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One-shot story requests. The one-shots will vary in content rating. This is mainly for BVB, but if you want other band members, I am willing to do it.


  1. One-shot requests

  2. Lost In Stereo- @TwistedJynx

    CC *smut*

  3. Angel Eyes- @Wings Cyanide

    Andy *smut*

  4. Adrenalize- MissMamaMikki1213

    Andy *smut*

  5. We Don't Belong- @A7XBVBbabe

    Andy *smut*

  6. Days Are Numbered- @silver_dragon

  7. Done For You-@CrymsynFyre808

    Ashley *smut*

  8. Rockstar- JustSomeRockerChick

    Ashley *smut*

  9. Crawling Back To You- @Fallen_Angels_1990


  10. Lost it All- @CrymsynFyre808

    Andy *smut*

  11. Authors note: Please read!

  12. Iris-@Andy'sSoul

    *Andy smut*

  13. Love Isn't Always Fair-@Narnia Jackson

    *Ashley smut*

  14. Here Without You- @Fallen_Angels_1990

  15. Ain't It Fun-@CountryEmoGirl

  16. Kryptonite-@Darkprincess

    *Jake smut*

  17. AUTHOR'S NOTE!!!

  18. The Legacy-@LadyDeviant95

    *CC smut*

  19. Rebel Yell- @Futurerockstarbvb

    *Andy smut*

  20. My Immortal- @Ren SnowWolf

    *Jinxx fantasy

  21. Saviour-@lisaveil

    *Ashley fantasy/smut*

  22. Rebel Love Song- @Andy_is_gorgeous

    *Andy smut

  23. The World is Ugly-@TwistedJynx

    *Andy smut

  24. I Hate Everything About You-@The Devils Daughter

    *Ashley fantasy/smut

  25. Whore-@Broken_Rebel

    *Andy smut

  26. Author's Note (Very important)

  27. Desire-@CrymsynFyre808

    *Andy fantasy/smut

  28. Somewhere In Neverland- @OutCastAndProud

    Jake romance/smut

  29. Flesh For Fantasy-@DeviantDevil

    *Jinxx smut*

  30. Shout it Out Loud- @ccshakeyourhips

    *CC smut*

  31. Whore- @AverieVonDehl

    *Ashley smut*

  32. When the Day Met the Night-@X_Musical_Intoxication_X

    *CC smut


  34. Days Are Numbered-@bvbchika

    *Ashley romance

  35. Concrete Angel- @Death Angel

    Jinxx *Trigger Warning: Abuse*

  36. Where the Lonely Ones Roam- @AverieVonDehl

    *Jinxx smut*

  37. Bad Things- @CrymsynFyre808

    Jacky Vincent *smut*

  38. The Lonely- @CrymsynFyre808

    Jinxx romance/smut

  39. Crazy Little Thing Called Love- @Maddie_miw_itm

    Andy and CC smut

  40. Surrender- @AverieVonDehl

    *Ashley smut*

  41. Terrible Things- @BVB_Jinxx_1991

    Jake *romance*

  42. You Shook Me All Night Long- @FallenAngel26

    Ashley *smut*

  43. Heroine- @everythingisanidea

    Jake *fluff/smut*

  44. Dope-@Kasha13

    *CC smut*

  45. Would You Still Be There

    *Andy smut*

  46. Damage- @Black Veil Tayler

    *Andy Romance

  47. Author's Note (100k Views!)

  48. Author's Note... Coming back?

  49. Children Surrender- @Devine Rebel Angel

    Andy- romance, smut

  50. Can You Hear My Heart

    Ashley- romance


Hi there! Not trying to be a pest or anything, but I was just curious as to how the story is going?

Red Phoenix77 Red Phoenix77

@Red Phoenix77
Alrighty, sounds good!

I don't figure he'd go for anything TOO far out the first time they're together, since he's actually trying to figure out how to be a "Boyfriend", instead of just a random hookup. Oral, or different positions are cool, but also maybe with him trying to be somewhat romantic, if that makes any sense.

Red Phoenix77 Red Phoenix77

@Red Phoenix77
Haha, yeah, no I wasn't gonna have a daddy kink in there unless you asked. But if you want any other kinky stuff for the smut part, just lemme know! I should have it done within the week (I'm aiming to have it done by Sunday since my new job starts Monday and I'm outta state next weekend)

@KayHopeNoona1996 Maybe after they've been out a few times, he invites her over to his place for dinner, and actually cooks for her. ( You can decide if it goes well, or if there are "mishaps" ). Since it's a new relationship, he's been trying to NOT live up to his reputation, and hasn't made moves on her yet, so after dinner, while they're watching a movie or something, she finds a way to let him know that she'd like for them to get closer. This way, we can have the smutty part that didn't fit into the other part.
By the way, I'm not into the "daddy" type stuff, if that's cool. ( Not judging anyone, it just doesn't do anything for me ) I'm looking forward to seeing what you can make out of this. Thanx!!

Red Phoenix77 Red Phoenix77