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Rise and Shine

Chapter 1

It was Ashley’s first day teaching science at his new school, he was fresh out of college with a degree and he was ready to teach but hardly prepared for what the New Year and future years had in store for him. He was lucky to get this job due to his best friend Jinxx being the principal of school; he barely was questioned at all.

For a young teacher Ashley was already doing well for himself but it was never money he was interested in, he made a vow to his mother to become the best teacher he could be and dam it he was going to do it.

The bell rings for his first class, as he stands the kids start to file in one at a time all chatting and looking at him sussing out their new teacher. ‘Good Morning everyone, I am your new science teacher Mr.Purdy , now settle down and please take your seats so I can call the role and meet you all’ He smiles as he picks up the roll call. As Ashley slowly goes through the role call and he comes to one name ‘Andy Biersack?’ he looks around looking for this mysterious boy ‘has anyone seen Andy Biersack?’ After a few minutes of waiting for someone to own up to the name he shrugs and moves on and puts the role call away and starts his lesson.

Half way through the door slowly opens and a young man walks in and straight to a middle seat. Ashley stops teaching and turns to the boy ‘excuse me, who are you?’ the boy sits starring at the desk , Ashley slowly walks up to him ‘are you Andy?’ the boy slowly looks up and stares Ashley right in the eyes.

Ashley stares back and almost gets lost in Andy’s Ice blue eyes to the point where he didn’t even know how much time had passed or if someone else had noticed how he stared at Andy. He manages to come to his senses before it was too noticeable ‘Err Andy is it? Please don’t be late in my class again or you may miss something important’ in Ashley’s mind all he was thinking was how he can survive the year with this boy in his class.

-Before Class- [ Andy’s POV]

-Sigh- I have school, it’s the worst thing ever, and how do they expect us to learn when shoved in small rooms together with people we don’t like? Although being beaten up every day doesn’t help the same thing every day, no matter whether I’m late or early they get me.

I’m done the street and I can hear the bell ringing , guess I’m going to be late no rush I guess , I still have my usual beating to get to. I sit on the sidewalk starring at the cracks in the pavement watching the ants crawling around in the cracks, I wish I was a ant, I’d be able to hide in the cracks in the pavement and no one would see me.

‘OI Ballsack!’ oh grand here they come, I slowly stand up and stare at the floor ‘just get it over with already Derek , no point us being any later than usual’ Derek raises his fist and then everything goes black.


i will be updating this soon hopefully
JComa JComa
Can't wait for the next update
oh yeah i forgot bout that mistake, i meant to fix that , thanks for telling me :3
JComa JComa
good story :) but i think you keep switching jake and jinxx. In the character's list it's listed Jinxx as the principal but here you use jake as two characters?
guysinmyhead guysinmyhead
i love this story so far, cant wait to read more :)
Fallen devil14 Fallen devil14