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My Best Friend. My Lover.


Name: Candace Morgan
Age: 25
Hair: Black with red streaks
Eyes: Blue
Tattoos: Angel wings on upper back. Music note on left leg. Butterfly(symbolizing her grandmother) on her right. BVB sign with lyrics 'we are the revelation'. Jack and Sally(symbolizing her mother and stepfather).

Candace and Jake are childhood friends. They met in Kindergarden and have been frieda since. After not seeing eachother for so long, for his birthday she decide to fly in to surprise him, pissing off her boyfriend of course. During the duration of the two weeks she's there, she receives numerous threatening calls and texts from her boyfriend. Pissed off Jake doesn't want her to leave and come move back to LA, but she doesn't want to. She goes home and everything turns to hell. Jake and the gang move her to Jake's. more tragety strikes and she comforts him, but will that turn into a romance? Or stay a friendship?

*I don't own anything.
*Hope you enjoy!



really good so far hope you update soon

Love this! upstate soon please!!!

Havic Fortuna Havic Fortuna

I like it so far. Can't wait for the update. :)