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All Your Hate


I sat in the van on Andy's lap as the van started speeding down the road, following the police car. I was still shaking a little and I knew that Andy could sense it, because he tightnened his grip around my waist. I looked down at his hands and cringed at the sight of them.

"Andy, your hands," I said quietly. Everyone looked at them and he tried to hide it.

"I'm fine, don't worry about it," he said.

"Are you sure? It looks pretty bad," I said.

"No, trust me Scar, it's fine. I just need to wash them later," he told me, kissing my cheek.

The rest of the ride was silent - no one really knew what to say. Finally, we reached the station, and climbed out of the van, heading to the building. I had to answer a couple of questions about Jack and then, if there was enough evidence, he would be put into jail and I would probably never hear from him again.

"Scarlette Moore? If you would like to follow me please," said Victoria.

"Oh, um..." I trailed off, not sure of what to say. She smiled, understanding.

"Andy can come if you want," she said, and I nodded, taking his hand. We walked down a hallway and into a small room where one other police officer was waiting.

"Where's Jack?" I asked.

"He's being held in another room for the time being. He'll be interrogated later but we want to hear your side of the story right now," said Victoria.

"Okay, I'm ready," I said, taking a deep breath and sitting down on one of the chairs, Andy sitting close to me. If he was there, I would be okay, I knew it.

"So Scarlette, what was your relation to Jack? Did you know him prior to when he trapped you in his house?"

"Yeah, a couple of months ago I dated him actually, and he said he was a fan of both my band and Black Veil Brides. He seemed really nice and harmless just then. I met him in a coffee shop. Later, he told me that it was all an act," I said.

"And how long were you two seeing each other for?" questioned the officer.

"Only about a week and a half, I caught him cheating one night and left," I said.


"Well, yeah. We were on tour and it was time for us to go to the next state."

"If you hadn't caught him cheating, would you still be together now? How did you plan to make that work?" asked the other officer.

"Well, I guess we might have been together... as for making it work, I guess it would be a long distance relationship?"

Andy interrupted. "I don't really see how this could help the investigation, officer." I could tell he didn't like hearing about Jack and I.

"Let's move on," said Victoria. "Do you know why Jack held you hostage and what he planned to do to you, if we hadn't found you?"

"Well, he told me that he was mad at me for leaving him so he tracked me down and kept me in his house because I apparently 'belonged' to him. He was also mad because he thought that I left him for Andy, which isn't true. He made me call Andy and tell him that we were over, which is how you managed to trace the call, thankfully."

"Now, Miss Moore, did you have any contact with Jack before this? Was he harassing you in any way. maybe through the internet or phone messages?"

I suddenly felt uneasy. Jack had been the person that was sending me the texts for the last couple of months, but I had no idea how Andy would react to that, especially because it had being going on for such a long time. He probably would think that I don't trust him and then he would get upset, something I really didn't want happpening. But I had to tell them, I couldn't lie to the police.

"Miss Moore?" the police officer said, trying to get my attention.

"Wha- oh, sorry. Actually... yes. There was contact by him before he actually physically took me away."


"He... he sent me text messages. Anonymously, I had no idea who they were from. It was always a blocked number, and somehow he would always know where I was," I said.

"And, did anything else come from these messages?" asked the officer.

"Well... there have been a few... incidents on tour. I've ended up getting hurt and in hospital more than once in the past few months. One time was because I got pushed into a river with a strong current, and another time I got attacked after a concert, and another time hit by a speeding car..." I couldn't continue. Just the memories of waking up after getting hit and hearing that horrible news made me feel sick.

"Alright, we don't need to know more. And you're positive that these incidents happened because of Jack?"

"Well, everytime I got hurt and would wake up, I would get a text," I said.

"Can we take a look at them?" Victoria asked me, and I handed over my phone. They began looking at all the texts, and we sat there in silence. I didn't dare to look at Andy now that he knew the truth.

"How long has this being going on?" And that was the moment I'd been dreading.

"Over half a year," I said, cringing when I said it. It sounded worse out loud. I heard Andy inhale sharply, obviously surprised.

"Okay, Scarlette. We've made a copy of these texts and we're going to show them in court. Jack will have a trial and we'll determine how long he'll be in jail for and what he'll be charged for. You're free to leave now. And don't worry, you're safe," Victoria smiled at me and opened the door for us, as Andy and I stood up. He turned and walked out the door, not even looking at me. I gave the officers a weak smile and left the room as well, walking towards the exit.

"How'd it go?" asked Ashley, looking at me.

"Okay," I said quietly. We all walked to the van that was waiting to take us back to the hotel. Andy stormed in fron of everyone and sat in the front seat, and we all went to the back. I could tell that the others were confused by his behaviour but they were smart enough to not say anything about it.

The ride was quiet again, and I was glad when we reached the hotel. Andy got out of the car first, slammed the door, and charged towards the elevators. He didn't say a word to anyone, and he just seemed lost in his thoughts. We eventually reached our hotel room and I waited at he opened the door, walking in and going straight towards the window. I closed the door behind me and looked at him, not sure what to say. I decided to check my phone, maybe play a game to get my mind off things.

"So, did you get another message?" I heard him ask, and I looked up to see that he had turned around and was staring at me, his clear blue eyes angry.


He smiled coldly. "You know, I just can't believe you," he said. He didn't let me speak but carried on talking. "I trust you. I tell you everything. I thought you would do the same. All I wanted to do was help you. I remember asking you, after you ended up in the hospital for the second time in one week, if anything was wrong. You lied to me."

"I didn't lie, Andy, I-"

"Yes, you did Scarlette! Explain then. What were you trying to do?" he asked me, crossing his arms.

"I just was scared to tell you... because he would hurt you if I did."

"No Scarlette, no he wouldn't. That's bullshit right there. I just feel like you don't trust me at all because you kept such a huge secret from me for such a long time. It's like I don't know you anymore," he said, shaking his head.

"No, Andy listen to me, please!" I said, my voice strained.

"Save it, I don't wanna know," he said, grabbing his lighter and cigarettes and heading towards the door.

"I just didn't want to see you get hurt," I said, finally. He stopped and turned around. His eyes burned into mine. He was angry, frustrated, and sad, I could tell.

"Yeah? Well guess what? I'm hurt right now. Badly," he said, opening the door and slamming it, leaving me alone in the room. I started to tear up, and curled up onto the bed. I heard a knock at the door but ignored it, I didn't want to talk to anyone. I knew this would happen, but it killed me to know that Andy was mad at me.

And it was worse than other times, yes we'd had fights before, but this was definitely the worst one yet.


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I remember when you first wrote this fic and I hoped that it would never finish. This story is what got me Into reading fanfic. I hope you continue to write more! You're incredibly talented!

Molly_Mystic Molly_Mystic



omfg i just fangirled for two hours!!! loved it!!!

Oh my fucking god this was amazing

foreverawildone foreverawildone