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All Your Hate

Happy Birthday, Scar - Part 1

Another two weeks had passed. No more texts, no more mysterious incidents, and no more hospitals. But I knew that the creep wasn't gone.

We were in Las Vegas now, where we had been for the past 2 days, and it was one of my favourite stops so far. It was awesome here!

I woke up suddenly when I felt a large pillow hitting me in the face. I could tell that it was early morning so I groaned as I heard multiple voices in the room, meaning that it wasn't just Andy. I opened my eyes and saw my boyfriend looking at me with a huge grin on his face, and everyone else behind him.

"What?" I whined, trying to make him stop hitting me.

"Scarlette, do you know what the date is today?" he asked excitedly.

"No..." I said slowly, realizing that I had completely lost track of time.

"It's September 17th!" he said and I shot up.

"Really?" I asked, surprised at how fast time had gone.

"Yes," he said, leaning down to kiss my lips. "Happy Birthday Scarlette," he whispered. I put my arms around his neck and buried my face into his shoulder.

"Yeah Scarlette, thanks for saying hey to us," I heard Ashley's voice say, dripping with sarcasm. I realized that they were all still there and so I got up and went around each of them, hugging all of them in turn.

"Thanks guys," I said, after they all wished me.

"Come here and get a CC-hug, they're always the best," CC winked at me as I laughed. Andy looked at CC warningly.

"No, Biersack hugs are the best," he argued. I watched as he walked right up to CC, a serious look on their face. I could tell that they were acting though.

"Nu uh!" protested CC. "I've been asked by thousands of fans for hugs, doesn't that mean that I give really good hugs?"

"Dude, the same fans have asked me for hugs," Andy said. "We have the same fans, remember?"

"Fine. We're settling this another way. Scarlette? Who gives better hugs?" CC asked, turning to me. I looked at them both in disbelief.

"You guys are seriously arguing about this? And you really expect me to-"

"Just answer the question Scar," said Andy, also turning to me. Suddenly, he grabbed my waist tightly and pulled me towards him, then kissed my neck lightly, making goosebumps appear on my skin. He moved his lips to mine and kissed me for a few seconds, then pulled away and smirked. Then he wrapped his arms around me firmly so that I couldn't escape if I tried.

"So, Scar, tell us who gives better hugs," Andy told me.

"CC," I said bluntly and held in my laughter as his face turned from confident to shocked. I watched as CC fist pumped the air and then pushed Andy away from me, then gave me a big bear hug.

"Thanks Scar, I always knew that I liked you," he said, and I smiled.

"Aw, CC, I like you too. But you didn't let me finish," I said, wriggling out of his grip and looking at the both of them. Andy looked at me and pouted.

"You're so mean to me Scarlette," he said, sulking.

"Oh, but you love me Andy," I said. "And what I was saying was, CC gives amazing bear hugs, but CC can't do this," I said, as I wrapped my arms around Andy's waist and kissed him, our lips glued together for a while until someone coughed and we broke apart.

"Uh technically, I can do that," CC commented.

"Yeah, but not with my girlfriend," said Andy, and the smirk was back.

"Anyways, we have important business to do today. Scarlette, you're coming with Sammi and I," Alexa said and I turned to her.

"Oh? Where are we going?" I asked.

"To the mall. We have a little something planned and I think that you need a new dress for tonight," she said.

"Oh no, can't I just wear something I already have?" I asked. I really hated shopping.

"Babe, you have to go," Andy said.

"Why?" I whined.

"Because you can't be here until 7 o'clock tonight," he said. "Come on, you have 15 minutes to get out of here because we need to do stuff while you're gone."

"Okay?" I said, going to the bathroom with a change of clothes that Andy had shoved into my arms.

"We'll be in the lobby!" Sammi and Alexa said as I closed the door.

I put on my black ripped jeans with my converse and a tank top that I had cut up myself. Then I straightened my purple hair and put in my skull earrings with my matching necklace, and after quickly adding eyeliner and mascara I ran out of the bathroom and saw Andy sitting on the bed, waiting for me.

"Wow, that was fast," he said, getting up.

"Yeah, I can be fast you know," I said.

"Well, the girls are waiting," he said.

"Okay, see you later Andy."

"Bye Scar, and happy birthday. I love you," he said, giving me a kiss.

"Love you too," I said, heading out the door.

After hours and hours of walking around different stores and trying out millions of clothes, the torture was finally at it's end. Sammi and Alexa had literally dragged me to every single dress shop in the whole huge mall, and I was exhausted by the end of it.

I had managed to find a dress that I really liked and Sammi and Alexa had bought new heels for me as a birthday present. They were so high, that I would be almost Andy's height when I put them on!

Scarlette's dress, Scarlette's shoes c:

When we got back to the hotel, none of the boys were in sight. We hung out in my hotel room for a while until Sammi's phone buzzed.

"Hey Andy," she said, answering the call. "Oh yeah? Okay, awesome. Yeah, we'll be ready. Anything else?"

"Let me speak to my boyfriend," I protested.

"She wants to talk to you," Sammi said into the phone. "Oh okay. Bye!" she said, hanging up.


"What, he said no."


"I don't know. He said he'll talk to you later, and he's busy now. And that you need to get ready because we're going to be leaving in a few minutes.

"Leaving where?" I asked.

"Your birthday party, Scar. Let me tell you this, it's gonna be a birthday that you'll never forget," she winked.

If only I knew how right she was.... that night would definitely be one that would never erase itself from my memory.


sorry i haven't updated in a while, i had major writer's block. anyway, next chapter should be longer.

and another thing, All Your Hate is almost at 10k reads. that is unbelievable. thank you guys so much, it really means the world!<3


I remember when you first wrote this fic and I hoped that it would never finish. This story is what got me Into reading fanfic. I hope you continue to write more! You're incredibly talented!

Molly_Mystic Molly_Mystic



omfg i just fangirled for two hours!!! loved it!!!

Oh my fucking god this was amazing

foreverawildone foreverawildone