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My night hunter. Andy Biersack fan fic. *Sexual content

Chapter four. damsel in distress

I got home and went straight to bed. I had seen Andy outside of his dream land. The thoughts of my parents' insanity being passed on to me made sleeping even harder than it normally was. I finally dosed off and went to Andy. I wasn't wearing my normal silky dress when I walked up to the stone meeting place. I had a dark deep red blouse and black skirt that moved like water when I walked. This was certainly insanity. Andy walked up and for the first time since I had starting dreaming I got to see all of him. He was a lot talled than me . His lip was pierced and damn it looked sexy. He had tattoos running down his chest and arms going up to his neck. I stared at him in amazement. He smiled at me before running a hand along my arms. "You look scared. " I nodded as my brain took everything in. He even felt warm. I could actually feel him like I was really being touched by him, not dream touch but skin to skin. I lifted my hand and ran it along his jawline. He closed his eyes and made a small sound of contentment. "You feel so real .. Andy I'm so scared." He opened his eyes and wrapped his arms around me pulling me to his chest. "I would never let any thing hurt you angel." I felt some weight lift of my chest and I breathed alittle easier. "People think I'm a murderer. Not a daughter of a murderer but a actual killer." I moaned into his jacket. The scent of the worn leather hung around me in a cloud threatening to make me cry. I wanted him to be real so bad. To be there and wake me from nightmares and hold me while I cry. To make people believe I wasn't a murderer but a victim of rumors. He rubbed my back and kissed me. " I will be there to hold you so soon Alex. Just wait." I woke up with a start. It was time to go back to hell again.

I had always felt like everyone was watching me, but this was real. Eyes followed me like cameras. People stopped talking as I went passed them in the hall and started whispering as soon as I had cleared being within ears reach. Brittany stood at the end of the hall way , her eyes were death and she shook as I got closer. Her following had doubled as people lined behind her. "You think you can pick us all off? Two at a time you sick bitch?" I shook my head trying not to cry and yell that I wasn't a killer. No one listened to me as she grabbed me by my shoulders and slammed me against the lockers. Teachers watched and said nothing as they turned to walk back into their class rooms. "Why did you kill them? Why?!" She grinded her teeth . I had never seen her so angry. She went to slam my head against the locker again but a hand grabbed hers and stopped her. " Leave Alex alone."

I dropped to the ground, instead of my normal 'get up and flee' I just sat there .Scared and shocked at what stood in front of me. Full alive Andy. "I said back away now!" He growled looking fierce and terrifing . Brittany and her minions fled as he leaned down to help me up. "Am I dreaming? Did she kill me?" I asked as I stood. He wiped my back off and straightened out my clothes. "Of course not. I would never let that happen." I reached up and clutched his face. "Andy?" He smiled at me. "Yes I'm real." My legs gave out and I hit the floor.

I woke in the nurses office. I rubbed my sore head and swung my legs over the side. I had been here enough to know the strings of how to get out with out a call home. I went to open the door but the nurse was talking to someone. "Is she going to wake up soon?" The nurse giggled ."I bet she will. Can't blame her for fainting, Men like you are a reason for anyone to swoon." Andy was real and here. The nurse was flirting with him! I peeked out the door as he smiled lightly. " I bet she'll be up any minute." Ignoring the fact the nurse was throwing herself at him like he was fresh meat and she was starved. I slowly went out the door and around the corner. Andy's face lit up and he stood to greet me . "Alex you're awake. We only have a few minutes left. She let me stay with you while you slept. Isn't that sweet of her?" The nurse giggled again blushing. I stared at him in disbelief. Andy wasn't a dream any more . He was here. " Do you mind if I take her home. She has had a very long day, with the four girls now missing I would like to see that she gets home okay. " There was four now? How did he know that? The nurse smiled at him, Handing him a card. "If you need anything call me." He gave her a award winning smile and lead me out of the room. I just walked , If I was insane I might as well enjoy it. "You're not insane , you're in shock. Please stop thinking so badly about yourself Alex. It hurts me when you are sad." I gaped at him. He could read my mind and he was alive. He lead me to the car . "I will explain everything at home. I promise. " How would I ever explain him to Nanny?!


Andy's real and four girls are dead? Omg!!!


I can see where there is potential to continue

Mini Jinxxed CC Mini Jinxxed CC

i had ended this story. did u want more or a continuation ?

It's been a while since an update are you still doing it?

Mini Jinxxed CC Mini Jinxxed CC

Your Welcome

Your Welcome