, Jake, Jinxx and CC find when Ashley calls them and asked for them to come and pick him up.

EDIT 29/10/18: Hello everyone, I know its been 3 years since I've updated but I've been busy with school and life. I'll be going through this story and updating it as my writing style has changed a great deal since 2014.

Thank you to everyone who has read. I was more than a little shocked when I saw the number of views.


Andy Biersack

Andy Biersack

He is the leader of BVB. He thinks of Ashley, Jake and CC like his brothers and Jinxx is more like his father like he is to most of the band.

Ashley Purdy

Ashley Purdy

He is getting abused my his step-father and hasn't told the boys, when he calls them and asks them to pick him up they find out everything

Christan "CC" Coma

Christan "CC" Coma

He's the drummer of BVB, he cares a lot about Ashley, Jake and Andy and would do anything to protect them. He thinks of Jinxx as a father. Oh and he's crazy when he has to much monster, sugar or coffee god forbid all three, bands worst nightmare

Jake Pitts

Jake Pitts

He used to be abused by his step-father and has never told anyone, Jinxx is the only one that knows. He cares a lot about the band and thinks of Jinxx as a father like most of the band, he loves to play COD in his free time and his favourite food is of cause Pizza



He is the father of the group, he cares a lot about CC, Andy, Jake and Ashley. He thinks of them as his sons is worried about Ashley


  1. Ashley Gets Hurt

  2. Explanations, Surprising and Tour

    The band come to pick Ashley up while there Jinxx noticing that Ashley has hand shapped bruises and a few broken ribs. While the band are out getting lunch Ashley's 'father' and his friend come over and have some 'fun' with Ashley then when the others come back they see his scars but Ashley doesn't

  3. Author Note


@bvbangel81 I will soon, when I can find the time between school and assignments. Im glad you like my story :)

This is really good! Please update!

nobody nobody

Hahaalrigjt (:


I accidently posted my reply as a comment you can have a look.

thanks. I can't remember where I got the idea for this story from. I'll try and get the next chapter up sometime before Christmas if not on Christmas. Though the lastest will be the end of the year