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All Your Hate

I Do

The day had finally arrived. March 1st, the day I would marry the love of my life. The morning was completely crazy, with Sammi running around everywhere trying to make sure everything was perfect while I sat in my chair and ate Doritos. I would have helped, but she wouldn't let me do anything.

It was 11:30am which was way to early for me to be actually awake and out of bed, but unfortunately I had been woken up at 7 and rushed to the church where the wedding would be. Neither Andy nor I were religious, but we still wanted a traditional wedding - or as traditional as it could get.

"SCARLETTE?" I heard Sammi yelling from outside.



I sighed and stood up. I wasn't one to dress up loads, but today I had agreed to a full 2-hour session of fixing everything. A wedding day was supposed to be someone's most special day ever, so why not.

The lady that came in was a smiling, friendly looking person.

"Hello Scarlette. I'm Rebecca."

"Hey," I said.

'We'll start with the hair first, if that's okay?"

The next two hours passed slowly by, and I anxiously waited. I was getting nervous as it got closer and closer to 3pm, which was when I would walk down the aisle with my dad.

My hair was done, and so was my makeup. I had put my dress on and the last thing was a veil. I had gotten a custom made black one, to surprise the guys and Andy. Sammi thought it was a great idea - me being a black veiled bride.

I looked in the mirror and barely recognized myself; for one thing I never wore light eye makeup and most definitely no white wedding gowns like I had on right now. All my wristbands and bracelets had been taken off and my hair was braided neatly instead of the wavy mess it usually is.

"Scarlette, dear?" I heard a knock on the door.

"Come in!" I called, recognizing the voice of my mother.

My parents walked in, instantly smiling when they saw me.

"Oh, honey, you look wonderful," my mom gushed.

"Thanks mom, I'm really nervous though," I admitted.

"You'll be fine. We need you to know that we have full faith in Andy and we know he'll take care of you well. You've got nothing to worry about."

"I know."

"Scarlette! Get ready, it's time!" Sammi squealed excitedly, running into the room. "Oh wow, you look amazing. Love the veil," she winked.

I laughed. "Me too, I think the guys will appreciate it, what do you think?"

"Oh, most definitely. I can hear CC screaming now... 'dude look! A black veil! And she's the bride! It's like our band, dude!'" I burst out laughing at Sammi's imitation of CC, it was almost too accurate.

"Scarlette, are you ready?" she asked suddenly, very serious.

I took a deep breath. "Yeah, totally."

I was lead to the doors, I could already hear people talking and then silence. They knew I was there; I guess this was it. Flipping the veil so that it covered my face, I took my dad's arm as the music started playing and the doors opened.

I saw so many faces I knew and smiled, I couldn't believe they were all here for me. As I got nearer towards the front, I saw Alexa sitting with the rest of the band and BVB, minus Andy and Jinxx, because he was best man. Sammi was my maid of honour. They were all smiling at me and I saw the guys' looks of realization as they saw my veil, giving me a thumbs up which made me smile. I looked up at the altar and saw him. He was wearing a suit, which was so unusual but looked amazing, his hair was neatly styled and he had even gone back to his natural colour for a bit, his face was warpaint free and his clear blue eyes looked at me with the biggest smile possible. I stepped up across from him as the priest started to speak.

It was time for Andy's speech and I was so nervous, I knew he was amazing at speaking and I hoped my vows wouldn't sound lame compared to his.

"Scarlette Ariel Moore, I knew about you long before we met. A fan tweeted me about your band one day, saying that you reminded them of our band, as we have the same message. I looked at your music, and loved it from the first song I heard. And then, two years later, I discover we're going on tour with you. And I was so excited to meet you. I tried to put up an act, because I wanted to impress you and well, I guess that didn't work so well. I still remember your Starbucks coffee being spat all over my new shirt I had worn, and the look on your face was not something I was expecting. I soon figured out that you weren't too fond of my band - mainly me to be precise. You would ignore me or insult me - those were my choices. After weeks, we finally started to become friends after some stupid things that had happened before. But there was a problem. I didn't just like you as a person anymore, I liked you. And that feeling grew more and more and I had to tell you, which went a lot better than I thought. I was expecting a slap in the face but instead I got my first kiss from you, which was the best kiss of my life. Right then, was when I fell in love with you. And ever since, it's always been you. I've never thought about anyone else because I love you so unbelievably much and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. You're my best friend, someone who I've seen all sides of, and you're amazing. I don't know what I did to deserve you but I'll be forever thankful that faith put you into my life. I promise to always do my best to take care of you as long as we both live."

