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I Didn't Stand A Chance

Here I Go Again On My Own

“Neeko! Oi, get your ass out of bed, and get ready!” I heard Sammi call me from downstairs.
“I’m up alright?” I moaned shifting myself from the comforts of the duvet covers, and into the chilly morning air. On the stall at the furthest side of the room, was a pile of clothes folded up neatly. I knew they were clothes Sammi had chosen from my case, since she always insisted in choosing my outfits whenever she got the chance, not that I minded, she was like my fashion Guru. It’s a shame I won’t see her as often now.

That’s when it hit me. Holy Shit I was going to be on tour with the Black Veil Brides! My heart began to race, as I tried desperately to breathe normally. I couldn’t help it; my inner fan boy was going crazy. Ever since I watched knives and pens, I found myself absolutely head over heels in love with Andy Biersack. He was so kind, always considerate of his fans, and seemed like such a nice person. Of course, I was one in millions of fans. Also, as far as I was aware, Andy was straight, and in a relationship.

Taking one look in the mirror, I figured I would probably just end up being the roadie girl after all. I don’t understand why, but when people first meet me, they believe that I’m female, and I don’t get it. It’s not like I wore skirts or dresses or anything like that. Well, I guess I did have an effeminate figure, even Sammi, Jinxx and Jake called me ‘she’ and ‘her’. In fact, upon thinking about it, I don’t know whether they even know I’m a guy! Oh well, I believed that gender doesn’t matter. That if you love a person, it’s for who they are, and that no matter what gender or race they are, you’ll want to spend the rest of your life with that person. I guess I was alone in that view now a day, with modern society’s ideals and all that bullcrap.

Stripping I went over to the bundle of clothes left o me. First I put on a ripped up Kiss t-shirt. I had cut it at the top to show the stomach, but I kept the sleeves long. Next were my favourite skinny jeans. Old, tattered and ripped to hell, perfect. Finally a mass of belts and scarf’s were wrapped loosely round my waste, to give a little colour to the black outfit. I would like to point out I didn’t usually dress so..whore-ish. The first concert however was meant to be in Florida, during a heat wave! I’m not lugging heavy box’s in thick leather outfit.

“Hey Neeko, can I come in?” I heard Sammi knocking at the door.
“Yeh, yeh it’s fine.” I smiled as she walked in, observing me like a personal ‘project’.
“Honestly Neeko, you haven’t done your hair!” She began to brush at my slightly messy hair, untangling the thick black mess so it cascaded down my shoulder, and to my middle back. That’s the good thing about my hair, because it was so thick and heavy, it would naturally fall straight down my back, without me having to use products
“Baby I have to go, grab Neeko and let’s go.” I could hear Jinxx calling from downstairs. Oh god, I felt nervous again. Come one now Neeko remain calm and cool. Remember, the last thing BVB want is roadie that’s also a fan boy…Or fangirl as the case may be. Meh, whatever.
I was dragged down to the kitchen where Jinxx waited patiently. Leant up against the top he wore just a simple shirt, and pair of skinnies; I could tell by his tapping his patience was slowly diminishing. Couldn’t blame him really, I heard Jon had a thing about people being on time.
“By any chance did you choose her clothes again Sammi?” He smirked, as Sammi wrapped her arm around him
“How did you guess.” She giggled before palling him into a kiss. I rolled my eyes, these pair was the perfect example, that love still existed in this world.
“Hey who’s she the cats mother? And where’s my hug?” Jinxx laughed, I had a thing about hugs. I mean, I just LOVED them. If you ask me, hugs are what make the world go round.
“Come on then, we need to go.” As Jinxx and Sammi said goodbye, I stuck on my old boots and loaded the car. After saying goodbye for the millionth time, Jinxx finally let go of his wife, and joined me in the car. I gave a quick wave goodbye to Sammi, before basting on Motley Crue. I wondered what it would be like, to tour with BVB.

Staring out the window, I just let time fly by, watching the scenery pass me like lightning. Half an hour must of easily passed, since the CD was on track 10 when Jinxx turned the music down, Instantly grabbing my attention.
“Neeko, I need to talk to you before you meet the rest of the guys.” Though his eyes wer still on the road, I could tell by his tone of voice, this was serious.
“Okay, what’s the matter?” I hope I hadn’t done something! I felt myself begin to panic, what if Jinxx thought I would upset the band or something? Or didn’t want me to go! God damn it, I was way too emotional.

“It’s about Ashley, and more so Andy. Don’t get me wrong, their great guys and all but, erm.”
“But?” What’s wrong with him.
“They’re not like you Neeko. You’re, erm, innocent, and they may want to take advantage of that.” Innocent!
“I’m not innocent! I wouldn’t let anyone use me! I’m kick ass rocker, and you know it!” Jinxx only let out a sigh. What’s wrong? What was I missing here? I mean seriously, what was that suppose mean, ‘innocent’?
“Just, erm, if they do things that invade your personal space, or make you feel uncomfortable, don’t let them okay? Fuck I feel so old saying this but, if they try anything, let me know. I’ve already told them not too, but they never seem to listen now a days. Andy especially…” Okay… wasn’t quite sure what Jinxx was trying to get at, but oh well.
“Don’t worry, I will.” Giving him a last reassuring smile, we parked up on an deserted field. Getting out, I could see people busy round the back of the BVB tour bus. Loading it up ready.
“I’m off to find Jon feel free to go in the bus, one of the guys will show you your bunk.” With that Jinxx ran off.

I paused for a moment. Allowing the reality to sink in, when I heard a deep, rich, caramel like voice from behind me.
“So you’re Neeko then?” I turned around, only to find myself staring into a pair of sparkling blue eyes.

Oh my god…


I apologies for this chapter not being my best, but I;ve been a little Ill at the moment XD


Andy want;s you to subcribe and comment XD


please update soon, i wanna see their reactions to when they find Neeko's a boy instead of a girl. I love this so far update soon.

Babydontcut16 Babydontcut16
I would love to read what happens when they all find out Neeko is male. Please update soon
I love it! c:
This is great! You really need to update this I would love to finish it!!!!
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I love this! Please update soon!
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