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My Best Friend. My Lover.

Surprise Besty!!!

Candace has been gone for sometime, but that didn't mean her and Jake didn't communicate. Even when he was off touring with his band, Black Veil Brides, they managed to Skype or text or call one another. She met the other guys over time as well, and their girlfriend. In fact, another one of her friends named Lisa and Jake's friend, and bass player, Ashley decided to date. She even made friends with Lauren, C.C's girlfriend, Juliet, Andy's girlfriend, and Jinxx's wife, Sammi.

Jake's birthday was coming up and she wanted to do something special, so she called the perfect person.

"Hello?" A voice answered.

"Hey, Momma Pitts, it's Candace."

"Candace! Darling, how have you been?"

"I've been great, how about you?"

"I'm still kicking." She chuckled.

Candace laughed. "I was wondering if you could help me with Jake's surprise."

"And what would that be, Hun?"

"I'm flying up for two weeks, but I don't want him to know yet. I was wondering if you could maybe throw a party for him? And I'll show up and scare the living shit out of him?"

"Sure. I can do that. Just don't scare him to much. Last time you both scared eachother an had a sleepover, I had to stay up with you two."

"We were six... Not my fault he's afraid of spiders and I'm afraid of clowns..."

Carolyn laughed. "I'm just messing with you. His birthday is tomorrow. Did you already book a flight?"

"Of course. I'll arrive at 8:30AM then head over and help you set up. Then I'll hide in a box or something. Lets just hope he doesn't forget to open it."

"Alrighty, I'll be seeing you tomorrow then."

"Okay momma Pitts, I love you."

"I love you too."

She hung up and grabbed the last bit he needed before heading to the airport. She took a taxi and when she got there she quickly boarded the flight, but it didn't take off for three hours because they kept having to do a baggage check. Finally the plane took off and she was on we way to LA. She put her headphones in and listened to her music, when she got bored she watched a movie then fell asleep until tey announced it was time to get off. She stretched and grabbed her carry on, heading into the terminal to find her other two bags.

Her phone went off and it was a text from Jake.

I hope you didn't forget what today was? -J

Was I suppose to remember something? -C

:0 you totally forgot didn't you!! How could you I thought we
were friends!!?!? :...( -J

I'm just kidding you big idiot! Happy Birthday!!! -C

Oh thank god! I thought you seriously forgot! -J

Why would I forget my best friends birthday? Anyways, what do you have planned? -C

Mom said she was throwing a party for me. Wish you could be here though :( -J

I know Besty, but I got a shit ton of work to do! Eat some cake for me and give momma Pitts a giant hug and a kiss! -C

Will do. I gotta go! See you later, alligator. -J

After while crocodile! -C

She laughed. "He has no idea how quickly I'll be seeing him."

She signaled a cab and headed for Momma Pitts house. When she got there she was attacked by a huge hug from both parents.

"You and Jake need to stop growing!" Carolyn said.

"You two together will raise hell!" Papa Pitts joked.

"I missed you guys too. Ready to set up for the party? Oh and where do I put my bags so no one sees them?"

"In that closet sweetie. Now hurry up! We only have five hours and we have alot of setting up to do!"

The two women were cooking while Papa Pitts set up some decorations, of course Candace went to help. Finally everything was done, and just in time too. The door opened and she didn't have time to hide in a box so she hid behind the couch.

"Happy Birthday son." His father said.

"Happy Birthday my baby boy!" She heard his mom giving him kisses and the guys laughing.

"I figured it would be a family/friend get together tonight. Plenty of food to go around!" She said. "Honey why don't you sit on the couch an play video games with your friends." Score one Carolyn, setting him right up.

"Dude lets play COD!" She heard C.C say.

She waited until she felt the couch move.

"I challenge you Ash!"

"You're so on!"

She looked up and saw Jake was right infront of her facing the TV. Sammi and the girls saw her but she put a finger to her lips signalling them to be quiet. They smiled and nodded. She slowly bent over.

"Hey baby what's your name?" She said in her deepest voice in his ear.

"Jesus fucking Christ!" He jumped and fell onto his two friends.

He stared at her wide eyes as she placed her chin on her hand and laughed.

"Surprise Besty!"

She leaped over the couch and hugged him, put tripped and landed on Ashley.

"Well hello to you too." He smiled.

She rolled her eyes and hugged Jake.

"When did.... How did.... I thought you-"

"I took two week off. Plus I wanted to scare the shit out of you this year as payback for three years ago."

"Gee and I thought you just loved me." He said sacrcasticly.

"Are you kidding? Lauren is the only girl for me. Right baby?" She laughed and hung onto her.

"Oh yeah baby."

C.C jumped up and stole his girlfriend. "Nope! She's mine!"

Everyone laughed until Momma Pitts said it was time to eat. The rest of the day went well. Then she went home with Jake. They drank beer, played video games and she fell asleep on the couch while Jake went to bed, Trixy staying behind to sleep near Candace.

"Traitor." He mumbled before shutting everything off and falling asleep in his bed.

Best. Surprise. Ever!


Sorry it's short! But I hope you like it as is continues! I might get things wrong so of I do just message me and I'll fix them. :) bye lovelies! -Trixter15


really good so far hope you update soon

Love this! upstate soon please!!!

Havic Fortuna Havic Fortuna

I like it so far. Can't wait for the update. :)