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I Didn't Stand A Chance


When Neeko joins the band on tour, in order to help with set up, set down, and whatever else this hectic band gets up too, Andy finds himself thinking the young girl was attractive.

Of course, when ahe, turns out to he, Andy finds himself confused as to why he is still attracted to him. He's Andy Biersack For fuck sake! Sex god of rock n roll. He'd given up on love long ago, yet this, this wouldn't be lust either. After all, he had never found any other guy attractive, Ever! So why was he so protective over the kid? Especially when other's try to win over Neeko's innocent heart.

Neeko Anderson had always had a little crush on Andy, ever since he first saw him on knives and pens. He was just what though, one in a million of people. Andy was a rock legend, and hot as hell, and Neeko was gay. This really didn't come as a surprise to people, since Neeko was very sensitive by nature, and had a very effeminate figure. Probably not helped by all the cut off crop tops he wears. When he finds out Andy had liked him "as a girl", he's confused as to why his gender makes any difference.

It was then, Neeko made it his goal, to show Andy love was real. But can he really change the singers mind, or was it all just lust? Can they remain friends? Can they become lovers? or will Neeko be unable to change the mans heart, and only end up hurting himself in the process?

Whatever the case, this was to be a tour, no-one would forget...


Andy Biersack

Andy Biersack



please update soon, i wanna see their reactions to when they find Neeko's a boy instead of a girl. I love this so far update soon.

Babydontcut16 Babydontcut16
I would love to read what happens when they all find out Neeko is male. Please update soon
I love it! c:
This is great! You really need to update this I would love to finish it!!!!
Purdy girl Purdy girl
I love this! Please update soon!
Maximum Ride Maximum Ride