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the morticians daughter

New Girl

So todays the first day at a new school,in a new country.i moved from london england yesterday because mydad got a job here in ohio,hes a mortician.i like ohio its quiet and peacefull.im still an outcast though,still no friends..oh well.i got out of bed and made my way to my walk in closet.i got out a pair of ripped skinnys,an overized misfits t-shirt and a black hoodie.i place my out fit on my bed and went to my drawers and picked out a black bra and batman girl boxers and a pair of batman socks.i got ressed and straightend my black hair and put one my usual make up,a thick flick of black eyeliner and some mascara.i put some black beaded braclets on my arm and a couple of white ones,i then put on my mums necklace she gave ,e before she died.it was a silver chin with a slither of silver metal wrapping around the top of a crystal. i grabbed mybag,pulled on my black converse and headed out the door,my dad was already at work. as i walked out of my front door a boy looking about my age was walking out of his.he lived in the house next to me. he looked about 15,around6'3 and had pale skin and peircing blue eyes.he had jet black hair and a lip piercing.he turned and smiled at me, i returned it awkwardly.i started walking to school,were as he got into his car.
---at school---
i made my way to the school office,trying to ignore all the giggles and insults being thrown to and throw.
"hi,im amber,im new here"i whisperd "hello sweetie,i'll call for someone to show you around"the receptionist smiled. "andrew biersack to the school reception please" she called into the microphone sitting on her desk. 5 minutes later the boy i saw earlier walked through the doors."andrew this is amber,she has the same timetable as you so could you show her around please 2 "yeah sure"his deep voice carresed me ears.he flashed me a magical smile .


plz comment :)


I like this cx

I like your story :D update soon
Gabe Gabe
Update soon it is really good I think will became a lot popular if you update really soon :)
Rayray1998 Rayray1998