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Rise and Shine

Chapter 2

[Ashley’s POV]

‘Okay class for homework today I would like you to search around your garden for several different bugs and bring them in to class, I shall tell you the rest of this assignment when everyone has their bugs’

I always feel a little sad when I say goodbye to my classes for the day, don’t know why I love teaching so much, maybe it’s being able to try and make a difference in some people’s lives or maybe it’s just being around a whole different bunch of kids then just the same old type ,I’m not that old myself so I guess maybe they help me stay young at heart more’

The class starts to leave the room and I notice Andy is once again limping and covering himself up more than usual, I can’t help but notice he comes into class with black eyes and bruisers all over, I want to ask him about them but I know he won’t tell me, no one will tell me, he gets so defensive and closes up the minute you try, I hope his parents aren’t doing this to him , I’m going to have to approach him about it one day in case it gets worse’

[Andy’s POV]

The bell rings for the end of class, god I hate that noise I’d much rather be in class then walking around the halls where Derek can get me , sometimes I wonder why I don’t just ditch school all together then I won’t have to deal with him every day

I gather my stuff together just shoving it all in my bag , great now I have shit loads of homework and have to be outside to do some of it thanks a lot Mr.Purdy. I sling my bag over my shoulder and quickly leave the classroom before he tries to stop to talk to me , I hate it when he tries to be my friend and work out what’s wrong with me ,if I wanted him to know I’d tell him the idiot.

Thank god I managed to get to my locker now I just need to sneak out the school gates without Derek seeing me, I think I will head past the music room, I never see him down around there.

[Jinxx’s POV]

‘Christian! Where do you think you’re going Mr? you and Mr Pitt’s have detention this afternoon as I remember , do I need to remind you why?

‘Because we were caught drinking vodka on school premises sir’ Christian says whilst trying not to sound sarcastic

‘Remember if you’re not careful next time I might suspend you two , wherever I go you two are always together up to no good . I don’t know who the bad influence is between you two but it’s one of you and if I have to split you two up and put you in separate classes I will do it, don’t tempt me now get to Mr.Purdy’s classroom , he is having you two for detention!’

I shake my head as they run off together. I swear those two are some bad eggs , at least they don’t get others involved they just do it amongst themselves , but in saying that they are two of the nicest kids here , they are just such little rebels , I don’t know if it’s bad but they remind me of me back when I was in their shoes , I hope they don’t do anything stupid when they grow up

It may surprise everyone but I hate my job, I hate having to tell these kids what to do I’d much rather get up to mischief as well, as well those days are over now I guess , although Ashley is someone I could probably get along with , I think I may just invite him out one night.

Christian and Jake sit next to each other for detention pulling faces at each other and throwing paper between the two with the occasional one being thrown at Mr Purdy.

‘CHRISTIAN,JAKE ! Stop that now alright, you can talk quietly but stopping making a mess in my classroom, do that out in the halls later’ Ashley stares them down as they stop throwing paper

‘Thank you’ He continues reading his issue of Kerrang.

‘Hey sir! What are you reading?’ Christian asks from his seat

‘Is it porn? They both laugh and high five each other in their seats

Ashley sighs ‘no it isn’t porn you fools, I swear you two are the oddest pair I’ve ever met so far , and if you must know it’s a music magazine , you probably read it yourselves actually , it’s called Kerrang’

They both smile ‘we love that magazine, can we read it with ya we are so bored’

Ashley laughs a little ‘sure I guess why not, makes this bit more fun for everyone ‘


i will be updating this soon hopefully
JComa JComa
Can't wait for the next update
oh yeah i forgot bout that mistake, i meant to fix that , thanks for telling me :3
JComa JComa
good story :) but i think you keep switching jake and jinxx. In the character's list it's listed Jinxx as the principal but here you use jake as two characters?
guysinmyhead guysinmyhead
i love this story so far, cant wait to read more :)
Fallen devil14 Fallen devil14