There it was, the goddamn amazing speech that had me in tears. And let me tell you, Scarlette Moore in tears is not easy to do. I sniffed a little and started to speak.

"Andrew Dennis Biersack. You're not exactly correct when you say I wasn't fond of you. In fact, I hated you. Hated you with every fiber of my being. I couldn't stand you, your attitude, your dress sense, or your hair. I didn't ever listen to your music because I couldn't bring myself to - what if I liked it? And then one day, I was told we'd be touring with the famous Black Veil Brides to promote our band. And I was so surprised that I spat my precious Starbucks all over you and regretted it ever since, because well... Starbucks isn't cheap!" I got a few laughs from the people watching and instantly felt more confident. "In the first few weeks of knowing you, I felt I was right. You were the cocky - excuse my language - asshole that I thought you were. But overtime, you started to become nicer and I didn't know why. My hatred for you started to weaken and it eventually disappeared, leaving me confused about my feelings for you. That day we got locked up in my tour bus together was the best day of my life. I didn't know it at the time but it was truly the moment when I met my true love. Yeah, I've been screwed over by so many guys. But you were the one that somehow managed to break my walls down and unveil the real Scarlette. And then, I fell head over heels in love with you. And to this day, it's only been you. I have no idea what I did for faith to bring us together, but whatever it is I am so thankful. I promise to take care of you as long as the both of us live."

I took a deep breath as the priest started speaking again.

"Wonderful. Now, Andrew Dennis Biersack, do you take Scarlette Ariel Moore to be your lawfully wedded wife?"

"I do," his deep voice said, a voice that I would never get tired of hearing.

"And do you, Scarlette Ariel Moore, take Andrew Dennis Biersack to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

"I do," I said, never meaning anything that I said more in my life.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may now kiss the bride."

The crowd erupted into cheers as Andy lifted the veil from my face, exposing my teary smile. He carefully wiped the tears away, then stepped forwards and kissed me deeply.

"Nice veil," he smirked.

"Thanks, it was inspired by my favourite band," I said.

"I love you Scarlette," he whispered.

"I love you more, Biersack," I grinned.

The next few hours were like a dream. People congratulated us nonstop and the band came over, CC grinning wildly before picking me up and spinning me around.

"Why hello Mrs. Andy Biersack!" he said.

"What's up CC?" I grinned at the name.

"You have such a cool veil, you know that?"

"Oh yeah, I know."

"Those speeches you guys made were adorable!" exclaimed Alexa.

"Thanks. I know they sounded amazing, but in all honestly if I heard it in a few weeks I would probably puke from all the sweetness," I shuddered.

"That's my Scarlette. You're a special one," Andy grinned.

"But you love it," I smirked. He pulled me closer.

"Oh yeah I do. I love it a lot," he said, kissing me again.

Who would have thought it? Two years ago I despised BVB and everything about them, and now four of them were my new best friends, and the lead singer - who I hated the most - was my husband and the guy I loved most in the world . I guess things never turn out the way you think, but in this case, I guess it was okay. Because finally, after years and years, I was smiling for real.

And I was truly happy.

And it was truly amazing.


and that's it! the end!
here's Scarlette's wedding dress if you're interesting in seeing what i pictured: http://www.unique-vintage.com/images/34715larger.jpg
i can't believe it's over, i've had an amazing time writing this and i hope you guys have enjoyed reading.
over 200 subscribers on this story, so many votes and comments, it's crazy! thank you guys for all your comments, they make me smile, and it's amazing that people like reading what i've written.
so yeah, thank you so much for reading and giving feedback and i hope you liked the ending!



I remember when you first wrote this fic and I hoped that it would never finish. This story is what got me Into reading fanfic. I hope you continue to write more! You're incredibly talented!

Molly_Mystic Molly_Mystic



omfg i just fangirled for two hours!!! loved it!!!

Oh my fucking god this was amazing

foreverawildone foreverawildone